Jewish - Muslim Interaction in Canada / Interview with David Goldberg , Part Two

Part Two


Regarding terrorism Goldberg remarks: "One Muslim terrorist group ostensibly affiliated with Al-Qaeda, the so-called Toronto 18, was broken up by Canadian security forces in 2006.[61] Some of its members were devout Muslims and had been traced back to a mosque and a radical imam in suburban Toronto.[62] Their target was primarily Canadian government institutions. There is no indication that they also intended to harm Jewish community institutions. However, since this occurred, there has been a heightened awareness of security in all Jewish institutions in Canada.

"The possibility of terrorist attacks has caused major added expenses to the Jewish community. In May 2009, Canada's minister of public safety announced that a program that provides funds for security enhancements to communities at greater risk of being hate-crime victims would be extended for a third year to Jewish institutions. Rabbi Reuven Bulka, the then copresident of the Canadian Jewish Congress applauded the government for taking this proactive measure: ‘Thankfully we live in a country that understands that hate is incompatible with Canadian values and undermines the very essence of our society.... As we know from experience, underneath the violence and physical damage of hate crimes, there is a deeper psychological damage to the victimized community who feel isolated, vulnerable and unwelcome.'[63]

"There are a number of private Muslim schools in Canada. At the Abraar Islamic School in Ottawa, two teachers were suspended when they were discovered condoning terrorism against Israelis and promoting hatred of Jews in the classroom.[64] Daniel Pipes writes that such schools are a ‘Canadian emulation of the extremist Deobandi madrassas of Pakistan' in that they promote a radical Islamic outlook and ‘are rife with inaccuracies, sweeping condemnations of Jews and Christians, and triumphalist declarations of Islam's supremacy.'[65]

"Government officials explain that because Islamic schools are privately funded, there is no way for them to formally monitor their curricula. Indeed, it is out of concern about outside interference in their curricula that more radical Islamic schools have consistently opposed campaigns to pressure the Ontario government to end faith-based discriminatory school funding. For their part, Jewish self-defense organizations continue to work closely with the appropriate government agencies to ensure that the values being taught in Muslim schools are consistent with Canadian democratic values including gender equality."

School Funding and Civil Rights
"One of the issues where there has been some convergence of interests and activities between Canada's Muslim and Jewish communities is that of public funding for faith-based schools. In Ontario, strangely, there is government funding for both the public school system and the separate Catholic school system, but not for other religious schools.[66]

"The Muslim and Jewish communities have parallel institutions that have worked together to try and persuade the Ontario government to end this discrimination. The Muslim community has learned from the Jewish community how to contest such issues but, in this case, both have been unsuccessful so far.

"Also, as far as civil rights and self-defense are concerned, the Arab and Muslim communities have modeled themselves on organizations such as the Canadian Jewish Congress and the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada. They are articulating positions that are very similar to those the Jewish community espoused two generations ago. At that time the Jews were very proimmigration and in favor of antiracism education. This is still the case today and for the most part Arab and Muslim communities hold similar positions, as they want government services for new Muslim immigrants to continue."

Antisemitism and Islamophobia
"The shared interest of Canada's Muslim and Jewish communities in favor of civil rights collides with the new antiterrorism legislation introduced by Canada after the September 11 attack. Leaders of Canada's Muslim and Arab community claim this legislation promotes Islamophobia.[67] On this subject the Muslim and Jewish communities diverge, though some prominent Jewish Canadians think specific provisions of the legislation may intrude too deeply into individual rights in the name of national security and call for a careful balancing of the two essential values.[68]

"The current Canadian government has taken a very strong position against international antisemitism. Prime Minister Harper has condemned antisemitism as

a pernicious evil that must be exposed, that must be confronted, that must be repudiated, whenever and wherever it appears. Fueled by lies and paranoia we have learned from history it is an evil so profound... that it is ultimately a threat to us all.... Canada will remain an unyielding defender of Jewish religious freedom, a forceful opponent of anti-Semitism in all of its forms....[69]
"Canada is a participant in the Inter-Parliamentary Commission for Combating Antisemitism, and is now one of the twenty-seven members of the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research (ITF).[70] There is currently an interparty parliamentary committee investigating the issue of antisemitism in the country.[71]

"Canada's Muslim community is seemingly torn on the issue of antisemitism. Some of their leaders understand that it is now politically incorrect to attack Jews directly, but through their words and actions they perpetuate the new form of anti-Jewish hatred that treats the state of Israel as the ‘new Jew.'[72] In reporting on an 11 percent increase in recorded antisemitic incidents in Canada in 2008 and 2009, B'nai Brith Canada called for greater attention to the antisemitic rhetoric in Muslim Canadian circles:

We question why many incidents pass without wider condemnation, for example, the blood libel by an Islamic community newspaper which was also circulated in Canadian mosques, accusing Jews as well as Israelis of mass organ trafficking. Or the language used to verbally attack Jews as vermin or sewer rats or dogs. Or the most vicious calumnies against Jews, such as the claim that they created the swine flu as a way to control the world, disseminated via new social networking technologies.[73]
"Liberal-minded groups such as the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) have recently argued that the Muslim community leadership must modify their attitude toward the Jews. The MCC's founder and former president Tarek Fatah has published a book, The Jew Is Not My Enemy,[74] in which he systematically debunks the anti-Jewish writings of the Hadith literature dating back to the seventh century, repudiates the Arab-supremacist doctrines that add fuel to the fire, and reinterprets supposedly anti-Jewish passages in the Koran. Fatah has received death threats from radical Muslims for his efforts,[75] but has continued to maintain that tempering the Muslim attitude toward Jews is necessary for facilitating a broader evolution and adaptation of the Muslim community to Canadian cultural values.

"Other analysts within and outside the Canadian Muslim community have similarly argued that the community's leadership must adapt to Canadian values.[76] Failure to do so, they maintain, will mean the Muslim community will largely be excluded from much of the political dialogue in Canada, even if it continues to grow exponentially thanks to Canada's immigration trends. The Jewish community, on the other hand, despite its limited size, is included automatically in the political dialogue because of its leadership's demonstrated capacity to adapt to evolving economic, social, cultural, and political circumstances - most specifically, their ability to embrace and internalize Canada's multicultural system and the fundamental democratic norms that underlie it.[77] This remains the essential factor that distinguishes the Jewish community from the Muslim community in Canada."

Interview by Manfred Gerstenfeld

* * *


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* * *

David Goldberg is a Toronto-based independent policy analyst. He has had a long career in Jewish studies and in Jewish communal work. He was the national executive director of Canadian Professors for Peace in the Middle East (1988-1991) and the director of research and education of the Canada-Israel Committee (1991-2007). His publications -The Domestic Battleground: Canada and the Arab-Israeli Conflict (1989, with David Taras) and Foreign Policy and Ethnic Interest Groups: American and Canadian Jews Lobby for Israel (1990) - were among the first to apply a scholarly perspective to the domestic political dimension of Canada's Middle East foreign policy decision-making process. His recent publications include "Israel as a Source of Identification for Canadian Jewry" (2007), Historical Dictionary of Israel, 2nd ed. (with Bernard Reich, 2008), "Religion and State in the State of Israel" (with B. Reich, 2009), a chapter on Israel (with B. Reich) for Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa, 6th ed. (forthcoming, August 2010), and an entry on Israel for Encyclopedia of Bioterrorism Defense, 2nd ed. (forthcoming).

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