Most Palestinians Live Under Palestinian Governments / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Most Palestinians live under Hamas government in Gaza and under the Palestinian Authority government – not under Israeli occupation – on the Western Bank.

The Oslo Agreement in 1993 between Israel and the PLO changed the situation in Gaza and the Western Bank.

Even the B'tselem organization who is a Pro- Palestinian organization, admits that the vast majority of the Palestinian population lives since 1993 in areas under direct Palestinian control .

The PA has full civil control of the Palestinian towns, the rural area between the towns and about 26% of the rest of the rural area.

The Gaza Strip is under full control, civil and military of the Hamas who took the control of the area from the PA – not from Israel who left the Gaza Strip in 2006.

Israel has full control on the settlements' area, the Jordan Valley which is the border between Jordan and the Western Bank, and the Judean Desert.

The settlemens, the fence between Israel and the Western Bank, and the military camps consist a small part of the Western Bank, and Israel agreed in 2000 and in 2008/9 to compensate the PA for this territory with Israeli territory.

The Palestinian population under the PA and Hamas control is subjected, according to Human Rights organizations, to human rights abuses such as arbitrary arrests, detentions and torture.

But, the international media and human organizations concentrate on human rights abuses of Israel against Palestinians. Jonathan D.Halevi has been investigating the human organizations' reports against Israel and found out that many of the accusations were baseless.

This does not mean that Israel was entirely kleen – but it means that her role in human rights abuses has been greatly exaggerated because of a political agenda to demonize and de- legitimize Israel.

The goal of the anti- Israel policy is to put an end to the Jewish state.

The Palestinians could have a state long ago if they were willing to have a state besides Israel. They rejected a Palestinian state 6 times because it meant to live besides Israel:
1936/7 – the Peel commission proposal of a 2 state solution.
1947 – the UN resolution of 2 states.
1948 – 1967 – Palestinians in Gaza Strip and the Western Bank were under Arab occupation.
1967 – after Israel was attacked by Egypt, Syria and Jordan and conquered the Gaza Strip and the Western Bank, Israel proposed :"land for peace," but the proposal was rejected and the terror against Israeli civilians went on.
2000 – the Clinton – Barak proposal was rejected by Arafat.
2008/9 – the Ulmart proposal got no answer from Abu Mazen.

Now – the PA "found the way ' to avoid an agreement with Israel by getting a state from the UN. Thus the conflict will go on.

The Palestinians demand that the refugees will be settled in Israel – not in the Palestinian state. Thus, the Jews of Israel WILL BECOME A MINORITY AND THE END OF THE JEWISH STATE WILL BE ACHIEVED BY A DEMOCRATIVE VOTE..

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