The Obama Peace Plan as Reported by M.J.Rosenberg on Media Matters / Dr.Rivka Shpak Lissak

M.J.Rosenberg reported on his columan "Word on the Street" of the web site Media Matters on President Obama's "Peace Plan."

The Obama's proposal is, according to Rosenberg, very close to Clinton's Parameters from the Camp David Summit, September 2000:

First, there would be no right of return for refugees of the 1948 war to Israel, but the refugees will accept compensation.

Second, Jerusalem will become the capital of the 2 states: the Palestinian capital in the east and the Israeli capital in the west. The Old City and the holy sites will be under some international agreement.

Third, Israel will return to its 1967 borders. The settlement blocks will be annexed to Israel and Israel will compensate the Palestinian state with Israeli territory.

Fourth, the USA or NATO will give Israel security guarantees, probably troops along the Jordan River.

Last, Arab states will recognize Israel. Every Arab state will sign a peace agreement treaty and normalize its relations with Israel. All Arab states will accept the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state.

Rosenberg considers this plan as "a way of end- running the settlement issue and getting right to negotiations that will end the whole conflict."

Rosenberg is optimistic, although he is aware of the difficulties. He believes the PA leaders will be able to get Hamas' confirmation to negotiate for all Palestinians, including recognizing the legitimacy of Israel. He also believes that Israel under Prime Minister Netanyahu will agree to this proposal since he has endorsed the 2 states solution.

Rosenberg thinks the end of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict will have 2 positive results for the Arabs and the Palestinians:
The Arabs will not be distracted by the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and will be able to deal with their internal problems.
The Palestinians will be able to build their country and develop its institutions.

Rosenberg does not mention what are the advantages to the USA interests in the Middle East. The end of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict will make easier to unite the whole region in the struggle against Iran's plan to control the Middle East, using its nuclear power.

I personally agree to Obama's plan.

There are, however, some unanswered questions in Rosenberg's article:

The Palestinians:

First, the PA, not to mention the Hamas, never gave up their demand for the right of return to Israel.
Second, the Hamas agreed to let the PA negotiate for a state along the 1967 border, but it never agreed to recognize Israel's legitimacy, and never gave up its goal to eliminate the Jewish state and establish the great Palestine on the ruins of Israel.
Third, the Palestinians never agreed to give up their control on the holy mountain.
Fourth, the PA have refused to recognize Israel as a Jewish national state, because it means to give up the demand for the right of return and because it is against the plan of Israeli citizens of Palestinian origin to put an end to the Jewish state and turn it into a so- called "the country of all its citizens." The plan includes canceling the Jewish Law of Return and replacing it with the Palestinian Right of Return.
Fifth,the PA never agreed to cease incitement as a political tool against Israel in its media, school system and international propaganda and activities.


Netanyahu's right wing coalition will never accept this peace plan. The only way Netanyahu is able to negotiate along these lines is to organize a new coalition with Kadima and the Labor parties. If Netanyahu will endorse this line of action, he will get a Nobel price and secure his name as a great leader in the history of Israel. But, this will be the end of his career in Israeli politics.

About 50% of Likud's voters endorse the 2 states solution and there is a majority among Israeli voters for this solution. But past experience shows that every time Israelis choose a government that endorsed this solution, the Palestinians did not support the solution (Camp David, 2000, Ulmert – Abu Mazen talks 2009).

As a matter of fact, Shimon Peres lost the elections to Netanyahu, after the murder of Prime Minister Rabin, and Ehud Barak lost the elections to Sharon after the Camp David Summit, because of the Palestinian intensified terror during the elections. One gets the impression that the Palestinians believe a right wing government in Israel serves better their interests in their efforts to de- legitimize the very existence of the Jewish state.

In short, you need 2 for tango. Will the Palestinians and Netanyahu join for a tango?

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