Israel the World Media Didn't Tell You About/ Dafna O'neill

Did You Know?

The official emblem of the modern State of Israel is the Menorah, a 7-branched candelabra designed after the shape of the Sage bush. The Menorah was copied from the one taken from the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 70AD by the Romans and shown on Titus' Arch of Victory in Rome.

Help of all kinds to countries:

Israel donated 2 tons of medical equipment to assist victims of 2007 earth quake in Peru.
Israel sent entire field hospitals, including staff and equipment to help treat injured civilians when earthquakes struck West India and Turkey

Agricultural help to Third World countries:

Since the late 1950's, Israel has been sharing its know-how on desert agriculture with countries in Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
Agricultural projects and research collaboration constitute about 50% of Israel's international cooperation programs. Some 1,400 participants from over 80 countries attend specialized courses in Israel every year, and thousands of trainees receive on-the-spot training in their own countries.
Israel is home to thousands of refugees from Sudan who had fled the genocide in Darfour.

Medical Help of all kinds to sick Palestinians and Arabs:

The Hadassah hospital world-renowned Burns Center in Jerusalem has been treating Iraqi children for severe burns suffered during the last war in Iraq.
On any given day, Israeli hospitals treat on average 20 – 25 Palestinian patients from Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, for conditions ranging from childbirth to cancer.

Israeli economy:

Desert agriculture plays an indispensable role in Israel's economy. Israel grows more than 40% of its vegetable and field crops in the desert, plus fish, cattle, and orchards.
Israel has for several years held the world record for milk production=10,200 kilograms of 3.3% butterfat milk per cow.
In 2008 Israel produced 7 times its agricultural output of 25 years ago, using the same amount of water, using an Israeli watering patent.
More than 85% of solid waste in Israel is treated in an environmentally sound manner.
Research and Development investment in Israel as a percentage of GNP is the highest in the world. Information and Communication technologies lead the domestic growth in Israel in the last decade, and comprise 24% of Israel's exports.
According to the Guinness Book of Records, Israel has the highest number of solar-powered water heaters per capita.

Israeli Science:

Israeli engineers developed the world's first cell phone at Motorola's lab in Haifa, its largest research center in the world.
Voicemail, SMS, and other cellular phone services were pioneered by Israeli companies (Amdocs, Comverse, Nice Systems).
Israeli Scientists developed the first fully computerized, radiation- free diagnose scanning device for breast cancer.
Israel's Given Imaging developed a camera so small it fits inside a pill, which you can swallow. The camera helps doctors diagnose digestive tract diseases.

Israeli Culture:

Israel has the world's second highest output of new book titles per person.
Eight of the books comprising the Jewish Bible were composed in JERUSALEM, the Capital of the Jewish people, nearly 3000 years ago, including King Solomon's books, the Song of Solomon, the Book of Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.
There are 36 Music conservatories in Israel, with 13,000 students and 1600 teachers, 30 other Music institutes, and 100 orchestras, in addition to choruses, chamber ensembles, and the Opera House in Tel Aviv.
Israel is the most intensely excavated area in the world today, with some 6000 archaeological excavations and surveys carried out in its area in the last 150 years.

And these are only a small fraction of what the world media does not tell you about Israel

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