An open letter to Judge R.Goldstone / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

I am speaking in the name of most Israelis and most Jews all over the world: you are not an honest person.

First, an honest person, especially a judge, would have refused to accept the nomination as chairman of the commission to investigate the Gaza war, because of your past statements about the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. As you know, justice should not only be done, but also be seen.

Second, an honest judge would have refuse to accept commission members who had expressed their views on "Israeli war crimes", publicly, even before they were nominated.

Third, an honest person would have resigned after Israel refused to cooperate with the members of your commission because of their past statements. Israel would have cooperated with an unbiased commission.
By your decision to go on with the investigation knowingly that a commission should include only unbiased people, you proved yourself unworthy to be chairman of the commission.

Fourth, an honest person would have distended himself from the report after the UN Commission on Human Rights accepted a resolution totally ignoring the War crimes of Hamas", included in your commission's report. This resolution proves beyond any doubt that the UN commission was not looking for an honest investigation to reveal the truth about what happened in the Gaza war. The UN commission members represent states famous for violating human rights. Yet, you continue to cooperate with this commission and give interviews all over the world in support of their resolution. You should have realized that the issue is not anymore your report, but the resolution which expresses the efforts of the Arab- Palestinian- Muslim coalition to bring about the de-legitimation of the Jewish state. Being a Jew yourself you should have realized the real intentions of this coalition, to begin with.

I am sorry to conclude that you have betrayed you profession as a judge, and joined the long succession of Jews who betrayed their brothers.

The question is: why,what did you achieve?

P.S: I do not belong to the right wing in Israel. I am speaking as a person who would have liked to know the truth about what happened in the Gaza war, but from an unbiased commission, not yours.


I looked in vain for an E-address in South Africa to forward the story to. Maybe another reader of this letter is more savvy. It would be somewhat rewarding to to publicize the true sentiment in the right circles.

If you live in South Africa, send it to Jewish newspapers

Thank you for your comment.
The Jews all over the world should cut all relations with judge Goldstone for what he has done.

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