Beinart Fires Back With Half Truths / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

April 11 2012
Peter Beinart published an article under the title:
"Beinart Fights Back," on New York Times, April 4 2012

Beinart gave a lecture at the University of Maryland.
An old Jewish man asked Beinzrt a question:
"How could you criticize Israel for occupying the West Bank when most West Bank Palestinians effectively govern themselves, and when the Palestinians have shown themselves unwilling to live in peace".

Beinart answered the Jewish old man: "While Palestinians do indeed bear part of the blame for the lack of a Palestinian state, Israel's policy of subsidizing Jews to move to settlements – including settlements deep in the West Bank – only strengthens the most militant forces in Palestinian society."

The answer gives only part of the real situation.

The facts are different:
First, the real issue between Israel and the Palestinians is the refusal of the Palestinian to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and their demand to settle the refugees in Israel and not in the Palestine state, thus turning the refugees into a Trojan horse to eliminate the Jewish state.

Before 1967 there were no settlements on the West Bank or Gaza Strip, but the Arabs of Palestine rejected opportunities to have a state 4 times:
1936 – The Peel Commission proposed a 2 state solution. The Jews agreed – the Palestinian Arabs rejected the proposal.
1947 – The U.N resolution proposed a 2 state solution. The Jews agreed, the Palestinian Arabs rejected the proposal and started a war in November 1947 and 7 Arab states invaded Israel on the day of its declaration of independence on April 15, 1948 stating their intention "to throw all Jews into the sea."
The refugee problem was created as a result of the Palestinian – Arab defeat.This was not an "ethnic cleansing" as Palestinians tells the world.
Read a Palestinian journalist on this issue:

1948 – 1967 – The West Bank and Gaza Strip were under Arab rule, but the Palestinians did not demand a state, but started terror against Israel.
1967 – After Israel was attacked again in 1967, Israel conquered the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and proposed "land for peace", but the proposal was rejected again and the terror increased.
In Oslo the Palestinians agreed to a 2 state solution and promised to change its charter in which they called for the destruction of the Jewish state. They never changed the charter and soon continued their terror activities.

After the Oslo agreement the Palestinian Authority was formed, only to reject 2 more peace proposals by Israel:
2000 – The Clinton – barak proposal, which included a solution to the settlements built after 1967. Israel agreed to destroy some of the settlements, to annex the rest and compensate for them with Israeli territory.
The proposal was rejected with no alternative suggested and the second intifada was started.

2008 – Abu Mazen did not even answer to Ehud Ulmert's proposal which he himself admitted before a Washington Post reporter, on May 2008, was even better than the 2000 proposal.The proposal included a more generous solution to the settlement issue.

In short, the settlement issue is not the real issue.
2 prime ministers from the right wing, Begin and Sharon destroyed settlements to advance the cause of peace.
Until 2010 the PA never said that a settlement freeze is a pre – condition to talks. The pre-condition became one after President Obama raised this issue and gave Netanyahu an ultimatum. I suspect Obama was given this advice by some American Jews connected with leftist Shalom Acshav in Israel.
Netanyahu accepted the pre- condition, agreed to a 9 month freeze of building settlements and even declared, under American pressure, he supported a 2 state solution.
But, Abu Mazen waited 8 months before he agreed to talk and than demanded 3 months more, which Netanyahu refused to accept.

A Palestinian journalist told the truth why Abu Mazen refuses to talk:

The truth is that the settlements are only a new axcuse. The real reason Abu Mazen refuses to talk is the refusal of the Palestinians to give up the "right of return."
The plan is to get a state on the West Bank from the U.N without an agreement with Israel and continue the campaign to deligimize Israel and demand the settling of the refugees in Israel, thus putting an end to the Jewish state.

Beinart ignores the incitement on the Palestinian media, school system and U.N organizations against Israel, and the statements given by PA officials
in Arabic in which they declare they will never give up the "right of return."


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