Kenneth Roth, UK Guardian:"Gaza: the Stain Remains on Israel's Record," /DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Kenneth Roth is executive director of the Human Rights Watch organization. He published his respond to Richard Goldstone's article on the UK Guardian.

Mr. Roth does not think Judge Goldstone's statement that "Israel did not intentionally target civilians," makes a difference.

According to Mr. Roth this statement has no relevance to the "deliberate destruction of civilian buildings and infrastructure," by Israel.

The Goldstone Report is based on lies told its members by Hamas people disguised as innocent civilians and human rights organizations who are political organizations disguised as human rights organization.

Israel did not target civilian homes in order to kill civilians. Judge Goldstone admitted that this was not the case. This means that there was no deliberate destruction of civilian buildings.

Israel declared in advance that Hamas was using private homes to store ammunition and weapons, and used private homes by his fighters, as a policy. This was contrary to international law. Using private homes for military actions turn them into legal military targets.

The same goes for infrastructure facilities. They were used for storing weapons and ammunition and as military bases from where Israeli civilians and soldiers were targeted.

Mr. Roth not only ignores Goldstone statement. Mr. Roth also ignores the thousands of phone calls Israel made to private homes, and the hundreds of thousands of leaflets Israeli helicopters threw to warn civilians in advance from staying in homes or public places used by the Hamas for military purposes.

The Hamas not only used homes and public building as military facilities. The Hamas also forced civilians to stay in the war zone in hope they will be hurt, in order to blame Israel for killing civilians.

Israel did not target public building intentionally. The Hamas stored ammunition and war weapons in mosques, school buildings and even hospitals. The Hamas used these public buildings to shoot rockets to kill Israeli civilians and his fighters used to shoot from those building although civilians took refuge there during the war. Hamas used ambulances for its military operations.

Soldiers are human being and human being make mistakes when they are under pressure. Israeli soldiers are human being. The 2 incidents mentioned by Mr. Roth were tragic human mistakes – not deliberate killing of civilians.

But, it seems that what is legal according to international law and justified when British or American soldiers are concerned is not legal and unjustified when Israeli soldiers are concerned.

The British army destroyed whole German cities and German infrastructure during Second World War. The result was a huge numbers of civilians killed.

Moreover, The British and American armies killed more civilians than Israel, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Did Mr. Roth demand a UN investigation commission to investigate British and American war crimes?

Mr. Roth is so sensitive to Palestinian lives. Is he as sensitive to Israeli lives? Are 6,000 rockets shot at Israeli civilians for 8 years not enough to justify Israel's decision to start the "Cast Operation"?

Did Mr.Roth write an article telling western people in detail the war crimes committed by the Hamas during "Cast Operation" and before?

In short, Mr. Roth and his HRW have a selective policy. War crimes and crimes against humanity are not decided upon universal norms, but according the political agenda of the HRW.

Is Israel the ultimate villain? This villain has suggested Palestinians 6 times proposals to create a Palestinian state besides Israel and was turned down;
1936/7- the Peel Commission proposal
1947 – the UN resolution
1948 – 1967: Palestinians were under Arab occupation but did not demand a state
1967 – after the 6 days war, initiated to eliminate the Jewish state, Israel suggested "land for peace"
2000 – the Clinton – Barak proposal
2008/9 – Ulmert's proposal.

In short, the Palestinians are responsible for the continuation of Israeli occupation because they refuse to make peace with the Jewish state and put an end to the conflict. They prefer to get a state from the UN, thus avoiding ending the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. Their dream is to eliminate the Jewish state.

The settlements issue is not the problem. It is an excuse not to speak with Israel. Israel destroyed all its settlements in Sinai to make peace with Egypt and all its settlements on Gaza Strip in hope to stop terror from Gaza. The Clinton – barak and Ulmert proposals included a fair solution of the settlement issue.

Mr. Roth, Israel is not a saint,but Israel is not the villain. I wonder what blinds your vision.

Judge Goldstone did not retract. Israel is accused.

After refusing to demand a reconsideration of the report from the UNHRC we have to admit that the Judge did not really retracted.

Goldstone's article was written to tell Israel the report could be different if Israel cooperated.

This,of course is not true. 3 members of the commission said before beeing nominated that Israel was guilty of war crimes.

And last but not least: the investigation mandate was to investigate Israel's war crimes.

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