October 2011

Will Abbas Allow Hamas to fool him again / Khaled Abu Toameh

September 30, 2011
Hamas's approval of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's statehood bid at the United Nations has been mistakenly interpreted by some Westerners as a sign of the Islamist movement's "pragmatism" and its readiness to accept a two-state solution.

Hamas had initially condemned Abbas's decision to apply for membership in the UN of a Palestinian state "only" on the pre-1967 lines. Hamas argued that a Palestinian state should replace Israel, and not live alongside the Jewish state.

Declaration of Dissidents for Universal Human Rights / UNW

Sept. 28, 2011
Dissidents Urge UN to Expel China, Cuba, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia from its Human Rights Council & Women's Rights Commission
Draft resolutions sent to UN chief Ban Ki-moon on human rights situations in China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Venezuela, Zimbabwe

Why Most of the Mass Media Can't Report Honestly on Israel - or Other Middle East Issues / Prof.B.Rubin

September 29, 2011
Underlying any other factor regarding attitudes toward Israel in the Media-University-Government (MUG) complex is the programmatic and ideological problem faced in honestly understanding and explaining Israel’s behavior.

To report truthfully would require comprehending and communicating the following two paragraphs:

A Palestinan high official says: the goal is to eliminate Israel


Please, listen to what Palestinian would not tell the Western world, but only in Arabic.

The final goal is to eliminate the Jewish state.

The real issue is that the Arabs want a middle east without any minority:pure Arabic- Muslim.

The hatred towards non- Muslims is taught in the schools and the media.

Arabs use the Palestinian issue as means to eliminate the Jewish state rather than forming a Palestinian state.

Egypt and Jordan ruled the Western Bank and Gaza from 1948 to 1967:

Running for their Lives / Raymond Ibrahim

September 28, 2011
Historically, non-Muslims whose lands were seized by the jihad had three choices: conversion, dhimmitude, or death. Today, however, they have a fourth option largely unavailable to their forbears: quit their lands of origin—emigrate—the latest testimony to the nature of Islam.

A recent report indicates that unprecedented numbers of Copts, Egypt's indigenous Christian population, are emigrating from their homeland in response to the so-called "Arab spring":

U.N.Seems Impotent on Human Rights / Joel Brinkley

Sunday, October 2, 2011
The following column by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Joel Brinkley, syndicated in
newspapers across America, appears on page E-5 of today's San Francisco Chronicle.

United Nations -- Listening to dissidents from around the world speaking at a conference here, you come away thinking there has to be a school somewhere for evil, vicious despots. From Africa to Asia, Europe to Latin America, the gambits these men use to quash dissent sound remarkably similar, state to state.

Some strategies used throughout recorded history still pertain.

Latin America: Iran's Springboard to America's Backyard / Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall

Ever since Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected in 2005, Iran has been working resolutely to establish a foothold in the Latin American countries - in the U.S.' backyard. The Iranian president's partners in promoting this policy are the presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia, who provide him with a springboard for activity in Latin America.

Will the Armed Forces Retain Power in Egypt / DR.Jacques Neriah

October 3, 2011
On September 26, 2011, the head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, chose to walk the streets of Cairo without his trademark military attire. He wore no fatigues like those in which he appeared during the days of the protests in Al-Tahrir Square, no parade uniform as in his official pictures, simply Mr. Tantawi in a plain black suit, casually greeting and chatting with civilians – with no security detail in sight.

Islam's History of Forced Conversions / Raymond Ibrahim

September 29, 2011
Finding and connecting similar patterns of behavior throughout Islamic history is one of the most objective ways of determining whether something is or is not part of Muslim civilization.

Consider the issue of forced conversion in Islam, a phenomenon that has a long history with ample precedents. Indeed, from its inception, most of those who embraced Islam did so under duress, beginning with the Ridda wars and during the age of conquests, and to escape dhimmi status. This is a simple fact.

Iran's Well Attended "International Conference on Palestinian Intifada" / Khaled Abu Toameh

October 4, 2011
Members of the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly should take into consideration the high probability that Iran and its proxies might one day take control over the future Palestinian state -- unless the international community wakes up and starts taking more seriously the threats coming from Tehran.

Here Comes the Arab Elections / Prof.B.Rubin

October 4, 2011
Tunisia has scheduled elections for October 23. The National Constituent Assembly will have 218 members and will draw up a new constitution. Remember, by the way, that Tunisia has the most secular-oriented constitution in the Arab world. One wonders what will happen in that regard.

This assembly will also set the rules for parliamentary and presidential elections to be held at some time next year.

Price Tag and the Danger of Debasing Language / Ray Cook

04 Oct 2011
On Sunday a mosque in the Bedouin village of Tuba Zangharia was attacked by unknown, but presumably Jewish assailants.

The Mosque was severely damaged. It appears highly likely that this attack was another in a series of attacks cynically labelled ‘Price Tag’ by Jewish Right Wing extremists.

10 Israelis among 181 Jews who got Noble Prize




Israel and Jews are hated and demonized all over the world.
The Arabe - Palestinians - Muslims are conducting an organized campaign to demonize and de legitimize this small persecuted nation.

Why? their contribution to Human civilization is far more than any other nation.

Anf there are only about 13,000,000 Jews around the world.

The Muslims have 6 noble prize.

The Self - Defeating Statehood Gambit / Asaf Romirowsky

October 4, 2011
Following the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas has attempted to convince the world and the international community that their quest for statehood is just. Moreover, he would like us to believe that this "state" is responsible and accountable and deserves to be part of the community of nations. Yet it is puzzling, to say the least, that simultaneously we are witnessing a significant escalation of violence under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority such as the latest attacks in the southern parts of Israel.

French's State Television Launches Third Intifada / DR.Emmanuel Navon

Oct.6 2011
Until Mahmoud Abbas delivered his speech at the UN General Assembly on September 23, 2011, there was some mystery about the Palestinian state applying for UN membership. Abbas did not proclaim statehood before his UN bid, so how could a state that was not proclaimed apply for membership? Abbas provided the answer to that question: the Palestinian state applying for membership was the one proclaimed by Arafat in Alger in November 15, 1988.

There is no Chance for Peace / Jonathan D.Halevi

The speech by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly and his submitting the application for recognition of Palestine ended another chapter in the history of the Oslo Accords. Abbas hammered the final nail in the coffin of the Israeli premise that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be settled on the basis of a land for peace formula.

Shannah Tova to all readers of my web

Israel is facing a very difficult period.

The world refuse to acknoledge the truth that the real issue behind the Israeli -Palestinian conflict is the culture of hatred in the Middle East to non- Muslims, christians and Jews.

The Israeli - Palestinian conflict could be resolved 6 times since 1936 and was rejected by the Arab- Palestinians - not Israel

Abu Mazen went to the UN because he wants a state without peace so the Palestinians will be able to continue their propaganda against Israel by telling lies to the world.

Columbia University under investigation for ANTI - JEWISH DISCRIMINATION

06 October 2011
The US Department of Education is investigating Columbia University for allegedly discriminating against a Jewish student.

Yom Kippur 2011 for Jews and the World / Alen Caruba

Oct.6 2011
Ever since the Yom Kippur War in 1973 in which Egypt and Syria chose the holiest day in the Jewish calendar to attack Israel, I have always felt a frisson of concern as the day approached. For Jews it begins the evening of Friday, October 7, and continues through Saturday for a full day of prayer that ends with the ancient, inspiring expression of hope, “Next year in Jerusalem.”

Palestinians' Shoe - Throwing Extortion / Khaled Abu Toameh

October 7, 2011
American diplomats who arrived in Ramallah this week were greeted by angry Palestinian protesters who shouted anti-US slogans and hurled shoes -- the Palestinian Authority claims it was only one pair of shoes -- at their armored vehicles.

The message that the Palestinian Authority is hoping to send through this message to the Americans and others: If you do not endorse our position and if you cut off financial aid, we will turn against you. In one word, it is called extortion.

It Isn't Israel in Danger of Disappearing, It's the People Who Think That Way / Prof.B.Rubin

October 6, 2011
“…never send to know for whom the bell tolls

It tolls for thee.”

–John Dunne

Rome, Italy

I’m standing on the edge of the Roman Forum, by the Arch of Titus. This is the marble structure built by the Empire to commemorate the capture of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple about 1941 years ago. Legionnaires are shown carrying off the Menorah and other items from the sanctuary. The inhabitants are sold into slavery, The Jews are finished.

Islamism's Predictability Apostary, Execution, and Lies / Raymond Ibrahim

October 6, 2011
As one ponders the fate of Yousef Nadarkhani, the Iranian pastor on death row for refusing to renounce Christianity, it is well to reflect that, for all the talk that Islam is perpetually "misunderstood," it is actually immensely predictable and consistent; not only do its patterns cross time and space, but their manifestations are often identical.

Storm Clouds Over Eastern Mediterranean / Jonthan Spyer

October 2, 2011
Early this week, the US-based Noble Energy Company began exploratory drilling for offshore gas deposits off the coast of Cyprus. They did so with the agreement of the Nicosia authorities, in an area indisputably located within Cypriot territorial waters. Despite this, there was real concern that the drilling could face interference from Turkish navy ships on maneuvers in the area.

The Arab Spring and the Jews / Aymenn Jawad Al - Tamimi

October 6, 2011
Throughout the ongoing unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, endless streams of ink have been poured over the issue of what is to come in countries like Libya, which has recently witnessed the ousting of Qaddafi. Will Libya be another Iraq, an Islamist-dominated nation, or a stable liberal democracy?

So these questions have been asked innumerable times. Perhaps now we should be wondering: What might be a good indicator or litmus test of the direction in which Libya is going?

Syria Won't Plunge Iraq into War / Aymaenn Jawad Al - Tamimi

The Daily Star (Beirut)
October 7, 2011
The Iraqi government recently reversed its support for Syrian President Bashar Assad amid the ongoing unrest in Syria, and is now calling on Assad to step down. However, it is true that many Iraqi Shiites deeply fear the possible consequences of an overthrow of the Alawite-dominated regime in Damascus.

Why Israel's Critics Are Wrong / Prof.B.Rubin

How Do We Know Definitively That Israel’s Critics Are Wrong? Because of What They Say
07 Oct 2011
People frequently ask me to respond to the latest article of You Know Who, Complete Ignoramus, or even the World’s Most Pompous Columnist, and various others of that ilk. I almost always respond that I’ve done that kind of thing already, or at this point one should only ignore such people, or it is better to spend one’s time writing constructively to explain reality than to waste time combatting endlessly recycled lies and nonsense.

Here and There in the Middle East / Prof.B.Rubin

Here and There in the Middle East: Fleeing Christians, “Moderate” Imam, Mad Turkish Leader, Syrian Revolution
October 9, 2011
1. Fleeing Christians
Christians are fleeing the Middle East and Western Christians are indifferent. More than half of Iraqi Christians, threatened with death and terrorism are out of that country, though many are in neighboring Syria. Virtually all Christians have fled the Islamist Gaza Strip and Syrian Christians generally (though not all) support the regime there, fearing an Islamist takeover.

To NYT Columnist Nicholas Kristof / David Harris

October 10, 2011
You recently wrote a column in The New York Times entitled “Is Israel Its Own Worst Enemy?”

Asserting that yours is “an act of friendship,” you unleashed a torrent of criticism against Israel, claiming, among other angry accusations, that the Jewish state is “endangered most by its leaders and maximalist stance.”

I beg to differ. And no, I don't do so as an opponent of a two-state agreement or a fan of settlements throughout the West Bank. I happen to be neither.


10 October 2011
In an interview granted to the Arabic service of the satellite TV channel 'Russia Today', PLO leader Mahmud Abbas sharpened some of the messages he delivered following his statehood-seeking address to the United Nations General Assembly. Abbas explained that the transfer of the Palestinian issue to the UN would take it away from the American sphere of influence, which is inexplicably biased in Israel’s favor. He elaborated further on calling Hamas to enter into "serious" negotiations to complete the reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas.

US warns UNESCO to stay out of Palestinian Debate

October 5, 2011
Clinton tells UNESCO to stay out of Palestine debate as US lawmakers warn agency of lost funds

(AP) -- The Obama administration warned the U.N. cultural agency to stay out of the question of Palestinian statehood or face the consequences, as American lawmakers were threatening to withhold tens of millions of dollars in U.S. funding if the organization agrees to admit Palestine as a member before an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is reached.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton...

Egypt: Destroying Churches / Raymond Ibrahim

Egypt Destroying Churches, One at a Time
Muslim Brotherhood: "No More Churches"
October 10, 2011
What clearer sign that Egypt is turning rabidly Islamist than the fact that hardly a week goes by without a church being destroyed, or without protesting Christians being attacked and slaughtered by the military?

Fatah's Double - Talk / Khaled Abu Toameh

Fatah's Double-Talk
Khaled Abu Toameh is a Palestinian Journalist
October 11, 2011
The conflicting messages coming from Fatah cast serious doubts about the faction's true intentions. Moreover, these messages create the impression that there is not much of a difference between the Western-backed Fatah and Hamas.

The Revisionist History of Sari Nusseibeh / Prof.Efraim Karsh

October 11, 2011
Sari Nusseibeh has done it again. In an article titled "Why Israel Can't be a 'Jewish State,'" published on the Jewish New Year of all dates, the supposedly moderate president of al-Quds University goes to great lengths to explain why Jews, unlike any other nation on earth, are undeserving of statehood.

The Egyptian Military's Crimes Against Humanity / Raymond Ibrahim

October 11, 2011
Sunday, the Egyptian military opened fire on thousands of Christians protesting in Maspero, Cairo. In the words of one Christian eyewitness, armored vehicles "came at great speed and drove into the crowds, going backwards and forwards, mowing people under their wheels. The most horrible scene was when one of the vehicles ran over a Copt's [Christian's] head, causing his brain to explode and blood was all over the place. We got a clear message today that we are no first class citizens."

Cyprus on the World Stage / Prof.Daniel Pipes

October 11, 2011
Cyprus, an island near Turkey and Syria of roughly 1.3 million inhabitants, finds itself on the cusp of momentous change. As it belatedly makes its grand debut on the world stage after domestic Greek-Turkish communal issues have consumed its first 51 years of independence, it faces both great opportunity and great danger.

The "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" controls 37 percent of the island's land area.

UN WATCH Repr. Tells the truth about THE UNHRC


look up the UNHRC WEBSITE and see who are the members of that council.

They are pre- occupied with only one state: Israel.

There are no human rights crimes around the world. Only Israel is accused for such crimes.

The Deal to Release Gilad Shalit / Prof. B.Rubin

October 11, 2011
After years of negotiations, Israel and Hamas have reached a deal for the release of Gilad Shalit. Information is still coming in but the outline of the deal includes the release of 1000 Palestinian prisoners by Israel, 300 of them are serving life sentences for terrorist attacks.

The prisoners can only be released, however, after a 72-hour waiting period when families of victims can file with the high court to request that terrorists who killed or injured their relatives should not be let go.

UCLA Bestows Legitimacy to Anti- Israel Propaganda

UCLA Today bestows legitimacy to anti-Israel propaganda
October 6 2011
In UCLA Today, an official newsletter to the university community, the UCLA administration recently published an article which bestows legitimacy on Arab propaganda, is filled with distortions and omissions of fact, and lacks moderation and scholarship. The article rejects Israeli sovereignty and dismisses Israel as a Jewish state, while presenting Palestinians as passive victims and Israel as the abuser of human rights.

The UN and Human Rights Abuse / DR.Wafa Sultan


Wafa Sultan left Syria because she did not want to live under dictatorship. She settled in the USA. Meeting Jews and Reading about Israel she learned she was taught to hate Jews and Israel for no good reason.

I this article she speaks for Israel and against the UNHRC TREATMENT OF ISRAEL.


Syria's Threats Against Israel Should be Taken Seriously / Khaled Abu Toameh

If They Are Like This Now, What Will They Be Like With Nukes?
Syria's Threats Should Be Taken Seriously
October 14, 2011
Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is now threatening to ignite the Middle East and destroy Israel if NATO attacks his country, while his mufti is threatening to dispatch suicide bombers to Europe and the United States.

Is Exposure of a Direct Iranian Plot A Turning Point / Prof.B.Rubin

Is Exposure of a Direct Iranian Plot to Launch Terror Attacks in Washington DC A Turning Point?
October 11, 2011
ABC News has broken a story about the disruption of a major Iran-backed terrorist plot to stage an attack on U.S. soil. According to U.S. officials, the plan was to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States and to attack the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington D.C. Parallel attacks were planned for these two countries’ embassies in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The "Nakba Day" of the Jews from Arab States / Ada Aharoni

October 12, 2011
Aharoni seeks PM approval for 'Jewish Nakba' Day
No doubt you've heard of Palestinian Nakba Day? Now let's have a day to mark the uprooting of Jewish communities from Arab countries. Most would agree that it's a great idea, and long overdue - the only problem being: what do we call it? Any suggestions welcome.

The suggestion comes from Ada Aharoni (pictured) in a letter she wrote on the eve of Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Egyptian-born Mrs Aharoni is a professor at Haifa university and peace campaigner.

Is Israel an Apartheid State / Prager University Prof.


He is not Jewish.He tells the truth. This is a challenge against all the lies told about Israel

The Middle East Today / Prof.B.Rubin

The Middle East Today: Ha, Ha! It’s Too Funny! I Can’t Take It Any More!
October 15, 2011
There’s a saying that goes something like this: When things are bad, a Jew cries. When they get even worse, a Jew cries more. And when they even get worse, a Jew laughs. As indelicate as this may seem, the current situation makes me want to laugh.

Shalit and What the Deal Tells us about Israel and Hamas / Ray Cook

Shalit and what the deal tells us about Israel and Hamas
15 Oct 2011
I am not going to tell you whether I believe the deal, recently brokered, to exchange one Israeli soldier, Staff Sergeant Gilad Shalit, for 1027 Palestinian prisoners, is right or wrong.

Well, I am, actually; but not from a political point of view, or a practical one, or a religious one.

I am going to give you an answer from an ethical point of view, but not the obvious one about releasing murderers who may kill again.

Abbas's UN Bid / Mudar Zahran

Abbas's UN Bid
Trying to Change the Rules of the Game
October 17, 2011
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's bid for statehood, or at least an upgraded status, for the Palestinian Authority at UN General Assembly a few weeks ago, is now under consideration at the United Nations.

The Connection between UNRWA and Palestinian Terror Organizations / Lt. Col.(res.)Jonathan D.Halevi

The Connection between UNRWA and the Palestinian Terror Organizations in the Gaza Strip
Nothing has changed since
In recent years a vast amount of information has accumulated regarding the gradual takeover of UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), the UN relief agency for the Palestinian refugees, by Hamas and other Palestinian terror organizations. Awad al-Kik, a teacher at the UNRWA school, who served simultaneously as the head of the engineering and weapons manufacture unit of Islamic Jihad serves as a prominent example.[1]