Islamic Terror- 22,691 People Were Killed By Muslims Since January 2010 / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

DR.Yohai Sela is an expert in Middle East studies.He has a web site called the Mideast Forum, in which he publishes his articles on Middle East Issues.

One of his projects deals with the question:How Many People were Killed every month by Muslims.

This project was initiated as a respond to the current accusations against Israel for killing innocent Palestinians. The project is a respond against the unjustified demonization of Israel as a murderer.

Here are the facts brought by DR.Yohai Sela:
The number of people killed every month by Muslims:
January - 2,166
February - 1,556
March - 2,536
April - 1,768
May - 2,254
June - 4,323
July - 3,582
September - 2,390

22,691 people were killed. The UN Human Rights Commission has never raised this problem in its meetings. No investigation committee was appointed by the HRC to investigate these killings.The people responsible for the brutal murdering of mostly innocent people were never accused or criticized.

But, Isrel has been currently mentioned in the HRC meeting, and during the last year Israel was the subject of 2 investigations by the HRC. After the Gaza war in December 2009 Israel was found guilty of killing about 1,300 Palestinians, most of them terrorists, and only recently it was accused of killing 9 HHI terrorists disguised as Human Rights activists.

The Proportion is 1,300 against 22,691.
The Proprtion is 9 against 22,691.
This is the justice you can get from the HRC.

No investigation took into serious consideration the circumstances under which Israel is acting.

The difference in attitude is the result of the fact that the 22,691 were killed by Muslims, and the 1,300 or 9 were killed by Jews.
And the Western world is silent.

UN Security Council should investigate terrorist states

Terror will survive as long as it gets finnacial and support from states like Saudi-Arabia, Iran, Syria and more.

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