Islamic Terror- How Many People Were Killed During May 2010 / DR.Yohai Sela

While the greater part of the world was lynching Israel in the media in light of Erdogan's ship of terror on May 31, 2010, none of the murderous terror events that took place during May 2010 managed to penetrate the numbness of the international media. While the greater part of the international media was concerned with denouncing Israel for its military operations against the terror activists of Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, hundreds of terror activities took place throughout the Islamic world during May 2010 that took the lives of 2,254 people - most of whom were innocent civilians that were murdered by radical Islamic governments or by Islamic terrorist organizations that are abundant in the Muslim domain. During April 2010, 1,768 people were killed; during March 2010, 2,536 were killed; during February 2010, 1,556 were killed; and during January 2010, 2,166 people were killed - all by Islamic terror and violence.

On May 28, more than 100 worshipers were murdered by Islamic terror activists in two mosques of the Achmedi followers in Pakistan. This murderous event did not receive any proper reference - neither in international media nor in the Israeli media. On the same day, Maoist terrorists butchered more than 100 people in India in a murderous terror attack on a passenger train. This murderous act did not manage to penetrate the numbness of the Israeli media as well. On June 7, 2010 an organization for human rights in Yemen published a report stating that the U.S. carried out a targeted killing in Yemen in early December 2009, during which 55 people were murdered, most of whom were innocent civilians. This was reported in this magazine - The Mideast Forum - several times in the past few months. However, only on June 2010 some organizations bothered mentioning this in their monthly reports.

On May 24, 2010 it was reported that Turkey's security authorities imprisoned 340 Kurdish children for their participation in anti-Turkish demonstrations. The young children were sentenced to 5 years imprisonment according to the penalty specified in the Turkish law referring to anti-Turkish demonstrations. During May 2010, 73 people were killed in armed confrontations between the Turkish army and the Kurdish resistance, which is active in Turkey and in northern Iraq. Since 1985, between 40,000 and 60,000 Kurdish people were killed in Turkey in armed confrontations during the course of their struggle for national recognition. Turkey and Syria are both conducting a systematic expedition of oppression, killing and deportation of the Kurdish minority within their boundaries. None of these events manage to penetrate the numbness of the international media. In recent years, many agencies of extreme Islamic organizations that preach violence, murder and terror in the name of Islam can be found in Turkey. Under the sponsorship of Prime Minister Erdogan, Turkey has become a pilgrimage center for radical Islamic activists that operate in comfortable surroundings under sponsorship of the authorities. Erdogan is soon to discover that the incitement expedition against Israel, under his sponsorship, may cost him dearly in both the domestic arena and the international arena.

During May 2010, 420 people were killed in Darfur, according to the daily follow-up of this magazine - The Mideast Forum. On June 7, 2010 peace observers in Sudan reported the killing of approximately 600 people, although only 491 of these murders were confirmed. In this case as well, nothing is able to penetrate the numbness of the international media. Remember this: on September 2009, a high ranking German officer in Afghanistan ordered the bombing of a civilian convoy, claiming that they are Taliban terrorist activists. At least 140 innocent civilians were killed in this bombing. No media agent in the world embarked on a media lynch against Germany, its soldiers or its politicians.

Islamic Terror and Violence - May 2010


(minimal estimate)

(including NATO soldiers)






Turkey - Kurds:


Kashmir - India:

The Federation of Russian States:

Iran - Kurds:

Turkey - Israel:



3 Terrorists
The Gaza Strip - Israel:


NATO soldiers:

American assassination attacks in Pakistan:

4,700 (minimal estimate of injured)
2,255 Casualties
May 2010 Total:

Islamic Terror in Pakistan

During May 2010, 764 people were killed in Pakistan (according to minimal estimation). This number includes civilians, soldiers and terrorist activists that were killed during armed confrontations and in events related to mutual Islamic violence, such as the murderous terrorist act against the Achmedi followers.

Just like previous times in Pakistan, on May 2010 there were also a few demonstrations against the U.S. policy of targeted killings that, a policy that causes much outrage within the Pakistani public. In light of the criticism towards the U.S. and President Obama, it was decided to cut back on assassination attacks operations. However, 87 people were killed on May 2010 as well - most of whom were innocent civilians. Due to severe U.S. pressure on the Pakistani army, the Pakistani government has increased its military activity in areas controlled by terrorist activists of the Pakistani Taliban organization. This pressure caused a chain of mistaken identifications which lead to the killing of many innocent Pakistani civilians. The extensive Pakistani army activity is not helping to increase the popularity of the Pakistani government, which is perceived as pro-American, that in contradiction to the public's covert feelings. There are 11,000 Islamic schools (Madrasse) in Pakistan, attended by approximately half a million pupils - these form the main recruitment base of new activists for radical Islamic organizations that operate mainly in the Islamic scope of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The main terrorist organizations that are active in Pakistan are: Al-Qaeda, Pakistani Taliban Movement, Jaish-e-Mohammad (Mohammad's army), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Haqqani Network, which planned the assassination of the CIA agents in Afghanistan on December 31, 2009. Haqqani Network terror activists are well rooted in the Afghani population as well.

The Details in the Islamic Terror and Violence Table

The details in the Islamic terror and violence table were gathered by this magazine - The Mideast Forum - by means of daily follow-ups on governmental statements and news items that were published by many international sources during the period discussed - from May 1, 2010 to May 31, 2010. The numbers of casualties and injured presented in the table include civilians, soldiers and terrorist activists according to the minimal estimate. Most of the casualties are Muslims that were murdered by Muslims that are members of radical Islamic movements and Islamic terrorist organizations.


By: Dr. Yohai Sela, "Islamic Terror - How Many People Were Killed During May 2010", The Mideast Forum, 16. June 2010.

Israel is the victim of Double Standards

Israel became the scapegoat of the Western world and is a victim of double standards.

Time and again, the Israeli Journalist Ben Dror Yemini uncovers in his articles the hypocrisy and the double standards of the Western World towards Israel:

The number of casualties allover the world during May 2010 according to the research of DR. Yohai Sela, Bar Ilan University:
73 Kurds were killed by Turkey
764 were massacred in Pakistan
86 family members of the Al Kaida terrorist Mustapha Al Yazid were killed by the USA army
50 were massacred in Casmir
20 people were killed by Russia
12 terrorists, members of the Hamas and IHH were killed by Israel

The Killing of Kurds in Turkey has been going on since 1984 uninterrupted by human rights organizations, the U.N Security Council, U.N Human Rights Council, or the western media.

Nobody in the whole world is concerned about all the other killing except when Israel is involved. Then, everyone, the media, the Security Council, the U.N HRC, and Human rights organizations, attack Israel and demand an international investigation.

Unlike all the other killings, Israeli soldiers were the victims of an organized attack upon them by members of the IHH, an Islamic terrorist organization, and the killing of the terrorists was an act of defense. Furthermore, there is reason to ask what was the role of the Turkish Prime Minister in the flotilla affair. But, nobody even considers investigating the role of the IHH and Turkey in the assault on Israeli soldiers who informed the ship captain of the Marmara in advance that their mission is to bring the ship, peacefully to the Ashdod port

According to Irit Kohn, an expert on International Law, the maritime blockade is a legitimate act under international law. Ms. kohn was Director of the International Affairs Dept. of the Israel Ministry of Justice from 1989 to 2005.

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