Antisemitic Propaganda - The Light at the End of the Tunnel / Yuval Branstetter

Date: 2011/7/15
The Jewish Israel Media was all aghast as the nefarious designs of the Knesset ( Israel's democratically-elected parliament) were revealed. Apparently the law makers are in a frenzy of legislating a series of laws which will allow looking into the finances of non-governmental "human rights" organizations which have proliferated in Israel like mushrooms after the rain. The NGO's interpretation of "human rights" is of hurting, defaming, inciting, and even the killing of Jews, and excellence in such "human right" execution is rewarded with a rain of donations. It turns out that local NGO's whose main activity is to hurt the Jewish state on multiple fronts are financed by foreign NGOs based in Europe and the West, while those in turn are the recipients of generous funds from the state coffers. Circumstantially, foreign government buy themselves the ability to exert influence on the Jewish State's public agenda, going so far as to interfere and shape its policies. Unfortunately for the Jewish State these are not enemy governments but rather supposedly friendly nations in Europe Scandinavia the US Australia and Canada with which Israel stirives to maintain and improve relations. The legislative efforts in the Knesset are designed to put an end to such insufferable interference in Israel's internal affairs through banning foreign funds from financing anti Zionist, anti-Semitic organizations. That brought the proverbial foam out of the Israeli Media's mouth, which longs to inhale the aroma exuded by World Media community which those NGOs are part and parcel of.

However the flip side of the coin is that all this anti-Semitic activity promoted by these organizations in Israel has its parallel right in those countries where the contributing NGOs are based and financed. For every screaming demonstration on the outskirts of Modiin (the resurrected city of the Hashmonean Jewish kingdom of yore) there are parallel screaming anti-Semitic demonstrations in London Amsterdam Bruxelles and Stockholm. For every inflammatory procession led by ISM "activists" in Jerusalem there are a scores of like processions, only so much more intimidating, in Den Hague, Strasbourg, Birmingham and Hamburg. Although these supporters of the Gaza Flotilla keep ranting "free free Palestine" (not the West Bank, mind you, Palestine as in all of pre-Israel British Palestine) they always flaunt those signs promoting Sharia, the next Holocaust, and 'the hell with free speech'. At some point in time even the Gentiles realize that all these anti-Semitic venom-spewing processions which they finance, knowingly or unknowingly, are coming back at them like a boomerang, making their life hell. Following the realization there arises civil antagonism, civil political antagonism, and finally some political action which identifies anti-Semitic activities as inimical to the interests of the common citizenry of those self-safe countries

It is a decade that this process of European sobering from the thrall of anti-Semitic multi-culturalism is led by a Dutchman named Geert Wilders. The most colorful politician in Europe, a tall compulsive consumer of hair-products, he co-founded a political party which claims Islam is a totalitarian ideology akin to Communism Maoism and Nazism, all of which are incompatible with democracy. Accordingly he is a fervent admirer of the victims of such ideologies, mainly Israel. Despite the unrelenting pressure exerted by the Multi-Culti Dutch establishment, despite the fear inspired by the brutal murder of two of his colleagues, Theo Van Gogh and Pym Fortuyn, he has never faltered from flying the flag of rebellion against anti-Semitic multi-culturalism. The Dutch native people responded by augmenting his party's electoral bloc tenfold in two election cycles. Geer Wilder's freedom party is now the third largest in Holland, and a crucial partner in the coalition government of the Netherlands

As he Geer Wilders battled (and overcame) the scurrilous attempts of the judicial system to circumvent the democratic process (the Wilders free-speech trial) the Dutch government initiated a major shift in its attitude versus those organizations whose main function, it seemed, is Israel Bashing. MP Johan Driesen called for a hearing of the heads of those organizations, all recipients of enormous tax-payers funds. Following the hearings the MP minced no words, informing those persons of the disgust they elicited by their words intentions and actions, and suggested the Dutch government cut their funding forthwith. Other law-makers wondered at the blatant support those organization afforded the efforts at BDS (Boycott, Divestment Sanctions) against the Jewish State. Accordingly ten of millions of Euros were deducted from the governmental contribution to two of the largest and most well-funded organizations, prompting the dismissal of hundreds of employees, curtailing operations in, no, not the middle East, but south America and Asia, proof-positive of the anti-semitic ideology motivating these organizations. Moreover, the Dutch Foreign Minister has ominously promised to devote special attention to NGOs which support various anti-Israel websites, such as the Electronic Intifada which specializes in Israel demonization, and re-examine the untoward uses to which the hundreds of millions of Dutch funds are put to use, saying that such abuse will require his very special scrutiny, should the funds be used contrary to the interests of the Dutch government

And the interests of the Dutch government in the Middle East can be summarized in an eagerness to pursue deeper relations with the Jewish State. Holland's vice-premier, Mr Maxim Verhagen, in a speech delivered at the Technion, Israel premier engineering institution, proclaimed the new policy of 'innovation partnership' in Israel, an investment policy, rather than divestment. The new spirit of cooperation is to be exemplified through a committee who purpose is to further strengthen ties with Israel. Further, Holland has just cracked down on the Dutch affiliate of IHH, the anti-semitic Turkish Muslim organization which had been behind the Gaza Flotilla provocations. IHH was registered as a terrorist organization since 2003, but real steps against this anti-semitic entity were long-delayed. Finally, the Dutch parliament has proclaimed its support for Israel in a five-to-one majority, and frowned on a unilateral independence for the Palestinian Authority.

Holland is not unique. Greece, until recently a staunch supporter of everything Palestinian, has turned the corner. Greece is up to its neck in its own economic crisis, and what does it care for one anti-semitic organization or another, or one terror-espousing flotilla or another. However it seems the Greeks have had a belly-full of anti-semitic activity overflowing onto the streets, and the demonstration unifying extreme anti-Semitic left-wing violence with Islamic extremism. The calls to "free free Palestine" coalesce in their mind with the violent demonstration which threaten to topple the fragile democracy. Therefore after years of tolerance for anti-semitism the Hellenic government determined that pro-Hamas flotillas are not in its interest and that they should be banned. It went so far as to arrest the captain of the "Audacity of Hope" American yacht for endangerment of maritime traffic when that yacht prepared to sail. Various ant-semites would prefer to see a vast Zionist conspiracy behind the new Hellenic attitude but in truth Israel had nothing much to do with it. Greece made the determination of its own accord that overt anti-semitism is detrimental to its own interests, and acted accordingly.

Canada is an emigration destination which had seen the number of immigrant-based Leftist-Muslim organizations mushroom and the number of purely anti-Semitic incidents, such as arson of synagogues, increase four-fold in a decade. One might think such public pressure might cause the Canadian government to knuckle under and adopt a more critical line on Israel and Zionism, inclusive of BDS. In fact the opposite is true. The Canadian government is one of the friendliest governments to Israel. The number of high-ranking official visits to Israel keeps increasing, in conjunction with bilateral cooperation treaties in all fields of endeavor, inclusive of security. Canada's Prime Minister Harper has become the Bete noir of the Islamist organizations for cutting of the funding of Keiros, a "human rights" outfit which spent most of its funds on NGOs whose agenda is Israel defamation. The conservative party, which has achieved a sizeable majority in Canadian Parliament, singled out anti-Israeli activity as anti-Semitic in nature, however Jewish are the sponsors of such activity, and the "legitimate" criticism of Israel as a mask for anti-Semitism.

But the most telling bell-weather of the sea change apparent in Western attitude towards anti-Zionist, anti-semitic propaganda happens to be in Britain. Britain is a fortress of rampant anti-Semitism ever since Albion reneged on the San Remo obligations to facilitate the legitimate aspiration of the Jewish People for the Jewish homeland. For the last couple of decades Britain had been at the forefront of Islamist aspirations and agendas. The volume of anti-Semitic incidents attributed to the Muslim population is ten times that of the non-Mulsim, though the latter are a mere 10 percent of the total citizenry of the United Kingdom. London is nicknamed londonistan by some of its more outspoken natives, the Union Jack is ignominiously removed lest St George's cross antagonize the new indigents, while English constabulary beats hasty retreats when the Islamist mobs rampage and scream out their demands for "Free free Palestine" along with the replacement of British common law with Sharia, and the masjidization of Buckingham palace. In spite of all British Immigration officials arrested the head of the Hamas terrorist network in Israel (Israel, being a democracy, allows Hamas to operate under local euphemisms) Sheik Ra'ed Salah, and prevented him from presenting his anti-Semitic views in Parliament. The British authorities claimed his very presence is a disturbance of the peace, being detrimental to good public order. The main ideological stanchion of modern anti-semitism, that Israel- bashing and anti-Semitism are separable issues, is not admissible anymore even in Britain, in the same manner that Multi-culturalism is losing its credibility in Switzerland (The minaret ban) France (the veiling ban) Holland Denmark and Germany

It is far too early to rejoice over the gradual changes overtaking the West in relation to the Islamist anti-semitic propaganda. However one can discern some redirection of the prevailing wind, a glimmer at the end of the tunnel, a vision we can and must hold fast to.

This review was inspired by Soeren Kern's article reference below

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