Tom Friedman, Gedeon, Yossi and Amira / DR.Emmanuel Navonn

Dec.21 2011
(note:Gideon, Yossi and Amira are Israeli left extremists)
Tom Friedman’s recent column “Newt, Mitt, Bibi and Vladimir” (New York Times, 13 December) makes two points: a. Alleged friends of Israel such as Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are blind to the fact that Israel is sinking into the Dark Ages because of the mad-cap policies of Netanyahu and Lieberman; b. The critical voices of Tom Friedman and Gideon Levy are unfairly rebuked as “anti-Israel” when, in truth, those voices are the only ones today that are trying to save Israel from itself, out of foresight and true love.

UN Watch's Tribute for Human Rights Day

Dec. 10, 2011
GENEVA, Dec. 10 – Sixty-three years ago today, at a special session in Paris, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Men and women around the world who are denied their basic human rights often seek to mark today's anniversary by calling for freedom. Too often, their efforts are stymied.

UN Human Rights Council Condemns Syria - Only Russia, China, Cuba & Ecuador Oppose

Dec 2. 2011
UN Watch takes the floor, urges council to atone for past coddling of Syria; calls on UNESCO to reverse election of Syria to human rights committees
GENEVA, Dec. 2 – UN Watch welcomed today's strong condemnation of Syria by a UN Human Rights Council emergency session, and its establishment of a special rapporteur to monitor abuses there, following a global campaign to create the post by a coalition of prominent democracy dissidents and human rights groups led by UN Watch.

There is no Chance for Peace / Jonathan D.Halevi

The speech by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly and his submitting the application for recognition of Palestine ended another chapter in the history of the Oslo Accords. Abbas hammered the final nail in the coffin of the Israeli premise that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be settled on the basis of a land for peace formula.

Palestinian Statehood and the September UN Gambit: A Recipe for Conflict or Consensus?

September 19th 2011
Palestinian Statehood and the September UN Gambit: A Recipe for Conflict or Consensus?

The unilateral course will not produce good results; on the contrary, it will push away any prospect of any final peace agreement.

Meeting in the House of Commons

How Iran is Helping Assad Suppress Syria's "Arab Spring" / Lt. Col.(ret.) Michael Segall

July 19 2011
Since the beginning of the protest wave against Bashar Assad's regime in Syria, Iran has backed Damascus and assisted it in both the security and propaganda aspects of its violent repression of the protests. Tehran charges that Syria is the victim of an attempt by the West, led by the United States, to overthrow the Assad regime, under cover of the "Arab Spring."
At the same time, Iran sees the "Arab Spring" or, as it calls it, the "Islamic awakening" as a golden opportunity to export Ayatollah Khomeini's Islamic Revolution to the changing Arab world.

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