Nabil Shaath, A Palestinian Leader , Said: "We Will Never Recognize Israel as a Jewish State / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Nabil Shaath is a member of the Palestinian negotiation team. He declared on September 8, 2010 (Walla, Israel):"We Will Never Recognize Israel as a Jewish State."

Shaath explained his reasons for making such a statement, arguing that the "recognition of Israel as a Jewish state would harm Israel's Arab citizens and negate the right of return to Palestinian refugees to Israel."

A. The Christians are Second Degree Citizens in Gaza and the PA

The first part of the sentence explains that its purpose is to protect Israeli Arabs, Muslims and Christians. The Christians, both in Gaza and the Western Bank, are suffering from persecution and are immigrating in large numbers

The situation of Christians in Israel is much better, although, they do not enjoy full equality.

B .The insistence on the "Right of Return" to Israel means- The Elimination of the Jewish State

The second part of the sentence deals with the Palestinian demand that the refugees will be settled in Israel. If the PA recognizes Israel as a Jewish state, the Palestinians will have to give up the demand for "The Right of Return."

Shaath also said that "We do not reject (or deny) the fact that Israel has a Jewish majority." But, the fact is that "the right of return" will put an end to the Jewish majority in Israel and thus, because the Palestinians will become the majority; the Jewish state will be eliminated.

The "right of return" is the Troian Horse to eliminate the Jewish state and it contradicts the idea of a 2 states solution. Shaath's statetments are expressions of hypocrisy and deceit.

The insistence on the "right of return" will put an end to the talks. There is a consensus among Israelis against the "right of return" and Shaath knows it. The International Court at Hag, recently rejected the "right of Return" in the Cyprus Conflict. (on the real facts about the Palestinian refugee problem, see:

C. Denying Jews the Right of Self-Determination is Anti-Semitism

There is no nation in the world that would agree to give up its existence. Every group of people in the world has the right of self- determination, Jews included. But, even the so called moderate Fatah movement who controls the Palestinian Authority refuses to recognize the right of Jews for self- determination, and deny Jews' Historical connection to the Holy Land.(

Said Arikath, another member of the negotiation team, recently declared that there is no Jewish nation – only a Jewish religion and you don't give a religion a right for statehood.

As to Israeli Arabs in Israel: They don't enjoy full equality. Israel is at war with their national movement, the PLO. But their situation is better than the situation of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in Europe and even in Arab countries.

Shaath's is not worried about Israel Arabs situation. His concern is to support the efforts of Israeli Arabs to bring the elimination of the Jewish state.

The leadership of Israeli Arabs recently published 4 documents in which they reject the right of self- determination for Jews, their historical connection to the Holy Land, and demand to abolish all the Jewish features, including the flag, the anthem and the "Law of Return" for Jews and replace it with the Palestinian "Right of Return." (

Both, the PA and Israeli Arabs join efforts to eliminate the Jewish state.

Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims live in Europe, with Christian features and even a Cross on some flags, but Palestinians in Israel consider living under a flag with a Magen David, racism.

D. PA leaders are not coming to the direct talks "with clean hands"

Abu Mazen declared that if he will not yield to any pressure: "I'll take my bag and leave. I'll not stay to sign on even one renouncement of the principles of the Palestinian People."(Walla, Israel, September 7, 2010).

The only conclusion to such a statement is that Abu Mazen comes to the negotiations with demands without any intention to compromise. There is no chance for peace without compromise.

The Clinton – Barak proposal at Camp David include the basic principles for a peace agreement. The Palestinians could have a state in 2000 had not Arafat rejected this proposal and started the second Intifada.

The Clinton – Barak proposal includes a fair solution to the settlement issue. This issue should be settled as part of the direct talks- not as pre-condition.

Lets hope that both leaders, Abu Mazen and Netaniahu will act as statesmen – not as politicians, and bring peace to the 2 nations.

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