My Turkish New Neighbor / DR.Yuval Brandstetter

The social unrest fomented within the middle-class in Israel has put other burning issues on the back burner. Unfortunately, the underlying basis for the socio-economic unrest is still rooted in the fragile national security status. Simply stated, Israel's per-capita military expenditure stands at around 2000 dollars per annum. Or one median monthly salary, or two months worth of mortgage/rent, or three fold that of Sweden. However Sweden is not in the Middle East, though some parts of it are beginning to look like the Middle East.
Tiny Israel is completely surrounded, and penetrated like a sieve, by Islamic countries and entities. Those have always maintained a state of belligerency versus the Jewish entity, pre- and post independence. Moreover, the fragile peace treaties bought and paid for from Arab despots with the coin of territorial concessions, are fast evaporating, while those despots are losing the battle against fundamental Islam, which demands the Arab realm be cleansed of the Jewish abomination. A clear sign of such evaporation is the tolerance the Egyptian military displays toward interruption of the gas supply to Israel, though paid for in advance. Another proof is the increasingly liberal traffic in armaments to Hamas in Gaza, rendering the sea blockade useless.
As we watch with increasing trepidation events unfold in Egypt, progressing inevitably toward a Muslim Brotherhood dominion, as the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan desperately resists the onslaught of the Islamic revolution, the second largest, and the most powerful state in the Near East, has already fallen into the hands of the Islamists, via the ballot box, and that is Turkey. This past week the last bulwark of the Kemalist secular order was breached, as the top echelon of the Turkish Army resigned en masse. This seeming calamity was received by the Islamist Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan with great felicity. Turkey is now on the fast track towards a Sharia Turko-Muslim state and there is no way back. (1

Islam is essentially an imperialistic ideology which demands the world be brought under the authority of Islam. Half a millenium ago, Antalia was Byzantium, the mother of Eastern Christianity. Today 0.3 percent of Antalia is Christian, and those remaining Christians are being hounded to extinction, morally and physically. A similar process has overtaken the Copts of Egypt, the Iraqui Assyrians, the Maronite Lebanese, and the Beth-Lehem Christians under Palestinian Authority rule. The only preserve of overtly non-Muslim sovereignty on the Mediterranean sea-board is the Jewish State, which is why Islam has vowed to liquidate it, no questions or qualms. Suffice to hear the Dutch UN envoy declare that the words "Jewish State" are beyond the toleration of his Palestinian Arab interlocutors, to realize that Jewish Sovereignty over even a grain of sand is unacceptable under any terms. And if so for the Palestinian entity invented a generation ago, then so much more so for the Turkish Khaliphate which ruled Judea with an iron fist for 4 centuries.
However, there is one more entity which is not exactly Islamic on the same sea-board, and that is present-day Syria under Alawaite rule. The Alawaites are questionably Muslims, in a way like the Druze whose liturgies are internal secrets. Alawaites are the masters of Taquiyya, the Islamic art of dissimulation designed to protect the sect in the environment of a hostile Sunni majority. Under French colonial rule, following the dissolution of the Ottoman Khaliphate, the Alawaites integrated into the Uniformed services, thence via a military coup dominated the country. The present strife in Syria is none other than a repeat of the 1982 insurgency, the Sunni majority rising up against Alawaite rule, the insurgency having been ruthlessly terminated by Hafiz Assad, Bashir's father, by killing off thirty thousand Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers in Hama, and burying them under the tracks of his Soviet armor. Initially, now, Erdogan kept his diplomatic cool. As the death toll increased Erdogan's tone changed, became more strident, demanding the Alawaites capitulate. The last months have seen thousands of Sunnis flee the Alawaite onslaught into Turkey, giving Erdogan the excuse he needs to re-create former glory, that is to resurrect the Neo-Ottoman Khaliphate
what are the chances Turkey will invade Syria in order to liquidate the Alawaite despotism? Turkey had no qualms about invading North Cyprus, under the pretext of protecting the Muslim minority, instituting a puppet government, grinding Christian Cypriots under the proverbial Turkish boot. Turkey remained a NATO member, and persisted in being an important block in the NATO structure facing the Iron Curtain. Turkey ran some deadly hostilities versus Syria, establishing its claims to Antioch, as Greek-Syrian a territory as you can name. No qualms were displayed over the bombing of Kurdistan, using Israeli-refurbished jets. All of the above while still under Kemalist regime, one eschewing the glory of the Ottomans. Now that the resurrection of Khaliphate is the stated aim of the Islamists, the motivation is greater. Turkey's eagerness to engage the infidel in war was demonstrated in the Mavi Marmara affair, where quasi-official Jihadis challenged the Israeli navy over the blockade of the Sunni Islamist Hammastan of Gaza. This engagement did not end well, with nine Jihadis dead, but since international censure was directed at Israel, while Turkey paid no price for its belligerence the motivation for war is further whetted. (2
The chance of Turkey invading Syria under pretext of R2P is directly related to the intensity of the Syrian Sunni insurgency, (now leavening exponentially under some unknown impetus), to the apparent strength of American power projection in Iraq (now fast waning) , and as Turkey's status in NATO, augmented due to its abundant person-power. It is extremely difficult to envision US president Barack Hussein Obama do more than wag an impotent finger should Turkey invade in the interests of "humanity" (only Muslims are fully human, according to Muslim doctrine).It is even more difficult to see any European "power", each and every one of whome being awash with Turkish immigrants, do something to dissuade Turkey from such invasion. If anything NATO might even laud the Turkish effort at relieving the suffering of the Syrian "people" (bunch of tribes, in reality). Should we take after NATO's conduct in Libya, Turkey might even get NATO aircover for the operation to save the people from the brutality in Homs Hama and Alleppo
What of Israel? Can Israel do anything to avert this takeover of its northern neighbor by the Islamist giant? Not at all. Apparently Israel will be forced to accept, nay, welcome, the change in regime from Mad Assad, to a seemingly responsible NATO member In truth this is likely to signal a calamity no smaller than a nuclear Iran. Turkey is no Syria, a failed state of 17 million, half of whom are hardly subsisting. Turkey is a local hegemon, commanding a fast-rising military budget, a burgeoning economy, and sixty million citizens harnessed to the ideal of a resurrected Ottoman Khaliphate, naturally intolerant of the Jewish Abomination .
Not to belittle the Social revolution now sweeping Israel's central cities, our old/new Turkish neighbor is a far greater risk than the dearth of cheap rental apartments in Tel Aviv. In fact, the deployment of such a large intimidating presence along Israel's northen borders might cause a flight of real-estate investors such that apartments will be had for a song. I wonder how
the denizens of Rotschild boulevard will react to such eventuality

Y Brandstetter , Author of Joe's Trial, ISBN 0942920122 on

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