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Happy 64th Birthday, Israel / David Harris

April 15, 2012
What's so special about a country's 64th birthday?
Well, in the case of most nations, perhaps not all that much, unless the country happens to be Israel, which celebrates its birthday this year on April 25 and 26.

The Smoking Gun: Arab Immigration into Palestine, 1922 - 1931 / Fred M.Gottheil

In deep antiquity, particularly in Egypt, the early civilization where the arts were most strongly developed, the visualization was aspective: that is the artist, working in paint or low-relief sculpture, conveyed to his two-dimensional surface not so much what he saw as what he knew was there.

- Paul Johnson, The Renaissance

How Arabs Stole Jewish Property / Tani Goldstein

As Palestinians mark 'Nakba Day,' history shows Jews were dispossessed of all their assets too after escaping Arab countries between 1944-1964
Tani Goldstein

The Palestinian people are marking their annual "Nakba Day" on Sunday, commemorating the escape and expulsion of the Palestinians from the State of Israel upon its establishment.

Give Us Money

Libyan Jews demand compensation / David Regev

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon:A New Power Keg? Zvi Mazel

Walid Jumblatt, the Lebanese Druze leader who crossed the lines a year ago and left the pro Western coalition to join the Syrian camp, has thrown another bombshell in the political arena. The aim: further exacerbating tensions and conflicts within the Lebanese society. On June 19 he stunned the political community by submitting to the Parliament four law proposals which, if adopted, would grant Palestinian refugees a number of rights - not including citizenship.

Israel is the Victim of Anti- Semitism:Jews are always the Scapegoat of the World / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, is under an international campaign held by Arab states and the PA and Hamas to demonize Israel by false accusations and bringing to its de-legitimation.
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Learn the Truth about Israeli Society / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Israeli Society is divided into 3 main parts: the liberal enlightened center, the extreme post- Zionist left and the extreme right.

A. The extreme left

The extreme left includes a small but very articulate Post- Zionists who control the media- newspapers and T.V- and a small but very aggressive group from the academia and the Judicial system. Some of them are ex- communists.

This group has adopted the Palestinian agenda whose main points are:

President Obama Follows Up on his Middle East Victory, A Satire / Prof.B.Rubin

“President Obama! President Obama,” said the aide in a cheery voice as he entered the Oval Office, “we just heard that Prime Minister Netanyahu is going to stop all construction in Jerusalem and give in to all your demands!”

“That is wonderful news,” chortled the chief executive. ‘’And as you know I never waste a moment. Quick! Get me my friend Mahmoud Abbas on the phone.”

Turning History into a Politically Correct Cartoon / Prof.B.Rubin

Historians have long known that treating the past as if it were the present—thinking people acted, spoke, and thought the same way; that conditions were parallel; that problems were identical—is the surest way to misunderstand the past. Historical times must be dealt with on their own terms though, of course, understood in the context of larger trends.

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