Antisemitism: Norway / Prof.B.Rubin

September 13, 2011
Speaking of antisemitism, yet another cable has turned up from Wikileaks proving me correct about that country’s growing, often officially sanctioned, antisemitism. Unlike some newspapers, I’m not intimidated by the untruths told by the Norwegian government. In my last piece on this subject, I quoted the U.S. ambassador speaking about how the Norwegian government supports the terrorist Hamas group.

Now, we have this one from the U.S. embassy in Oslo, February 2009 :

“Anti-Semitism in Norway, and the expression of anti-Semitic comments, has increased since the Gaza war….
`Jew” ‘has become more popular as an epithet….Israeli embassy officials have told us that increased Norwegian anti-Semitism is viewed in Israel as consistent with Norway’s general anti-Israel bias….”

The cable cites a number of antisemitic incidents and statements; the fear of Norway’s Jews; the incitement of the country’s media; and the constant hate mail received by the rabbi. The U.S. embassy cable continues: “Finance Minister Halvorsen initially participating prominently an anti-war parade that ended with a full-scale riot in front of the Israeli embassy. Cries of, `Kill the Jews!’ were heard at this demonstration. ”

The cable goes on to note that when accused of antisemitism, Norwegians deny it arguing that they are good people and attacking anyone who dare criticize the country. Then they smugly return to celebrating their virtue.

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