Of all fences in the world only Israel is blamed for erecting one / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Abu – Mazen, president of the Palestinian Authority, declared that he will conduct no negotiations with Israel until the fence is dismantled and called on the UN to force Israel to do so, according to the Hauge decision.

Arab and Muslim walls:

Morocco – A 2,720 Km long wall was built as a security belt to protect Marocco from hostile penetration by Polisario.

South Arabia – A 1,000 Km long ultra modern wall with electronic monitoring devices was erected to prevent Yemenite infiltration into the country, thus reduction Yemenite territory by 7 Km. Another ultra modern wall of 900 Km is under construction between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

United Arab Emirates- are in process of building a barrier on their border with Oman and Kuwit. Also the barrier between the UAE and Iraq is being reinforced.

Pakistan – built a 2,400 Km barrier to separate itself from Afganistan.

USA - A wall between Mexico and the United States is being erected to prevent from Mexican poor workers to enter the country illegally.

Spain – erected an electrified barrier guarded continuously by soldiers at Ceuta and Melilla to protect Spain from illegal Moroccan and sub Saharian workers who try to enter its territory to escape famine.

India – built a 3,300 Km wall to prevent terror from Pakistan.

South Korea - built a barrier in protection against North Korea invasion.

Botswana – built electrified fences along its border with Zimbabwe to prevent refugees trying to escape ethnial cleansing .

Thailand - erected in 2007 a 75 Km barrier to prevent Muslim terrorist from entering g from Malasya.

Uzbekistan – erected a closure to prevent penetration from Tadjikistan.

No one has ever protested against building these walls, fences or barriers in spite of the fact that they prevented refugees and poor desperate workers from finding a better place to live. No one ever protested against countries who built walls, fences or barriers against terrotists.
The only state under constant protests because it built a fence ( only part of the barrier is a wall)to protect its citizens from terrorists and suicide bombers has been Israel.

The case was even brought before the International court at Hauge and Israel was found guilty and was ordered to dismantle the wall.

Since the fence was erected the number of victims was reduced by 98.5%.

Israel has the right to protect the lives of its citizens from suicide bombs and terror. There is no international border between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. It is legal, therefore, to question the outline of the fence, and the Israeli high court deals with such cases, but there is no justification to question the very building of the fence.

It seems that Jewish blood is worth less than others' blood. All states have the right to protect their citizens. Israel is the only state in the world that has been denied this right.

P.S: Thanks to Valerie Amram d'Onfrio for the video Walls of the World.

Does the world know? care?

Abu Mazen has turned the Kaffiyah for a business-suit and the world immediately embraces him to be a peace-loving-pragmatist - Whilst in fact he is a "destroy-Israel-in-All-Fields"-at -all cost pragmatists... Same snake - different armor. Incidentally, local news are totally ignorant of the legality issues the erecting of the fence has created, let alone it reaching the court in the Hauge, and in my opinion 90% of the population would not know where and what the Court in the Hauge is. Which is the point of my comment: Israel has to defend itself on so many fronts that the Islamo$ has mounted against it. Apartheid... Zionism/Racism... Nazism are incredible tools for the incitement of Anti-Israel sentiments. The mere usage of these banners in a demonstration renders those who know about the lies Islam is spreading - impotent!

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