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Where Persecuted Jews May Go / Michael Curtis

May 1 2012
In Memoriam, Benzion Netanyahu (1910-2012)
The logical conclusion for these critics is that Israel would be more democratic if it were less Jewish. No Zionist leader would agree with this. These critics also conveniently ignore the continual Arab rejection of any compromise solution to the conflict and their repeated rejection of any partition proposals and resolutions.

Bavarian Government Publishes A Commented Version of Hitler Book

26 April 2012
The government of the German state of Bavaria has announced that it will soon publish a commented edition of Adolf Hitler's book ‘Mein Kampf’ [‘My Struggle’]. It would be the first time since World War II that a German version of the tome is legally put on sale. The country’s Jewish community said the Bavarian plan was a "good idea".

Who Are the Anti - Israel People Who Come to Protest at Ben Gurion Air- Port / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

April 11 2012
Read what honest Palestinian Journalists have to say on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict(see below ).

What these people really campaign for?
Mazin Qumsiyah is a Palestinian academia person. He is accusing Israel for the following reasons:
*Israel started as a British Colonian Project
*Israel is a Nazi regime
*Israel is an Apartheid regime

Uncovering Saddam's Secrets / Joseph Sasson

January 26, 2012
Joseph Sassoon, a native of Baghdad and a seasoned commentator on Arab affairs, is an adjunct professor of Middle East studies at Georgetown University and a former public scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Eventually, All Humans Will Be Palestinian Refugees / Daniel Pipes

February 21, 2012
WT title: "Peculiar proliferation of Palestine refugees: Status has been passed from one generation to the next"]

Of all the issues that drive the Arab-Israeli conflict, none is more central, malign, primal, enduring, emotional, and complex than the status of those persons known as Palestine refugees.

U.S Jews Battle Apartheid Charges Made Against Israel / Natasha Mozgovaya

Campus activists across America are staging Israel Peace Week in an effort to combat the annual festival of anti-Israel vitriol.

Why Syria's Regime is Surviving a Revolution / Prof.B.Rubin

January 29, 2012
Despite what is now the longest-running revolution in Middle Eastern history, the Syrian regime will probably be in power on December 31, 2012. I don’t say that because it’s what I want to happen — Syria’s revolution is more democratic-minded than those in Libya or Egypt; the government is far more repressive than the former dictatorships in Tunisia or Egypt — but because it seems inevitable.

Israel's Rights as a Nation - State in International Diplomacy / Alan Baker

A concerted campaign is being waged against Israel to question its very legitimacy in virtually every aspect of its historical, political, and cultural life, with the aim of undermining the very foundations of Israel's existence.

In response, several world-renowned experts have joined to present an authoritative exposition of Israel's Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy, published jointly by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the World Jewish Congress.

Updating the Ancient Infrastructure of Christian Contempt / Dexter Van Zile

Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, headquartered in Jerusalem, has been a persistent source of anti-Zionist agitation in mainline Protestant churches in the United States since its founding in 1994. The organization subjects Israel, Jews, and Judaism to intense scrutiny while remaining nearly silent about Arab and Muslim extremism in the Middle East. In addition to publicizing the writings of its founder, Anglican priest Naim Ateek, Sabeel broadcasts its message via regional conferences in the United States and regular study missions to Israel.

Lessons on the Long Road to Hijab / Raymond Ibrahim

December 28, 2011
This caricature, which first appeared on, has been making the rounds on the Arabic blogosphere, and points to how democratic elections are serving to Islamize Egypt: average women enter the ballot box—"overseen" by the Muslim Brotherhood—only to emerge thoroughly veiled, thoroughly Islamized.

Speaking of veils and the Brotherhood, here's an interesting video of Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser (1956-1970), showing just how much times have changed.

Haaretz: The Paper for Thinking People / Prof.Efraim Karsh

December 16, 2011
Of the countless threats of Arab violence in the run-up to the November 29, 1947 Partition Resolution and in its wake, none has resonated more widely than the warning by Abdul Rahman Azzam, the Arab League's first secretary-general, that the establishment of a Jewish state would lead to "a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacre and the Crusades."

Azzam's Genocidal Threat / David Barnett & Efraim Karsh

Oct.25 2011
Of the countless threats of violence, made by Arab and Palestinian leaders in the run up to and in the wake of the November 29, 1947 partition resolution, none has resonated more widely than the warning by Abdul Rahman Azzam, the Arab League's first secretary-general, that the establishment of a Jewish state would lead to "a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacre and the Crusades."

Akhbar al-Yom, October 11, 1947.

Hamas' Win - Win Formula / Asaf Romirowsky

October 23, 2011
After an emotional five-year campaign, kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit came home in exchange for a total of 1,027 Palestinian terrorists who had been incarcerated in Israeli jails. Those released included the architect of the 405 bus attack that claimed the lives of 16 people, Nachshon Wachsman's killers, the murderers of yeshiva student Haim Kerman, Amana Muna, -who lured 16-year-old Ophir Nahum via Internet chats to his murder in Ramallah - and many more.

The Muhammad Al - Dura Hoax and other Myths Revived / Nidra Poller

Oct.21 2011
Israel is not the victim of a double standard; it is the target of no standard at all.

A Letter from Prague 1938 / Prof.B.Rubin

Letter from Prague: What The Betrayal of Czechoslovakia in 1938 Can Teach Us About The World and Israel Today
September 25, 2011

The U.N and Middle East Refugees / Stanley A. Urman

The Uunited Nations and
Middle East Refugees:
The differential Treatment
of Arabs and Jews
Sept.19 2011
For over half a century, seminal issues in the Arab-Israeli conflict have defied resolution. Negotiations
over security, Jerusalem, refugees, borders, settlements, and so on engender passionate, entrenched
demands and expectations.

There are few international arenas that provide a balanced platform for the discussion of these
contentious issues and in particular, the issue of refugees. This especially applies to the United

The Mounting Problem of Temple Deniel / David Barnett

August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011
Temple Denial is the belief that no Jewish Temple ever existed in Jerusalem. This claim, despite being counter to Islamic tradition, became internalized within Palestinian academic, religious, and political circles following the 1967 Six-Day War. Since the 2000 Camp David Summit, during which Yasir Arafat asserted that the Jewish Temple never existed in Jerusalem, “Temple Denial” has spread with increased virulence in an attempt to deny both Jewish authority and access to the Temple Mount and Western Wall.

Want to Understand Israel? David Harris

August 19, 2011
Almost every responsible political leader today expresses a desire to contribute to peace in the Middle East.

Easier said than done. A real effort to promote peace requires an understanding of what motivates the parties to the conflict.

I can't say I quite get what makes the Palestinians tick. If they truly want a two-state agreement with Israel, they sure have a strange way of pursuing it, rejecting every proposal put on the table since 1947.

My Response to Efraim Karsh (The Palestinian Refugees Debate) / Prof.Benny Morris

July 17, 2011
(karsh's Article was published here on July 10, 2011 )
In "Israel's Human Chameleon Strikes Again" (American Thinker, 10 July 2011), Efraim Karsh compares me to Woody Allen's Zelig, a character who ignobly adapts to each and every political and ideological environment. And while I would certainly like to star in a Woody Allen movie, I'm afraid that Karsh -- as usual -- is selling his readers a bill of goods conjured up in a febrile and obsessive mind.

Majorcan Descendants of Converted Spanish Jews Are Recognized as Jews / Doreen Carvajal

Majorcan Descendants of Spanish Jews Who Converted Are cognized as Jews
July 10, 2011
PARIS — Centuries after the Spanish Inquisition led to the forced conversion of Jews to Catholicism, an ultra-orthodox rabbinical court in Israel has issued a religious ruling that recognizes descendants from the insular island of Majorca as Jews.

Sayyid Qutb and the Origins of Radical Islam / Review by Richard Phelps

Sayyid Qutb and the Origins of Radical Islamism by John Calvert
Reviewed by Richard Phelps
Quilliam Foundation, London
Middle East Quarterly
Spring 2011

Reclaiming a Historical Truth / Prof.Efraim Karsh

Efraim Karsh
June 10, 2011
I agree with Shlomo Avineri, in his op-ed "Zionism does not need propaganda" (Haaretz English Edition, May 23), that the tragedy befalling the Palestinian Arabs in 1948 was exclusively of their own making, and that there is therefore "a grave moral defect in the Nakba discourse."

The Palestinian Attack on Israeli Borders: Part of the Plan to Eliminate the Jewish State / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Part One
June 6 2011
The decision of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the Western Bank to demonstrate along Israel's borders and the attempts to break through the border fences into Israel is a new stage in the efforts to put an end to the Jewish state.

The stages:

The Poisoned Fruits of Appeasement Come Home to Roost / Prof.B.Rubin

The U.S. weakness in countering Iran and other radical forces in the Middle East is beginning to bear poisoned fruits. Jordan is already moving toward getting on Iran’s good side; Lebanon has been captured by the Iran-Syria camp; Turkey has moved into its orbit, becoming an ally of Iran and Syria, while the Obama Administration only emphasizing how important the relationship is with that country despite differences (that is, the Turkish regime sabotaging U.S. interests repeatedly

Who Will Win the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Arab Street:Turkey or Iran / Harold Rhode

Iran and today's Turkish government are engaged in a battle for the hearts and minds of the Arab street. Iran represents the Shiites and Turkey represents the Sunnis. The Arab world is largely Sunni, with the exception of many of the Persian Gulf Arab countries and Iraq.

Iran and the Turkish government are also working together against the non-Muslim world - most specifically against the U.S. and Israel.

Is Rachel's Tomb a Muslim Mosque / Nadav Shragai


UNESCO,the UN Educational,Scientific and Cultural Oraganization accepted a resolution declaring Rachel's Tomb near Beth Lehem, the Holy Land, a mosque. The resolution rejected Israel's claim that Rachel's tomb is a Jewish heritage site.

The following article was published in 2007, long before the recent UNESCO resolution accepted with the votes of Muslim states.

Israel as the Nation- State of the Jewish People / Joshua Teitelbaum

Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People: From the San Remo Conference (1920) to the Netanyahu-Abbas Talks

According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the real root of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians had been their ongoing refusal to recognize "the right of the Jewish people to a state of their own in their historic homeland" and he has singled out this issue as a key "prerequisite for ending the conflict." Netanyahu's proposal puts back on the global agenda a fundamental Jewish national right that was once axiomatic but today is rarely mentioned.

Obama Meets Abbas:And Shows no Understanding of the Middle East / Prof.B.Rubin

President Barack Obama has announced an additional $400 million in aid for housing, school construction and business development in Gaza and West Bank in his meeting with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas. Calling the status quo in Gaza unsustainable, Obama said he was talking with Europeans, Egypt, Israel, and the PA on how to have a better approach that takes into account the security concerns of Israel and the needs of people in Gaza.

The Obama Peace Plan as Reported by M.J.Rosenberg on Media Matters / Dr.Rivka Shpak Lissak

M.J.Rosenberg reported on his columan "Word on the Street" of the web site Media Matters on President Obama's "Peace Plan."

The Obama's proposal is, according to Rosenberg, very close to Clinton's Parameters from the Camp David Summit, September 2000:

First, there would be no right of return for refugees of the 1948 war to Israel, but the refugees will accept compensation.

Second, Jerusalem will become the capital of the 2 states: the Palestinian capital in the east and the Israeli capital in the west. The Old City and the holy sites will be under some international agreement.

How the U.S and Israel Get Blamed Any Way / Prof.B.Rubin

“War,” said General William Tecumseh Sherman, “is Hell.” He knew what he was talking about. Sherman’s march through Georgia and into South Carolina at the end of the Civil War helped end the Civil War while destroying a lot of civilian homes, farms, and towns..

His strategy was to inflict such terrible punishment on the South that it would surrender faster, thus saving lives. His men did things shocking to Americans even after such a bloody conflict, burning plantations and destroying everything in their wake. Ironically, though, even Sherman's deeds have been exaggerated.

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