Ex - President J.Carter Does not Recognize Israel's Right as A National State / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak


Nabil Shaath, member of the PA negotiations stuff, declared on September 7, 2010 that "the Palestinians will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state," because of the Muslims and Christians who live in Israel and because of the Palestinian demand for the "Right of Return,", namely, their demand to settle the Palestinian refugees in Israel.

The Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak also said in an interview last week to the Israeli reporter Oded Granoth, that Arabs will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state because of the non- Jews who live in Israel.

In other words, these people believe that if there is a minority the state can't be considered a nation- state.

A. Is Carter willing to accept a change in the national character of the USA

Ex- President Carter supports their claim. The Jewish people cannot have a state of their own, because there is a minority of 20% Palestinians..

There are already more than 45,000,000 Hispanics in the USA out of a population of 310,000,000. The Hispanics are Catholic and are not white. According to the Pew Research Center, the Hispanics will become 25% of USA population by 2020 and 29% by 2050. The whites will be reduced to 47%.

Will Carter support the Hispanic claim in his own country to change the character of the USA into a Spanish oriented civilization? This is going to happen sooner or latter because of the Hispanic's continuous immigration to the USA and the high birth rate of Catholic Hispanics.

Prof. Samuel Huntington of Harvard University is very worried about this development and he had already published a book on this issue, in 2004, named: "Who are we? The Challenge to America's National Identity,"

B. What is a nation- state

A nation – state according to international criteria is a political, geographical, cultural and ethnic entity. The nation-state uses the state as a device to achieve national unity through the creation of a uniform national culture. A nation- state is a state whose population in united by a common origin, a common language and a common culture. It develops an educational system whose curriculum teaches future citizens the history, the language and the culture of the nation.

Most of the 192 states in the world are nation- states.

C. Is Israel entitled to be defined as a Jewish state?

The League of Nation recognized in 1920-1921 the right of Jews for a national home in Palestine. The 1947 UN resolution stated that Palestine will be divided into 2 states: a Jewish state and an Arab state.

Israel was established in 1948 as a national home for the Jewish people who had been forced to leave their homeland and became dispersed as a result of the policies of the Roman Empire who conquered their state in 63 BCE. The ancient language of the Jews, Hebrew, was revived, and basic laws describe the state as both Jewish and Democratic.

Unlike Christianity and Islam, who are universal religions, not attached to any specific nation, Judaism is a national religion. The Jewish nationality and the Jewish religion are closely connected. Yet, Judaism is a pluralist religion, although the Orthodox establishment refuses to recognize this development.

Israel introduced The "Law of Return" who defines Israel as the asylum of the Jewish people and every Jew receives citizenship immediately upon arrival.

According to Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, 75.4 % of the population is Jewish and 20.4% are Arabs. There are also small minorities of Armenians and Samaritans, and some non- Jewish spouses of Jews who immigrated to Israel. But, the number 20.4 Arabs is misleading. It includes more than 100,000 Druze who recognize Israel as a Jewish state and serves in its army. It includes also about 100,000 Bedouins, part of which serves in the Israeli army. It also includes 122,000 Christians, not all of them Arabs. And above all, the Israeli- Arab leadership is much more alienated to the Jewish state than at least part of the Israeli- Arab community.

In short, a considerable portion of the 20.4% do not support the Palestinian- Arab demand to put an end to the Jewish state.

D. Ethnic minorities in Nation – State countries

The presence of ethnic minorities is a deviation from the homogeneous nation- state. Yet, many of the so-called nation- states have ethnic minorities within their borders.

Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran are considered nation- states. Yet, each one of them has a minority of Kurds and other minorities:

Turkey – Less than 80% are Turks. The Kurds are 20% and there are some small minorities.
Iraq – only 75% are Arabs. 15% are Kurds and there some small minorities.
Iran – only 51% are Iranians, Kurds 7% and there are some smaller minorities.

The Kurdish Problem

The Kurds live as minorities in their own homeland, which was divided between several states, after First World War, thus depriving the Kurdish nation of its right for self- determination and a nation - state. They live in north- west of Iran, north- west of Iraq, south- east of Syria, south- east of Turkey and in Armenia.

The Kurds came to the region in the 2nd millennia BCE, and established a kingdom named Mithanni, in north-west Mesopotamia and north-east Syria, around the middle of the 2nd millennia BCE. They are known in the bible as Khurs, one of the ethnic groups in Canaan.

The Kurds arrived in the region about the same time the Hebrew tribes came from Ur, in south- east Mesopotamia. Lavan, Lea and Rachel's father was not an Aramaic, but a family relation to our patriarchs. The ancient cities of Harran and Nachor were discovered in that area, a fact that confirms the presence of the Hebrew ancestral tribes in the area. Archives containing documents describing laws and rituals similar to our ancestors were discovered in Mari and Nuzi, in the region.

The Kurdish Minority in Turkey

During First World War Turkey promised the Kurds a state in exchange of their participation in the war against the British army. Turkey lost the war. The Kurds consist 20% of Turkey's population. Unlike Iran, Turkey refused to let minorities preserve their language and culture, and made efforts to assimilate them by force. The Kurds are also discriminated economically and as a result they are underdeveloped. The Turkish government has also thwarted any attempt by the Kurds to organize politically. Members of the Kurdish political party were harassed, some of them were imprisoned and the party was banned. In 1991, under the pressure of Kurdish terror, Turkey allowed the Kurds to speak their language, but not in schools and in the Turkish parliament. In 2009, the Turkish government allowed, for the first time, to open a dept. to teach Kurdish at the university.

The Kurds have never accepted their situation and rebelled in 1925, and again in 1938/9 against the Turkish rule. Both rebellions were cruelly suppressed and thousands were killed. The Turkish army used poisonous gas in 1939.

The Kurds rebelled again in the 1984, for the third time, after they founded the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) back in the 1970's. They began a large- scale terror activity, which have caused the death of 37,000 people, mostly civilian Kurds.

The Turkish government crushed the revolt. From 1984 on the Turkish army was involved in a serious of cruel attacks against the Kurdish villages. Its air force bombed about 3,000 villages and killed more than 20, 000.

The rebellion came to an end after the capture of their leader Atchulan in 1999. Atchulan was brought to court and sentenced to death, but his
sentence was commuted to a life- sentence under western pressure. Turkey gave up because of her interest in joining the European Union.

After the fall of Sadam Hussein in Iraq, the PKK renewed its operation against Turkey from its base in the Kurdish Autonomy in Iraq. The USA, The European Union and NATO declared the PKK a terrorist organization, and Turkey renewed its operations against the PKK. Turkey complained before Israel, claiming that Israeli private companies support and train Kurdish PKK fighters.

No one, Carter, Mubark, Palestinian leaders and the UN have ever questioned the status of Turkey as a nation- state. No one demanded Turkey to turn into a multi-national state, and give the Kurds equal status, as a national- cultural group. Moreover, the international community has been turning a blind eye on the massacred of the Kurds by Turkey.

Only the nation- state of the Jews is declared as not entitled to the status of a nation- state, by Palestinians and Arab, and Ex-President Carter and some liberal intellectuals in Europe support this view. The leadership of Israeli Arabs (Palestinians) has published their plan how to replace the Jewish state with the so called "the state of all its citizens."
According to their idea of justice, the rights of 20% Palestinians are superior than the rights of about 80% of Jews.


The leadership of Israeli Arabs claims they are the indigenous people of the Holy Land and the Jews are European colonists who plundered their homeland. Since they are the true owners of this land it can't become a Jewish state. They claim, in the name of justice, that the just solution to this problem is to put an end to the Jewish state, cancel the "Law of Return" and settle the Palestinian refugees in former Israel, thus replacing the Jewish majority with a Palestinians.

This claim goes together with the claim to establish a Palestinian nation - state on the Western Bank and Gaza Strip.

In short, the Jews will have no nation - state and the Palestinians will have two, since the Jews of Israel will become a minority and Israel will become a Palestinian state.(since Palestinian are the majority in Jordan, they will have 3 states).

This is the claim for justice of Israeli Arabs. A new nation born in the 20th century has a right of self- determination, but an ancient nation, 3,000 years old is deprived of its right for self- determination, to clean the way for a third Palestinian national state on the ruins of the Jewish state.

This is the 3rd time a hostile power is planning to destroy the state of the Sons of Israel: the first time, the Assyrian and Babylonian empires destroyed the two states, Israel and Judea, between the end of the 7th century BCE, and the second time, the Roman empire destroyed the Hasmonean state of Judean the First century BCE.

Needless to say, that the assumption upon which this plan is based is baseless and stands in contrast to facts of history. It denies Jews their homeland upon false claims, and ignores 2 decisions of the League of Nations and the United Nations, upon which the Jewish state was established.

Kurds vs. Palestinians

Unlike Palestinians who are a new nation, defined itself upon the right of self- determination in the 20th century, the Kurds are an ancient nation. The Turks and the Arabs have invaded and conquered their homeland and established the states of Turkey, Syria and Iraq upon the Kurdish homeland, turning the Kurds into minorities in their own homeland.

A considerable portion of Israeli Arabs and Palestinians are immigrants or descendants of immigrants who immigrated to the Holy Land between the Second half of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century.
They are newcomers- not indigenous people.

Israel promised the Arab minority equal civil rights. Arabic is the second formal language after Hebrew. They have an educational system with an Arabic stuff, in which they teach in Arabic their history and culture. But, although they have equal rights as citizens they suffer from discrimination, which is the result of the on- going hostility by the Arabs states and the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Israeli Arabs are closely connected to Israel's enemies, by religion and nationality, and many of them identify with Israel's enemies. This situation greatly influences the relationship between Jews and Arabs in Israel.

To conclude, the refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state is part of the Arabic- Palestinian plan to put an end to the Jewish state, because Arabs consider the Middle East an Arabic region. Ethnic- Religious minorities in the region are discriminated and eliminated. For example, learn about the fate of Christians in the PA and Gaza, or the Copts in Egypt. This attitude towards the Jewish state is pure and simple, Anti – Semitism.

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