Abu Mazen declared He Will not Recognize Israel as A Jewish National State / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak


Abu Mazen Declared

Abu Mazen declared he would not recognize Israel as the Jewish National Home of the Jewish people.

This is the real issue of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict: the refusal of Arabs and Palestinians to have a Jewish state in the Middle East.

The Arabs and the Palestinians deny the very existence of a Jewish people. They do not recognize the right of Jews for self- determination. They also deny any historical connection of Jews to the country they call Palastine. Said Arikat, a member of the talks stuff with Israel declared that the Jews are not a nation but a religion and you don't give a religion a state. Nabil Shaat, a Palestinian, so called, moderate leader declared that the Palestinians will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state because it will be against the interests of Israeli- Arabs, and against the interest of the PA to settle the refugees in Israel.

Israeli- Arabs refuse to live in a Jewish state under a Magen David flag. They consider Jews as European colonists and demand, under the false pretence, that they are the indigenous people of that country, to replace the Jewish state with what they call "a state of all its citizens." This term is a cover to the real issue: They wish to put an end to the Jewish state, cancel all the Jewish features and symbols that make Israel Jewish, and settle the refugees in Israel, thus turning the Jews into a minority.

The demand of the PA to settle the refugees in Israel is intended to turn the Jews into a minority and put an end to the Jewish state.

The building freeze demand is an excuse to prevent a peace agreement. The PA wishes to get international recognition to a Palestinian state not through a peace agreement with Israel but through the UN, using the power of 52 Arab and Muslim state, thus avoiding giving up the demand to settle the refugees in Israel. Thus, they will continue their project to put an end to the Jewish state.

The building freeze ultimatum and the settlements are not the real issue. Israel destroyed settlements in Sinai as part of the peace agreement with Egypt. Arik Sharon destroyed all the settlements in Gaza when he decided to end Israel occupation of Gaza.

There is a fair solution to the settlement issue. It was part of the Clinton- Barak proposal at Camp David in 2000. Israel agreed to annex to Israel the main settlements, destroy the others and compensate the Palestinians with an Israeli territory. The proposal was rejected by Arafat because it did not include the settling of the refugees in Israel. It included a proposal to settle them in the Palestinian state with the support of an international project.

As a matter of fact: the Arabs and the Palestinians rejected 6 opportunities to have a Palestinian state besides Israel because they refused to accept a Jewish state. It happened in 1936/7 when a British commission proposed to end the conflict by dividing the country into 2 states. It happened in 1947 when the UN decided to divide the country into 2 states. It happened between 1948 – 1967 when the Western Bank and Gaza Strip were under Arab occupation. It happened in 1967, after the 6 days war when Israel proposed "land for peace". It Happened in Camp David in 2000 and in 2008/9 when Abu Mazen did not respond to a very generous proposal by Ehud Ulmert.

Instead of accepting a 2 state solution, the Arabs and the Palestinians tried to destroy Israel by military force (1947/8, 1967, 1973). When they failed they tried to eliminate Israel by terror. When this failed, they are now engaged in an international campaign to demonize and de- legitimate Israel through false accusations and the rewriting of history, through propaganda in the international media and international organizations of the UN.

Arabs and Muslims established false human rights organizations such as the Turkish IHH to demonize Israel. Unfortunately, money speaks and human rights organizations, universities and research centers such as Ex- President's Carter center, receive Arab money and support the Arab- Palestinian agenda against Israel.

It is legitimate to criticize Israel's policy, but not the very existence of the Jewish state.

Did anyone suggest deny Germans the right of self- determination and a nation-state because of the Nazi war crimes?
The Nazis not only murdered 6,000,000 Jews. The caused the death of millions of Europeans, civilians and soldiers. More than 22,000 Israeli- Jews were killed during wars and by terror. The Palestinians can hardly accuse Israel for a few thousands, most of them – terrorists.

The Jews have a right of self- determination. The facts of history prove their historical connection to the Land of Israel, the ancient name of Palestine. The League of Nation in 1920/21 and the UN in 1947 recognized the right of Jews to a nation- state in their homeland.

As long as the Arabs and the Palestinians refuse to accept a Jewish state in the Middle East besides a Palestinian state, there is no chance for peace.

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