Is Israel the Goliath of the Middle East / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Part One

Aluf Benn, an Israeli journalist, explained how Israel's demonization and de- legitimation is being done by using the biblical story of David and Goliath.

In the past, wrote Benn, Israel was David and the Arabs were Goliath. Today, the Palestinians are described as David, "a small and brave nation fighting for its liberty with primitive bombs" against Israeli Goliath "equipped with F-16s and nuclear weapons."

Public opinion in the west instinctively supports David, Benn writes. The foreign media is not interested in learning about Israel, but only about the, so called, "modern David and Goliath story."

Israel is not Goliath but poor Samson or How Israel's image turned from David to Goliath

A. the Arabs never, recognized the Jews' Right for Self determination or their Historic Connection to Palestine. They openly declared in 1948 that they were going "to throw the Jews into the sea."

Israel was established as a result of 2 international decisions: The League of Nations resolution after First World War recognizing Palestine as "the national home of the Jews," in 1920/21 and the United Nations 1947 resolution to divide Palestine into 2 states: a Jewish and an Arabic state.

The Arab residents of Palestine and the Arab and Muslim world never accepted these resolutions and have been trying ever since to put an end to the Jewish state.

The efforts to eliminate Israel went through 3 stages:

Stage One – Efforts to eliminate Israel by military invasion. Israel was attacked several times by Arab states with the support of the Palestinians in attempts to destroy Israel between 1947/8 - 1967.
They failed. It cost Israel about 15,000 dead and thousands of invalids.

Stage Two – Forming a "Palestinian movement to liberate Palestine," and latter the "Palestinian National Movement", the PLO, in effort to eliminate Israel by Terror.
Palestinians could have a state in 1947/8:
If the Palestinians wished to have a state of their own, they could
get it:
In 1936/7 by accepting the Peel Commission proposal
In 1947/8 by accepting the UN 1947 resolution.
Between 1948 –1967, during the Arab occupation of the Western Bank and Gaza Strip from 1948 to 1967.
Why they did not revolt against the Arab occupation?
In 1967 - after the 6 Days War. Israel was attacked by Arab states in an effort to eliminate the Jewish state. Israel's Prime Minister Levi Eskol proposed, after the war, "Land for Peace," but his proposal was rejected.

Instead, the Palestinian PLO declared war against Israel and started actions of terror to terrorize its citizens to leave the country and thus put an end to the Jewish state.
They failed but the number of Israeli dead grew to 22,000
and to thousands of invalids.

Stage Three –after failing to eliminate Israel by military invasion and terror the Arabs and Palestinians came to 2 conclusions:
First, they cannot eliminate Israel by force.
Second, the world would not accept another holocaust of Jews.

Then they decided to change their strategy:
First, to declare they were against terror.
Second, to declare the issue was not to eliminate Israel but to put an end to Israeli occupation of the Western Bank and Gaza Strip.
Third, they declared they were willing to recognize Israel if Israel ends occupation.These delarations resulted in the Oslo Agreement.

The Arabs and the Palestinians started a campaign to demonize and de- legitimize Israel because of the occupation and for killing innocent Palestinian civilians. Israel was accused of war crimes.
The Arabs and the Palestinians became champions of human rights as far as it concerned Israel, not their own societies.
The Arab – Palestinian propaganda began to fabricate lies about Israel actions such as the story of Muhamad Al- Dura, the Jenin massacred and more.
The right of Israel to exist was rejected upon these accusations.

The western media "bought" the new strategy and joined the offensive against Israel, and Human Rights organizations and the UN Human Rights Commission, whose members are states in which there are no human rights, joined the attack against Israel.

Israel became Goliath and the Palestinians became poor David.

Part Two

The Arab – Palestine Coalition is Goliath: Israel is Poor Samson

The Arab- Palestinian coalition changed its strategy – not its goal to eliminate the Jewish state, but the West is blinded by the "politically correct" Arab- Palestinian public statements.

To be continued.

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