Ahmed Moor reject Jews' Right for Self-Determination / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Ahmed Moor wrote an article in The Haffington Post of October1, 2010:"Israel's Jewish Character is Subject for Debate"

My answer to Mr. Moor:
Mr. Moor is not only rewriting history. He distorts the facts.

A.Israel was established by International Consent, 1947

The Jews are not a race- but a nation. Every nation has the right of self- determination, Jews included. If Mr.Moor denies Jews this right, he is a racist.

The right of the Jewish people for self- determination was accepted by the League of Nations in 1920/1921 and by the United States in 1947.

The League of Nation also recognized in 1920-1921 the right of Jews to return to their national home in Palestine. The 1947 UN resolution stated that Palestine will be divided into 2 states: a Jewish state and an Arab state.

Israel was established in 1948 as a national home for the Jewish people who had been forced to leave their homeland and became dispersed as a result of the policies of the Roman Empire who conquered their state in 63 BCE. The ancient language of the Jews, Hebrew, was revived, and basic laws describe the state as both Jewish and Democratic.

B. many Nation- States have minorities

A nation – state according to international criteria is a political, geographical, cultural and ethnic entity. The nation-state uses the state as a device to achieve national unity through the creation of a uniform national culture. A nation- state is a state whose population in united by a common origin, a common language and a common culture. It develops an educational system whose curriculum teaches future citizens the history, the language and the culture of the nation.

According to Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, 75.4 % of the population is Jewish and 20.4% are not Jews. The largest minority are the Arabs. There are also small minorities of Armenians and Samaritans, and some non- Jewish spouses of Jews who immigrated to Israel.

Israeli- Arabs claim they consist 20% and they demand to turn Israel into a so called "state of all its citizens." They demand to
cancel all laws that makes Israel Jewish and settle the Palestinian refugees in this newly defined state, Thus eliminating the Jewish majority and turn the state into a Palestinian state..

This is misleading. It includes more than 100,000 Druze who recognize Israel as a Jewish state and serves in its army. It includes also about 100,000 Bedouins, part of which serve in the Israeli army. It also includes 122,000 Christians, not all of them Arabs.

The presence of ethnic minorities is a deviation from the homogeneous nation- state. Yet, many of the so-called nation- states have ethnic minorities within their borders.

There are 192 states in the world and most of them are Nation- States. Many of them, including Arab and Muslim Nation- states, have minorities.
Iran has only 51% Iranians.
Iraq has only 75% Arabs.
Turkey has less than 80% Turks
Has anyone ever denied their right as Nation- state?
Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran are considered nation- states. Yet, each one of them has a minority of Kurds and other minorities:

The only Nation- State in the world that its right as a Nation- State is questioned – is Israel.


Because, the leadership of Israeli- Arabs demand a National State for Palestinians but denies a national state to Jews. They wish to have 2 Palestinian states: one on the Western Bank and Gaza and another on the ruins of the Jewish state. This is racism.

C. The Jews are the ancient people of Palestine – not the Palestinians

The Palestinians and Arabs became experts in distorting the facts of history.

The Jews returned to Palestine (the ancient name of the country is Eretz Israel) by the League of Nation's resolution. They did not come as European colonists as the Palestinians claim, but as a people who return to their homeland.


The Arabs conquered the country from the Byzantine Empire in 640 CE, but lost it to the Crusaders in 1099. The Mamluks, Tutrkmen from Central Asia conquered the country from the Crusaders in 1260/90 and the Ottomans conquered it from the Mamluks in 1516. After First World War the country was declared "a national home for the Jewish People."

From the 4th century CE the Christians of Aramean origion were the majority of the population – not Arabs, until they became a minority in the 14th century. But, the country was densely populated, as Christian tourist testified in book written on their visit to the country and as the Ottoman censuses have shown.
Its economy was destroyed by invasions of Bedouins.

Most of the Arabs (now called Palestinians) came as immigrant workers from Arab and Muslim countries between about the middle of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century.

D. The "ethnic cleansing myth" is another effort to distort the facts of history

The Arabs never accepted the resolutions of the League of Nations and the UN. They became engaged in a continuous war against the returning Jews: pogroms were held in 1919/20, 1929, 1936- 1939. Immediately after the UN resolution in 1947, which they rejected, they started a war against the Jews and on May 15, 1948, 7 Arab armies invaded the newly declared state of Israel declaring that they were going "to thow the Jews into the sea."
There was a war in which the local Arabs were not peaceful people. They attacked Jewish cities and villages and attacked the Jewish transportation. 2,000 civilian Jews were killed/ murdered and 4,000 Jewish/Israeli soldiers were killed in the war started by the Arabs.

There was no ethnic cleansing:
Part of the Arabs left upon recommendation from their
Leaders to leave for a short time until the "Jews are thrown into the sea."
Part ran away because they were afraid of revenge, being engaged in the killing/ murdering of Jews.
Part left because of the war
Part were expelled by the Israeli army because of security consideration.

To conclude:
Arabs and Palestinians are engaged in an international propaganda to demonize and de- legitimate the Jewish state because they deny Jews the right of self- determination and their historical connection to their homeland.

6 times the Palestinians rejected the opportunity to have a state besides Israel because they dream to put an end to the Jewish state by rewriting history.
1936/7 – the Peel commission suggested to divide the country into a Jewish and an Arab state – the Jews agreed, the Arabs refused.
1947 – they rejected the UN resolution to have a state.
1948 – 1967 – they were under Arabic occupation. They could have a state.
1967 – after the 6 days war initiated by the Arabs to destroy Israel, Israel suggested "land for peace ." The Arabs rejected the offer.
2000 – Camp David. Arafat rejected the Clinton- Barak proposal because it did not include settling the Palestinian refugees in Israel but in the Palestinian state, and because accepting the proposal meant declaring "end of the conflict."
2008/9 – Abu Mazen did not accept Prime Minister Ulmert proposal, which he admitted was even better than Clinton- Barak's for the same reasons.
The Palestinian wish to put an end to the Jewish state by the demand to settle millions of Palestinians in Israel and turn the Jews into a minority.

The solution to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict is 2 national states live side by side in peace. The Arab minority in Israel will have Equal civil rights, but their national state will be on the Western Bank and Gaza.

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