A Letter to the Guardian/ DR. Denis MacEoin

Note to a friend:
>> Goldstone has
> brought me out in boils. Me and everybody
> else. So I’ve just sent this little missive to The
> Guardian. Hey Ho.

>>The Letter:

> Dear Sir,
> What exactly have the Jews done to deserve the treatment
> now handed out to
> them? I’m not a Jew, but I wonder about this all the
> time. It nags at me.
> Two thousand years of repeated persecution in the Muslim
> and Christian worlds,
> but apparently they only have themselves to blame. Finally,
> they are given
> permission to build a nation in which to protect
> themselves, but before they
> can do so, six million are wiped out in the most hideous
> crime in history; but
> that didn’t happen, it was just a trick to get
> reparations from
> Germany , a land
> of innocents, wasn’t it? Then the
> United Nations voted for
> a state of Israel ,
> and five Arab armies, calling their war jihad and their
> motives pure, tried to
> wipe them out again; that, of course, was the fault of the
> Jews and is called
> the Nakba, a self-made disaster for the Arabs of the
> region. In 2005,
> Israel leaves the
> Gaza strip; in return there are cries of a
> phantom ‘occupation’ and thousands of rockets
> land, mainly in
> Sderot. After years of this, the Israelis decide on some
> pro-active
> self-defence and launch an attack on Gaza
> that leaves many dead. Mostly, they kill Hamas fighters.
> Now, according to this
> week’s UN report, the Israelis (read, the Jews) are
> to blame for that as
> well. They are the aggressors, their vigorous efforts to
> warn citizens,
> Hamas’s equally vigorous efforts to use their
> civilians as human shields
> are all ignored. The real truth, that the Palestinians
> prefer to see their
> children die than to make peace and that the world still
> thinks the Jews are to
> blame for everything and that we’re wallowing in our
> own self-righteous
> support for terrorists while we rebuild the structures of
> anti-Semitism some of
> us thought we’d left behind, all that is left unsaid.
> The world moves on
> to whatever destiny it thinks it may still have, and a
> small country of no
> little genius and humanity goes to the wall. A truly
> independent report is
> called for, but don’t hold your breath.
> Dr. Denis MacEoin is the editor of the Middle East Quarterly


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