To All the So Called "Human Rights Activists" / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Did You Solve All the Problems At Home That You Have Started Telling Us How to Solve Ours?

People from France, Britain, Sweeden, Norway, USA and other Western Countries have formed organizations with the intention to join the Palestinians in their campaign against Israel, blaming Israel for the situation in Gaza and the Western Bank.

If these people are so eager to help solving the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, they should hear both sides before making up their minds.

Did they come to Israel to learn about its society, to meet people of different views about the conflict?

How can they be so sure that they have all the information if they never even tried to listen to the Israeli side?

But above all:
Have these people solved all the problems of their own societies that they come to the Middle East to advice us how to solve our problems?

What about the Muslims who live in European countries? Are all the socio- economic and other problems solved?

What about the socio- economic problems of the lower classes in the USA and Canada?

What about the minorities in these countries? Are all their problems have been taken care of?

Its very easy to be a "human rights activist" telling others what they should do. Its easier to get involved in others problems than with your own.

In Short, go home and deal with your own problems and let us deal with ours.

More than 1,600 civilians were killed by the Syrian army

And, thousands of civilians ran away to Lebanon and Turkey.

Why those so called "human rights activists" would not try to come to Syria by sea or by air to help these poor people?

Why only against Israel they are willing to act?

more than 2,000,000 people were murdered in Sudan

Why we never saw these so- called "human rights activists" try to enter Sudan by sea or by air to help the poor people of Sudan.

Why only against Israel they are ready to act?

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