How many Jews Were Killed/Murdered by Palestinians and Arabs, 1919 - 2009? DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

The world media and human rights organizations are preoccupied with counting how many Palestinians were killed/ murdered by Israelis.

Have any of these humanitarians ever counted the number of Israeli- Jews killed/ murdered by Palestinians?

How many Jews were killed/murdered by Palestinians?
1919 – 1920: 49 Jews were murdered in pogroms and some hundreds were wounded.
1929; 123 Jews were murdered in pogroms and about 350 were wounded.
1936- 1939: 400 Jews were murdered and hundreds were wounded.
1947 – 1949: 2,000 civilians were killed / murdered by Palestinians and 4,000 soldiers were killed during the war against 7 Arab armies that invaded Israel immediately after Israel was formally announced by Ben Gurion.
Palestinian terror in Israel, 1950- 1967:465 Jews were killed/murdered by Palestinian terrorists.
1967 – 1988: Palestinian terror in Israel and abroad: 144 Jews were killed/ murdered and many wounded.
First Intifada, 1988 – 1991: 84 Jews were murdered.
Second Intifada, 2001 – 2006: 1,000 Jews were murdered and 6,000 were wounded.
Since 2006:177 were murdered
The list does not include Jews murdered between those dates.
2001 – 2007: 5,676 Israeli civilians were wounded in terrorist attacks
4,442 civilians – not soldiers, were killed/ murdered by Palestinians.

How many Jews Were Killed in Wars against Israel initiated by Arab states:
1948/9: 4,000 soldiers were killed and hundreds were wounded
1956:171 soldiers were killed and hundreds were wounded
1967:779 soldiers were killed and 2,593 were wounded
1971-3: The fighting on Suez Canal: 721 soldiers were killed, 705 were wounded.
1973:2,222 soldiers were killed and 5,596 were wounded
The total sum: 7,893 soldiers (mostly reserves) were killed and thousands were wounded because Arabs, Palestinians included, were determined to destroy the Jewish state.

These numbers are not the official numbers. The official number is more than 22,000. I collected the data from history books and the internet In short, this is not the full list.
Also, these numbers do not include the Lebanese wars.

Arab states and all Palestinian organizations, including the PA deny the right of Jews for a state:

PA and Arab leaders declared during August – September 2010 they will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
All other Palestinian terrorist organizations are dedicated to destroy the Jewish state.
These statements are in contrary to the decisions of the League of Nations (1920/1) and the United Nations (1947), whose resolutions include recognition of the right of Jews for a Jewish state..
What are the world media and human rights organizations going to say about these statements?
Do the Jewish people deserve having a state of their own, an asylum against Anti- Semitism?
What about the right of self- determination for the Jewish People?
What about the historical connection of Jews to the Holy land?

The Real issue between Jews and Arabs and Palestinians is their refusal to have a Jewish state in a region considered Arabic. The real issue is not a Palestinian state besides Israel but on the ruins of the Jewish state.
The Palestinians had already rejected 6 opportunities to form a state besides Israel:
1937/7- proposal of the Peel Commission
1947 – UN resolution to form 2 states: a Jewish and an Arab state
1948 – 1967 – The West Bank and Gaza Strip were under Egypt and Jordan occupation.
1967- Prime Minister Levi Eshkol proposed "Land for Peace." The answer was the Hartum 3 Nos.
2000 – Camp David Summit. Arafat rejected the Clinton- Barak proposal because it did not include settling the refugees in Israel and because it included declaration of "end of conflict."
2009 – Abu Mazen did not gave any answer to Prime Minister Ehud Ulmert proposal that he himself defined as even more generous that the 2000 proposal.

Before 1967 there was no occupation and the Arabs and Palestinians admitted openly that their aim was the destruction of the Jewish state. After 1967 they only changed their tactics. They use occupation, which was the result of their attack on Israel, to demonize and de- legitimize the very right of Jews for a state.

And, they still declare they will never agree to a Jewish state.


To jcreiss
Please,send you name and more information about your project

Responding to Palestinian Rewriting History

I am Jeffrey Reiss, I live at 1703 S. Uinta Way, Denver, Colorado,80231. I attend Aish Denver shul, on the Board of the Mizel Arts and Culture Center and Denver Jewish Film Festival at the Denver JCC.

I want to trace genealogy/ancestry of Israeli Arabs and Palestinians prior to immigration to Palestine in late 19th century and early 20th century. My approach would be to have a close acquaintance of an Arab family, make an introduction for a documentary on immigrants, displaced persons and refugees during the end of the Ottoman Empire. I would ask for photographs of great-grandparents, rugs, clothing, pottery, baskets, traditions, foods from their great grandparents' former country or region. My purpose is to establish the parallel experience of the two peoples, identify how they lived compatibly until British Foreign Office actively chose to prevent Jewish immigration and promote Arab immigration, and instigate hostility towards the Jews with whom the Arabs had lived for several decades/generations.I would want to meet Israeli scholars familiar with the role of the British in violating the League of Nations Mandate and undermining the Balfour Declaration.

My ultimate objective is to challenge the prevailing European and liberal American view that European Jewish immigrants in the post 1948 era, displaced a previously settled "indigenous people". Pictures and images speak more powerfully than words, and I need reliable historical sources as well to create an accurate narrative for the documentary and for smaller YOUTube segments.

Email address: [email protected], 303-588-1778. My son Tory is attending HU in Jerusalem and I plan to visit him and study part time at Aish , as well as pursue this documentary project. Eventually I will integrate visuals and graphics to present the role of the British and the Grand Mufti Husaini in sabotaging the concept of a Jewish Homeland and an Arab homeland.

Do you speak English well enough for us to communicate via telephone or Skype? I am considering bringing a cameraman who speaks Hebrew and some Arabic. His wife is from Yemen and her family has numerous Arab friends so that would a good beginning. I also have a young man who is Jewish, from a Jewish mother and Christian Arab father. His Arab relatives are very warm and welcoming to him and he plans to take me to his village in the north. I will be in Israel, G-d Willing, for six to seven weeks in December until the end of January.

B'Shalom, Jeffrey (Chaim Ziskind) Reiss


I can help you in your research. I am Arabic Palestinian living in Chicago.
my email address is [email protected]

Respnond to Hi: Are you an historian?

How do you suggest to help?

I live in Israel. Send your name and address and information

As I already told you, I am interested. But, I need to know who are you and more information on your project

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