How did Israel stop being a free country/ update/ Adi Schwartz

On July 30th I published an investigation into a report made by Freedom House about the freedom of the press in Israel

In respose to this publicaion,Freedom House notified me that the report, sent to me by them on July 14th, was a draft report. They attached a new and revised report,which is someewhat shorter and has the following changes:
1.All references to self censorship by Israeli journalists were omitted.
2.The reference to media putlets, which during the Gaza conflift "fed popular sentiment and prioritized nationalistic themes" was omitted.
3. The story of RAM FM, "a pro-peace radio station" that was closed by the Israeli police,was omitted.
4. The reference to the Israeli government who "ignored the High Court ruling", was omitted.

In addition to these, many wordings were softened so as to be less aggressive towards the state of Israel.

Nevertheless, the score of Israel on Freedom House Index(31)and its definition "partially free", did not change

Complains help only partially

If most accusations were removed, why the score 31 was not changed?

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