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To the readers of my web,
Thank you for reading my web.
I hope it will reduce the number of people who "buy" the demonization propaganda against Isrel.

The truth is usually in the middle. Justice is not on one side of the conflict.


Tuesday at a rally to mark the 23rd anniversary of the mtniialt group's founding. "We say it with confidence as we said it five years ago when we formed our government, and we say it today: We will never recognize Israel," Haniyeh told a crowd in Gaza City numbering tens of thousands. Why should the EU recognise a Palestinian leadership that still refuses to accept the right of Israel to exist? Haniyeh is a terrorist and a liar. But you and Galloway take him seriously and believe him when he tells you that he is a reformed terrorist.While you demand that the EU recognise the state of Palestine, Hamas makes it clear that they will not recognise any presence of the state of Israel."We say today that there will be no occupation of the land of Palestine and then we can say there is no future for the occupation on our land. I mean from the sea to the river and from Rafah up to Naqoora." Ever since 1948 only four countries in the Middle East have recognised Israel. Perhaps the EU could work with the Arab world to recognise the right of Israel to exist as the price for recognising the state of Palestine. This could actually move a comprehensive peace settlement a little closer.

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