Translated to English by Dafna O'NEILL


The romans conquered the Jewish state in 63BCE and thrned it into a vassal of Rome. The Jews revoted against Roman occupation in 66 CE (THE GREAT REVOLT), becuse of Rome's policy to replace the Jewish population and its culture by an Hellenist population and the Hellenist culture.

The role of the Hellenist population in the war against the Jews

The Distribution of the Urban Hellenist Population throughout the Land of Israel under Roman Occupation (63 BCE – 324 CE) / Dr.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Translated to English by Dafna O'neill
Rome turned the land of Israel into a Hellenist country by spreading 30 poleis and also military cities throughout the country. Under Roman occupation a network of poleis and military colonies was established and expanded throughout the Land of Israel, on the basis of a similar network built during the Hellenist occupation. Roman roads were laid to connect the cities and the military colonies to ensure that the Roman army could move around the country freely.

The Roman Policy of Colonizing and Hellenizing the Land of Israel / Dr.Rivka Shpak Lissak


Zeev Safrai and Gedalyahu Alon pointed out the significant growth in population and settlement and rapid urbanization during the Roman period. This urbanization process and population growth were not the result of a development policy, but rather resulted from a colonization policy and the increase in foreign settlement in the Land of Israel during the first and second centuries CE.

The Population Composition During the First Century CE on the Eve of the Great Revolt (66 CE)/ DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Translated to English by Dafna O'NEILL
Before the establishment of the Hasmonaean Kingdom (140 BCE) the foreign population was the largest minority in the country. Under Hasmonaean rule Jews returned to became the majority.


Translated to English by Dafna O'neill
The Jewish state (the Hasmonean kingdom) became a vassal of the Roman Empire in 63 BCE. From 6CE it came under direct rule of the Roman empire.In 66 CE the Jews revolted against the Roman occupation.

The Sophisticated Egyptian Deception Preceded to Yom Kippur War / Lt. Col. (Ret.) Shimon Mendes

24 Oct 2012
In order to understand the sophistication of the Egyptian deception that preceded the Yom Kippur War in 1973, it is essential to know that the Egyptian military doctrine was revolutionized in 1969. While the Israeli military thought remained stagnated.


Israeli Scholar, Veteran Pens Study of Palestinian Incursions
Tel-Aviv, Israel - Shaul Bartal's nonfiction The Fedayeen Emerge: The Palestine-Israel Conflict, 1949-1956 (published by AuthorHouse) describes each community's struggle in the 1950's as another stage in the conflict between Jews and Muslims from the British Mandate to the present. It shows how the Palestinians recovered from the Naqba - the catastrophe - of Israel's creation in 1948 and continued the struggle.

The Land of Israel Under Hellenistic Occupation / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak


(Please refer to note No. 4 for references)

Hellenist treatment of conquered nations was cruel and included massacring the population and the sale of captured survivors into slavery. The purpose of this policy was to reduce the size of the local population, while colonising the Land of Israel and transforming it into a Greek-Macedonian colony. This policy destroyed the Jewish demographic majority in the Israel.

70 YEARS AGO: Riegner Telegram alerts world of Nazi Holocaust

08 August 2012
Seventy years ago, on 8 August 1942, the World Jewish Congress representative in Geneva, Gerhart M. Riegner, sent a telegram to British and American diplomats providing them with reliable information about Hitler’s plans to annihilate millions of European Jews. The telegram was the first authoritative word that the Nazis actually had a coordinated extermination plan.

The Mandate For Palestine Still Matters 90 Years Later /Eli E. Hertz

July 24, 2012
Israelis and friends of the Jewish State alike are accustomed to the never-ending scorn the United Nations heaps on the Middle East's only free democracy, never mind its desire for peace with all of its Arab neighbors. It may seem unfathomable that the very same institution was ultimately responsible for the creation of Israel nearly 65 years ago.

Chapter 5 - Acculturation without Islamization under Arab- Muslim Occupation (640 – 1099)/ DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

The Arab policy did not include forced Islamization (except for short periods),but mainly cultural Arabization.


Apocalypse, Hamaguedon,Gog Ou Magog, Fin Du Monde / I.Q.Rassooli

juin 10th, 2012
Translated to French by Dominique Kahtan

Chers Lecteurs, comme vous le savez ce site participatif propose du contenu très pragmatique et laissent peu de place aux errances de l’imagination. La situation nous amène à nous poser la question ! Apocalypse ? Armaguédon, Gog ou Magog,, 2012 fin du monde selon le calendrier des Mayas – il semble que ce soit bien plus simple que cela !

Par IQ al Rassooli traduit par Dominique Kahtan pour israel-flash


Arab Illegal Immigration to Palestine Under British Mandate:Part Two / Dr.Rivka Shpak Lissak

The Immigration of Egyptian Workers into the Land of Israel during the British Mandate Period

The Legacy of European Colonialism / Eli E.Hertz

April 18, 2012
Israel is often referred to as a colonial power responsible for much of the instability in the Middle East. The problem is that this labeling is a total fallacy. Unlike nation-states in Europe, modern Lebanese, Jordanian, Syrian, and Iraqi nationalities did not evolve; they were arbitrarily created by colonial powers.

Defending Jesus and Judaism / Alan Caruba

Jan.31 2012
As a book reviewer I receive countless requests to read books and, when I received one regarding “Kosher Jesus” by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, I was intrigued by the title. In addition to fathering nine children, the rabbi has written 27 books, is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and the profile on his website is filled with achievements and encomiums

Futile Efforts to Challenge the "Mandate for Palestine/ Eli Hertz

Futile Efforts to Challenge the
“Mandate for Palestine”

Myth: The “Mandate for Palestine” is a Class “A” Mandate
There is much to be gained by attributing Class “A” status to the “Mandate for
Palestine.” If the inhabitants of Palestine were ready for independence under a
Class “A” mandate, then the Palestinian Arabs that made up the majority of the
inhabitants of Palestine in 192238 (589,177 Arabs vs. 83,790 Jews) could logically
claim that they were the intended beneficiaries of the “Mandate for Palestine”
provided one never reads the actual wording of the document:

The Legal Aspects of Jewish Rights to a National Home in Palestine : Part Two / Eli Hertz

Political Rights in Palestine Were Granted to Jews Only

The “Mandate for Palestine” clearly differentiates between political rights—
referring to Jewish self-determination as an emerging polity—and civil and
religious rights, referring to guarantees of equal personal freedoms to non-
Jewish residents as individuals and within select communities. Not once are
Arabs as a people mentioned in the “Mandate for Palestine.” At no point in the
entire document is there any granting of political rights to non-Jewish entities

The Legal Aspects of Jewish Rights to a National Home in Palestine / Eli Hertz

The Two Most Significant Events in Modern History Leading to
the Creation of the Jewish National Home:
I. The Founding of Modern Zionism
Benjamin Ze’ev [Theodor] Herzl (May 2, 1860 – July 3, 1904)
After witnessing the spread of antisemitism around the world, Herzl felt
compelled to create a political movement with the goal of establishing a Jewish
National Home in Palestine. To this end, he assembled the first Zionist Congress
in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897. Herzl’s insights and vision can be learned from
his writings:

The Goldstone Report "Reconsidered" - A Critical Analysis / Gerald M.Steinberg et al

The Goldstone Report “Reconsidered” – A Critical Analysis
Edited by Gerald M. Steinberg and Anne Herzberg NGO Monitor and Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

To order a copy of this book, visit Amazon.com or contact [email protected].

Israel has been the subject of numerous controversial U.N. inquiries related to armed conflict and responses to terror attacks. But, the scope and impact of the Report of the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, known as the Goldstone Report, were particularly extreme.

Chapter One - The Hellenist Colonization and Land Confiscation Policy in the Land of Israel (332 - 142 BCE) : Part Two / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

(Translated to English by Dafna O'neill)
http://www.rslissak.com/content/chapter-one-colonization-and-land-confis... Part One

(Please refer to note No. 4 for references)

Nov.29 1947 - UN Resolution:A JEWISH STATE

29 November 1947 - The UN Vote that Established Israel
November 29 2011
November 29 is a significant date in Jewish history. On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted in favor of a resolution, which adopted the plan for the partition of Palestine, recommended by the majority of the UN Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP). 33 states voted in favor of the resolution and 13 against. 10 states abstained.

UN Resolution 181 - The Partition Plan / Eli.E,Hertz

Nov.29 2011
A "Green Light" for Jewish Statehood - A 'Dead' Blueprint for Peace (November 29, 1947)
In 1947 the British put the future of western Palestine into the hands of the United Nations, the successor organization to the League of Nations which had established the Mandate for Palestine. A UN Commission recommended partitioning what was left of the original Mandate - western Palestine - into two new states, one Jewish and one Arab [Not a Palestinian state]. Jerusalem and its surrounding villages were to be temporarily classified as an international zone belonging to neither polity.

Israel 1948; War for Independece


What Happened in 1948 during the Independece War

Chapter One - Colonization and Land Confisication Policy in the Land of Israel under Hellenist Occupation , Part One / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak



Alexander the Great conquered the Land of Israel from the Persians in 332 BCE. His heirs, the Diadochi, established their Hellenist kingdoms: The Seleucid Empire in modern-day Syria, and the Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt. The Ptolemies ruled the Land of Israel from 301 to 198 BCE; the Seleucids from 198 to 142 BCE, at which time Judea regained independence.

From Alexander’s time to the end of Hellenist rule in the Land of Israel, the Hellenist rulers employed a colonization policy throughout their empires, establishing some 350 Hellenist cities (Poleis).

Benny Morris: "The 1948 War Was An Islamic War"

Benny Morris: "The 1948 War Was an Islamic Holy War"
Amira Lamm interviews Benny Morris.

Chapter 6 - The Population's Composition During the Crusaders' Period (1099 - 1260 ) Part Two / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Chapter 6 – The Population's Composition During the Crusaders Period (1099 – 1260) / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak
Part Two

Settlement Distribution during the Crusader Period

Prof. Kedar (Jews and Samaritans in the Kingdom of Jerusalem) and Prof. Ellenblum (Frankish Rural Settlements in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem) charted the country’s settlements during the Crusader period (1099-1260).

Chapter 3 - The Failure of Forced Conversion of Jews Under Christian - Byzantine Occupation (324 - 640 CE) DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Chapter 3: The Failure of Forced Conversion of Jews under Christian-Byzantine Occupation(324 – 640)

The Christian-Byzantine occupation’s policy towards the Jews (395 – 640 A.D) included religious and economic decrees, pogroms, destruction of synagogues and a focused policy on the part of the government and the church to convert the Jews, along with other local non-Christians, into Christianity.

Chapter 7 - The Population's Composition During the Mamluk Period (1260 - 1516 ):Elimination of the Christian Majority Part One

Chapter 7. The Population’s Composition during the Mamluk Period (1260 – 1516): Elimination of the Christian Majority

Part One


The Mamluks were Turkmen from Central Asia. When the Muslims conquered Central Asia, they enslaved Turkmen children, put them through military training and enlisted them as soldiers in their army. The Turkmen children were converted to Sunni Islam. As new Muslims they were known for their orthodoxy and religious fanaticism.

Jewish Bodies Found in Medieval Well in Norwich

23 June 2011
The remains of 17 bodies found at the bottom of a medieval well in England could have been victims of persecution, new evidence has suggested.

The most likely explanation is that those down the well were Jewish and were probably murdered or forced to commit suicide, according to scientists who used a combination of DNA analysis, carbon dating and bone chemical studies in their investigation.

The skeletons date back to the 12th or 13th Centuries at a time when Jewish people were facing persecution throughout Europe.

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