January 2010

How to get Western Intellectuals to Support Dictatorships / Prof.B.Rubin

How to Get Western Intellectuals to Support Dictatorships and Totalitarian Ideas

In 1937, at the peak of the purge trials (when thousands of people were arrested, tortured into making false confessions, and shot), after the government-made famines (when hundreds of thousands of people died), and as literally millions were being sent to concentration camps, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was interviewed by Lion Feuchtwanger, a German anti-fascist but non-Communist author.

Analysis:The Domino Effect / Jonathan Spyer

Lebanese Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri's December 19 visit to Damascus is the latest marker in the return of the coercive Syrian presence in Lebanon. It is also an indication of Syria's successful defiance of the west.

Hariri's ritual gesture of supplication to Bashar al-Assad in Damascus was the inevitable adjustment of the leader of a small state to a changing regional balance of power. Hariri and his supporters have little reason to take pride in the gesture. But the real responsibility for it lies not in Beirut, but further afield.

Justice Beinisch:Stop Calling Israel "Apartheid" / Adi Schwartz

In a landmark statement, the President of the Supreme Court of Israel, Dorit Beinisch, has rejected unequivocally any comparison between Israel’s policies and the Apartheid regime of South Africa. Such a comparison is “improper… extreme and radical… [and] there is no basis of raising it at all”.

Justice Dorit Beinisch

Biriya was a Jewish Village and is Resettled Today / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Biriya today is now a communial settlement, with about 600 residents.

The First Temple Period (1000 BCE – 587 BCE)

The is no information about an Israeli settlement on the Biriya site during the First Temple Period. But, an ancient tomb was found on the site, and according to an old tradition this is the tomb of Beniahu Ben Yehoyada, chief stuff of King David.

The Second Temple, the Roman and the Byzantine Periods (538 BCE – 640 CE)

Casualties and Solutions in the Israel- Palestinian Conflict,2009 / Prod.B.Rubin

If you launch a West Bank operation to defeat a terrorist war (against international complaints); build a security fence (despite international criticism); and fight a defensive action in the Gaza Strip (despite international condemnation) the result is that fewer of your citizens are murdered.

And that outcome is far more important than the international criticisms and slanders.

The Sacrifice of Isaac:The Palestinoan Version / Ben Dror Yemini

For the author of this article, the current round of Israeli-Palestinian violence is dictated by hatred of a brand not easily comprehended in the more developed world. If the Palestinians only had their way, then a new Eichman would be most welcome, ending the lives of six million Jews-this time concentrated in the same country.

Albion is not Perfidious against us / Zvi Gill

Israel should do more to be reflected properly in the world mirror

Israel is not an isolated country any more although it is surrounded by enemies in the north and to a certain extent in the center. Presently it is not only America that is backing us since independence, but European countries as well. The fact that they are critical of some issues of our policy, regarding the dispute with the Palestinians and the issue of the occupied territories, does not mean that they turned against us.

The "Why Can't Everyone Just Be Friends" Narrative of the Israel- Palestinian Conflict / Prof.B.Rubin

The "Why Can't Everyone Just Be Friends" Narrative of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict, Evenhandedness Gone Mad

It’s a heartening story just made for this season and the Western media : two seriously injured children, one Israeli and one Palestinian, becoming friends together in a hospital, with an innocence that transcends the hatred of their peoples. The New York Times article is written precisely balanced, two families, two causes, absolutely identical. Oh how foolish is this unnecessary conflict. What folly drives humanity!

The Expansion of Al-Qaeda-Affiliated Jihadi Groups in Gaza: Diplomatic Implications / Dore Gold

In the West there is a growing trend to view Hamas as separate from al-Qaeda in order to open a political dialogue with Hamas, but is this view correct?
In its annual survey of terrorist threats to Israel during 2009, the Israel Security Agency noted the spread and buildup of "global jihadi" organizations in Gaza. In recent years a number of these jihadi groups have emerged that openly identify with al-Qaeda, such as Jaish al-Islam (the Army of Islam), Jaish al-Umma (the Army of the Nation), and Fatah al-Islam.

The Suicidal Rules of Arab Political Debate / Prof.B.Rubin

How Relatively Moderate Regimes are Robbed of Self-Defense

It’s always interesting to analyze those little stories that show so clearly the rules of Arab politics and debate, themes which never quite find their way into the Western media, which only see these issues in a Western political and intellectual framework. Yet if you want to understand Middle East politics it is imperative to comprehend such realities.

Muslim World:Iran- The End is not Nigh / Jonathan Spyer

The ongoing demonstrations in Iran are testimony to the continued strength and resilience of Iranian civil society. They make a mockery of the Islamic Republic's ambition of offering a model for successful Muslim governance to the world.

The next major manifestation of the protests is likely to be February 11 - the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution. The seventh and 40th days following the deaths of those killed this week are also likely to witness dramatic scenes.

Civilians Or Terrorists / Yonathan D.Halevi

Palestinian Lies Proliferate – Why Does Israeli Public Diplomacy Remain Silent?
The Palestinian human rights organization, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, in its weekly summary of December 23-29, 2009, reported the deaths of three Palestinians killed by IDF fire, as follows:
“Saturday, 26 December 2009

Handling Terror in 2009 - A New Perspective / DR.Israel Barnir

With the onset of a new year of President Obama’s term in the White House it is only natural to summarize the first year of Obama’s Presidency. I’ll leave it to the professional pundits, the maivins of the main stream media, and other spin meisters to fill the air with their wisdom. This article will focus on one subject - what happens or, to be precise, what’s new in the terror front.

Iran Hasn't Won the Cold War Yet / Jonathan Spyer

The salient strategic fact in the Middle East today is the Iranian drive for regional hegemony. This Iranian objective is being promoted by a rising hardline conservative elite within the Iranian regime, centred on a number of political associations and on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards corps.

This elite, which is personified by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has received the backing of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The Palestinian Paradox / Zvi Mazel

While Israel has shown in the past year a greater willingness to meet the Palestinians half way as exemplified by Netanyahu's Bar Ilan speech the Palestinian Authority has chosen the opposite course and adopted a rigid position which prevented the resumption of the peace process, launching an all out diplomatic, media and legal war against the Jewish state the world over.

It's Not Al - Qaida Obama's Administration doesn't Understand,It's Everything Else / Prof.B.Rubin

A friend sent me an article written, in his usually witty style, by Mark Steyn in the conservative magazine, National Review, entitled "But We’re Still Gonna Kill You." Steyn writes:

Ten Myth of Palestinian Displacement / Prof.Efraim Karsh

The recent declassification of millions of documents from the period of the British Mandate (1920-1948) and Israel’s early days, documents untapped by earlier generations of writers and ignored or distorted by the “new historians,” paint a much more definitive picture of the historical record. They reveal that the claim of dispossession is not only completely unfounded but the inverse of the truth. What follows is based on fresh research into these documents, which contain many facts and data hitherto unreported.


War Criminals and Propaganda Crimes / Ben Dror Yemini

Israel will never kill as many innocent people as European armies have. So who are they to preach to us?

"We will conquer Rome and then all of Europe. When we are done with Europe, we will conquer both the Americas, and we will not give up Eastern Europe either." The speaker in need of such a large territory went on to say that all the Jews should be annihilated.

The Israeli Pride Parade / Ben Dror Yemini

Israel is one of the leading countries in agriculture, high-tech, medicine and science. Maybe the world needs to be reminded of this.

Anyone who reads newspapers could be forgiven for thinking that Israel is a dangerous place ruled by violence and corruption. The celebration of Israel's 60th anniversary provides an opportunity to take stock of our achievements. The facts speak for themselves.

The Contribution to Humanity Index

The World's, HRO and UN Double Standards / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Israel has been continually blamed for holding the poor Palestinians in Gaza Strip under Siege. Israel is constantly being blamed for starving innocent people in Gaza, denying them food and medicine supplies.

The "good people" of various Organizations of Human Rights have tried time and again to save the poor people of Gaza by breaking trough the siege and bring food and medicine supplies. But, the "cruel and inhuman Israel," who has no compassion towards the suffering people of Gaza denied them access.

The Palestinians' Unilateral "Kosvo Strategy": Implications for the PA and Israel / Dan Diker

Mahmoud Abbas' new precondition that the international community recognize the 1967 lines in the West Bank as the new Palestinian border bolsters the assessment that the Palestinians have largely abandoned a negotiated settlement and instead are actively pursuing a unilateral approach to statehood.

Saudis Seek Illusory "Third Way" in Regional Diplomacy / Jonathan Spyer

Syrian President Bashar Assad is reportedly scheduled to visit the Saudi capital Riyadh, where he is to meet with Saudi King Abdullah. The meeting is rumored to be a prelude to a three way summit also to involve Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The current round of talks is the latest stage in Syria's return from the cold in terms of its reintegration - on its own terms and with no concessions made - into the mainstream of Arab diplomacy. This process, in turn, is testimony to the current weakness of Saudi Arabia's position.

Shaik Munnes' Residents were Mostly Recent Immigrants from Egypt / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Shaik Munnes was an Arabic village. The Northern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, including Tel Aviv University, were built on the site of this village.

The Village was established, according to the Nakba web site, sometime during the 18th century. The country was ruled, at that time, by the Ottomans (1516 – 1918). The borders were unprotected and Arabs and Muslims settled with no interruption. In 1831, Muhammad Ali's son, Ibrahim Pasha, from Egypt, conquered the country and settled about 100,000 Egyptian peasants in the country, including Shaik Munnes.

Muslim Brotherhood Cleric Versus Palestinian "President"/ Prof.B.Rubin

A Case Study of Islamism Versus Nationalism

Forget about the moderate mythology fed the Western public by its media. Forget the comforting nonsense about reasonable masses held back from being humanitarian democrats only by manipulative dictatorships. Here’s a glimpse of what the region is really like.

Fighting Terrorism isn't "proportional" /Jason F.Isaacson

WASHINGTON – Angry Arabs, riled by the violence in Gaza, throw shoes at the Prime Minister’s office in London, and Egypt’s embassy in Washington. But not everyone in that community wants Israel to take the pressure off Islamist extremists who have been showering southern Israel with rockets.

Goldstone's Gaza Report: A Failure of Intelligence,Part One / Richard Landes

The first part of this two-part article explores the pervasive flaws that mar the UNHRC's "Gaza Fact-Finding Mission Report." It focuses on an interlocking combination of problems: 1) its failure to investigate seriously the problem of Hamas embedding its war effort in the midst of civilians in order to draw Israeli fire and then accuse Israel of war crimes; 2) its astonishing credulity concerning all Palestinian claims, contrasted with a corresponding skepticism of all Israeli claims; 3) its harsh judgments on Israelis for war crimes (i.e., deliberate targeting of civilians), contrasted with its resolute agnosticism concerning Hamas intentions. The result is that Goldstone actually participates in Hamas' strategy and encourages the sacrificing of their own civilians.

Goldstone's Gaza Report:A Miscarriage of Human Rights, Part Two / Richard Landes

The second part of this two-part article explores two main themes: 1) How journalists and human rights NGOs created the body of information Goldstone largely replicated, and 2) the role of intimidation and advocacy on journalists, NGO workers, witnesses, and judges. It concludes with an analysis of how such a systematic misrepresentation of events repeatedly occurred and the dangerous results for the very cause Goldstone espouses--the protection of civilians and the human rights culture.


Muslim Brotherhood Cleric Versus Palestinuam "President" / Prof.B.Rubin

A Case Study of Islamism versus Nationalism

Forget about the moderate mythology fed the Western public by its media. Forget the comforting nonsense about reasonable masses held back from being humanitarian democrats only by manipulative dictatorships. Here's a glimpse of what the region is really like.

The Jewish Nakba : Expulsions, Massacres and Forced Conversions/ Ben Dror Yemini

Each year, the Palestinians mark Nakba Day, the catastrophe that befell them with the establishment of the State of Israel. But the Jews in Arab countries also suffered catastrophe and it was many times worse.

They say that she was stunningly beautiful. Sol (Suleika) Hatuel was 17 years old when she was beheaded. A Muslim friend claimed that she had succeeded in converting her. When Sol denied the claim, she was accused of renouncing Islam and was condemned to death. Her case reached the sultan.

The Middle East's Response to Call for Peace and Moderation /Prof.B.Rubin

The Resistance Strategy: The Middle East's Response to Calls for Peace and Moderation


Have you heard from any of the Western mass media about the Resistance strategy of Middle East radicals? I'm sure you haven't. Yet without understanding this powerful and widely accepted worldview how could anyone possibly comprehend events in the region?

Obama's Administration Learns the Basic Lesson on the Israeli- Palestinian Issue / Prof.B.Rubin

In contrast to its refusal to change course on Iran, the Obama administration has learned something about Israel-Palestinian peacemaking, conclusions clearly expressed in the government’s new talking points.

First, President Barack Obama stated recently that his administration had overestimated its ability to get the two sides into meaningful peace talks. Blaming both parties equally, Obama said the problem is that neither Israel nor the Palestinians were ready to take the bold steps necessary to succeed.

Islam and Islamism:Are Hijackers Extremists, "Proper Muslims" or Contenders in a Civil War / Prof.B.Rubin

One of the most controversial issues today is the relationship of the political doctrine of Islamism (including revolutionary activity and terrorism) and the religion of Islam.

Given the desire of too many people to distort this discussion with slogans, insults, and name-calling, it is a very dangerous one. Yet the importance of the issue requires it be analyzed.

International Law:Averting Abuse of Universal Jurisdiction / Irit Kohn

Right at the outset of Israel's recent operation in Gaza, French pro-Palestinian organizations filed a lawsuit against the Israeli president, foreign minister and defense minister. Turkish prosecutors said in February 2009 that they were investigating whether Israeli leaders should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity over Israel's offensive in Gaza, after Mazlum-Der, an Islamic-oriented human rights organization, filed an official complaint in Turkey. At the same time, a Spanish judge is currently investigating the role of Israeli soldiers and security officials in a bombing in Gaza in 2002 in which a top Hamas suicide bombing planner, Salah Shehada, and 14 other people were killed.

The Holocaust was Not a Crime against Humanity / Israel Barnir

It was an enthralling moment to listen to Netanyahu’s speech in the Aushwitz death camp on the 65 anniversary of the liberation of the death camp. Hearing the sound of the Hebrew language in that environment was by itself an touching experience. Nevertheless, I had a certain feeling of discomfort, something rang false. Netanyahu, in his words, called the Holocaust a “Crime Against Humanity”. Netanyhu is not the first nor is he the only one to use this expression.

To Perpetuate their Dictatorships, Arab Rulers resort to the Islamic Creed / Elie Elhad

The compatibility between Islam and democracy has been a controversial topic. While empirical studies since 2000 confirm the prevailing notion that Muslim majority states offer fewer political rights than non-Muslim countries, the question as to why such a phenomenon exists remains unsatisfactorily answered. One key element is how the interpretation of Islam itself has been so effectively used by Arab regimes to indoctrinate subjects into believing that blind obedience to their absolute rule is a form of Islamic piety.

Chapter No.4:Population and Arab Settlement under Arabic- Muslim Occupation,640 - 1099 / Dr.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Chapter 4: Population and Arab Settlement in the Land of Israel under Arabic-Muslim Occupation (640 – 1099 CE)

This is the fourth chapter in the series:
“How the Jewish Majority in the Land of Israel was obliterated”:
Chapter 1: The Roman Policy – Obliterating the Jewish Cultural and National Entity
Chapter 2: The Christian-Byzantine Regime – Failure of Efforts to Convert
Chapter 3: The Arabic-Muslim Rule: Acculturation without Islamization


Political Secrets of the Middle East: Intimidation Works / Prof.B.Rubin

Intimidation works. That might seem obvious, and it certainly seems to be understood by some people regarding domestic American politics, but it is very much neglected when thinking about foreign policy.

Here’s an obscure little story that caught my attention. There’s a Muslim imam in the town of Paris, near Drancy, named Hassan Chalghoumi. He was leading a service with around 300 people in the mosque when about one-third of them interrupted him, screamed he was an infidel traitor, and threatened to kill him. He thought he would not escape alive.