The Agreement Reached at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference Endangers Israel's Survival in an Hostile Region / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

A. Israel is the only state under threat

Arab States except Egypt and Jordan are in a state of war with Israel. Israel is under constant threats from Iran, whose president openly declared his intention to wipe out Israel from the world map. Iran stands behind the Hamas in Gaza who openly declared its goal to eliminate the state of Israel and establish a Palestinian state on its ruins. Iran stands also behind the terrorist organization, the Hezbollah, in Lebanon, who openly declare its opposition to the existence of the Jewish state. Iran is an ally of Syria who had already tried 3 times to destroy Israel (1948, 1967, 1973). Jordan and Egypt signed peace treaties with Israel, but this is a cold peace and the population of those states are daily exposed to false accusations and incitement by the local media against Israel.

B. Israel is the Victim of a campaign to de- legitimate it's right to exist

All Arab countries, including Egypt and Jordan, and the PA who signed the Oslo agreement with Israel, are directly involved in a continuous campaign in the U.N and its organizations, especially the Human Rights Council, to demonize Israel through false accusations with the intention to de-legitimize the mere existence of the state of Israel.

So, Israel is situated in an hostile region and surrounded by enemies from 2 sides and cold relations from 2 other sides.

C. Jews were never welcomed in the region

Israel is the only non- Muslim state in the region and the Muslims are known for their lack of tolerance against ethnic- religious minorities. The Arab Countries never welcomed the Jews who returned to their homeland by 2 international resolutions: the League of Nation in 1922 and the United Nations in 1947. They tried to eliminate its existence in 1948, 1967 and 1973.

D. There was never a Palestinian Political Entity in Palestine

There was never an Arab or Palestinian sovereignty in Palestine (whose ancient name is Israel). Since the Jews became a minority in their own country as a result of the policy of the Roman and Byzantine Empires, the country was very densely populated.In the 16th century the population numbered about 150,000. A significant part of the local Arab population, immigrated to the country from all Arab and some Muslim states, looking for work opportunities created by the returning Jews and the British Mandate development projects, between the middle of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century, when the state of Israel was established.

E. Palestinians rejected a state of their own 6 times

During the British Mandate rule it became clear that Jews and Arabs are unable to live together peacefully in one state. A British investigation committee, the Peel committee, suggested in 1936/7 to divide the country, who was promised to the Jews twice, into 2 states: a Jewish and an Arab state. This was the first time, out of 6, that the Arab citizens of Palestine (Palestinians today) were offered a state and rejected the offer. They could get a state also in 1947 by the U.N resolution and could establish a state between 1948 –1967 when they were under Arabic rule. The 4th time they were offered a state was in 1967, after the 6 days war, when Prime Minister Levi Eshkol offered "land for peace." Opportunity number 5 came in 2000 in the Camp David Summit and the 6th was in 2009 when Prime Minister Euhd Ulmert offered a very generous proposal to Abu Mazen and got no answer.

F. Only Israel is accused on the Palestinian state issue

Arab states refuse to make peace with Israel unless Palestinians get a state. But, you need 2 to agree on this issue and the Palestinians have so far refused to give-up the demand for the "right of Return" which is a throian horse to turn Israel into a Palestinian state. The PA refuses to recognize Israel as the national Jewish state because it means to give-up the "right of return."

G. The Arab proposal at the Non- Proliferation Conference resolution is part of an effort to de- legitimize the state of Israel

Foreign sources claim Israel has nuclear power. If it has nuclear power, Israel never threatened any country to use it even though it was attacked by Arab states 3 times. If Israel has nuclear power, it needs it as a
preventive measure to prevent other states from trying to destroy it. A resolution that ignores the Iranian nuclear threat on Israel and the state of war between Israel and Arabs, and demand only Israel to reveal its nuclear power is unjust and hypocritical. As long as Israel is threatened by states and terrorist organizations in the region it can't reveal its defensive secrets.

President Obama strongly opposed singling out Israel over the talks for a Mideast atomic weapon- free zone. The United States declared that the failure of the resolution to mention Iran, a nation in longstanding violation of the NPT and U.N Security Council Resolution which poses the greatest threat of nuclear proliferation in the region and to the integrity of the NPT, is deplorable.

In Short, A Mideast atomic weapon- free zone will be possible only after all the states in the region make peace with Israel.

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