Israeli Academicians in the Service of Arab Terrorism / DR.Yohai Sela

A small strange group of Israeli academicians is intentionally harming all academic institutions and researchers' public status in Israel. Thanks to them, the word professor gained a negative connotation within the Israeli public – this process started at the beginning of the 1980's. This same small group, defined as Post-Zionist is mostly centered in the fields of Social Studies and the Humanities, where dubious theories can be dealt with at the expense of solid historical facts which have favored the country of Israel and Israeli society ever since the first Israelis left the boundaries of Jerusalem's walls in 1860 to resettle the land of Israel.
The concepts the Land of Israel, Israel's Torah and Bnei Israel are fixed concepts that are determined and define precisely Israeli culture, religion, nationality and geographical location. If changes in these concepts did take place, it was expressed only marginally and not in the essence. This is genius, simply genius. Even the concept Zionism started to develop as a phrase 2,500 years ago, after the destruction of the First Temple, following the Return to Zion and the restored revival of the Land of Israel with the building of the Second Temple. These Israelis are stubborn – very stubborn.
And still the historical facts are very disturbing for this charlatan group that finds refuge within Israeli academia. If so, what can still be done to defy the legitimacy of the Israeli State? Some of them have the tendency to cling to insignificant matters that are related to Israel's actions in name of ethics, humanity, justice, freedom of speech and academic liberty – but only one-sidedly and with slanted intent. This same charlatan group has covered itself with a worldwide ethical pose, as long as the issue serves their anti-Israeli approach and their anti-Zionist approach. Not only that. They also ask the state to finance their radical activity within the academic walls at the expense of the Israeli taxpayer. Do you now understand the main idea? It would be a good thing if the heads of the universities in Israel would re-deliberate employment before they present the state with a list of claims regarding research budget cutbacks and department closures.
During the past decade (especially since the suicidal terrorist attacks on Israelis in 2000), the extremist Israeli left has dismantled into small and insignificant fragments. Here and there, there are still those who try to hide, possibly out of political and ideological blindness. They intend to keep and serve the fascist national Arab movement with its varied shades – either using a secular facade or using a radical religious facade with a stated ideology of genocide. There is no wonder then that advocates of the homicidal Arab nationality in the Israeli academia objected to attorney colonel Pnina Sharvit-Baruch's nomination as an international law professor at Tel-Aviv University. The opposition's main allegation is that Sharvit-Baruch has practiced legal legitimization of Israel's military operations in our last battle in Gaza against the Hamas terroristic movement. However, we should all thank her. Because of Sharvit-Baruch's initial pursuit during the last war, both she and many others saved the lives of hundreds of Israelis – civilians and soldiers alike.

Furthermore, it is very likely that both she and others saved the lives of additional thousands of Gaza residents, living under the cruel military regime of the Hamas movement in Gaza.
In the light of this event, the knights of hypocrisy of the Israeli academia, who are preaching hatred of Israel basing their claims on odd and varied allegations, have exposed their true nature again; one that is blunt, violent and anti-democratic, which is meant to serve the racial intentions of the homicidal Arab nationality. For all those who rose against Sharvit-Baruch, here are some moralistic challenges also regarding crimes of war that are taking place daily around the world, assuming that they are too scared to deal with the Hamas movement's war crimes throughout the past few years against Israeli civilians. Those who follow the principle of universal justice, who find shelter within the Israeli academia, have the right to press numerous charges for crimes of war that take place around the world, but their personal cowardice must overcome their anti-Israeli inclination. Thus, for example, Tony Blair who frequently visits Israel, can be charged with crimes of war which allegedly took place following the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. So let's see you great heroes. Claiming that Israel's image is more important to you than other's deeds is at most a self righteous hypocrisy deriving from a pronounced anti-Israeli approach.

Moreover, during the past few months formal representatives from Turkey and Spain visited in Israel. Both Turkey and Spain have an overflowing can of worms. Turkey: regarding the violent and homicidal oppression of Kurdish minority, the Armenian holocaust and Turkey's responsibility for it, and the question of Turkish occupation on northern Cyprus. Spain: regarding the stubborn struggle for self-determination of the Basque Region's residents, regarding the stationing of Spanish soldiers on Afghan land, and in light of Spanish soldiers actions during NATO war in Serbia on 1999. None of these important matters occupies the knights of judicial hypocrisy in Israel. None of them bothered to file any fraction of a complaint. The academic charlatanism is only occupied when hatred and sedition can be used against the Israeli state and its loyal civilians - those who fight Arab terrorism throughout the Mediterranean region.

The Hypocrisy of Haaretz Newspaper

On January 29th 2009, Haaretz published a shameful editorial entitled An Unworthy Nomination, regarding Attorney Sharvit-Baruch. Amongst the claims presented by Haaretz, it claimed that Tel-Aviv's Law Faculty is "the spearhead of judicial academic research in Israel". On the contrary, if this is Haaretz's "knowledge" regarding Tel-Aviv University's Law Faculty, this newspaper should pose its influence as a media in order to prosecute Hamas leaders for crimes of war – before it unreasonably slanders in this unsigned shameful editorial. As of late, Haaretz has abstained from using its slogan "a newspaper for thinking people". Now we know why. Haaretz has "bravely" and timely joined the witch hunt - directed by those who deny Israel's right to exist as a sovereign country, free and Jewish.

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