Austria to Boycott Durban III Conference / Gavriel Queenann

Augu.31 2011
Austria to Boycott Durban III
Austria has decided it will boycott the Durban III conference in September due to 'doubts' about its 'direction.'
Austria has joined the anti-Durban group of ecountries, including Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Italy, Israel, and the United States.

A spokesman for Austria's Foreign Ministry said his nation will 'walk away' from the so-called Durban III anti-racism conference, slated to take place on September 22, in New York City.

"We have no intention of participating in Durban III in September," Alexander Schallenberg of Austria's Foreign Ministry told reporters.
Schallenberg explained Austria has” doubts about the content and direction of the conference” and that is the reason for Austria's decision to skip the event.
The September 22 Durban III event commemorates the 10th anniversary of the infamous Durban I conference, which took place in Durban, South Africa. Widely denounced as an anti-Semitic, the UN-sponsored singled out Jews and Israel in order to attack them, including calls to destroy Israel.
Austria participated in Durban I in 2001 and the 2009 Durban II conference in Geneva, Switzerland - but Austria is now the first German-speaking country to join the anti-Durban camp.
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It is a kind of stupid action

It is a kind of stupid action not to attend the conference as there are many new things that could be made in the event. I would suggest to handle it with more regards. Online Deals

The anti-Israel Durban III

The anti-Israel Durban III conference is coming soon. It is promoted by and popular for lefties to boycott Israel. But, If we boycotted arab countries, including oil, that would make a difference.
Remember it is not a Israel - palestinian conflict the world is focused on, Mumbai is not in Israel.

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