An Open Letter Noble to Price Bride Ms.Mairead C.Maguire / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

It is very easy to live in Irland, far away from Hamas rockets,read newspapers, watch television and decide for the citizens of Israel what they should do, because accepting price noble for peace in Irland makes you an expert to know better on the situation in Israel.

By example, Robespierre, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Ze Dong decided they knew better than their citizens and the consequences are known.

I would like to write on some points you dealt with in your interview with Yair Lapid and one you entirely ignored:

A. Hamas and Israel should recognize each other

The Hamas refuses to recognize the right of Israel to exist. The Hamas declares openly its goal is to eliminate the state of Israel. The Hamas "agrees" to a 2 state as a stage on the way to eliminate Israel. Its condition to "agree" to a 2 state is that the agreement between the PA and Israel will not include recognition of the Jewish state.

Even the PA refuses to recognize Israel as the national Jewish state. The PA agrees only to recognize Israel as a fact, meaning, it will not be a Jewish state in the future by the demand for the "right of return", which will turn the Jews into a minority.
In short, you ignore this basic condition for peace between Israel and Hamas.

B.The Blockade:Israel denies basic food from the Palestinian population

The blockade does not deny basics from the Palestinian population. Every week tons of food and medical supplies are being sent to Gaza through Israel.
A survey by Israel's Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories presents the scope of connections between Israel and Gaza in 2009:13
Health: 10,544 patients and their companions left Gaza in 2009 for medical treatment in Israel. 4,883 tons of medical equipment and medicines entered Gaza that year in coordination with the Palestinian Authority and international agencies. Israel helped the Palestinian Authority stem the spread of avian (bird) flu in Gaza; 44,500 doses of vaccine were sent to Gaza through the World Health Organization, and three patients left Gaza for medical care in Israel. In addition, two elevators were transferred to hospitals in Gaza, as well as mammogram equipment for breast cancer detection and a computerized CT system.

Electricity: Israel continued to supply electricity to Gaza from its power plant in Ashkelon. In addition, 41 truckloads of equipment were transferred for the maintenance of the electrical system in Gaza. Between April and October 2009, Siemens carried out maintenance work on the power system in Gaza, to which more than 100 million liters of diesel fuel were delivered for its operation.

Communications: 45 truckloads of communication equipment were sent to Gaza at the request of the Palestinian Authority.
Water and sewage: 95 truckloads of equipment for water and sewage systems, as well as 3,720 tons of chloride for water purification, were transferred during 2009. Israel assisted the North Gaza Wastewater Treatment Plant Project by transferring 48 truckloads of equipment for the project.

The private sector: 77 percent of the contents of trucks sent into Gaza in 2009 were for the private sector. 257 Palestinian businessmen exited Gaza to Israel, the West Bank, and abroad. 10,871 head of cattle were transferred to Gaza, mainly for the Ramadan and Eid al-Adha holidays. In preparation for winter, 3,607 tons of glass for windows was transferred to Gaza.

Money: Over NIS 1.1 billion (approximately $300 million) was transferred to Gaza in 2009 to fund salaries and the activities of international organizations. In addition, NIS 40 million (approximately $10 million) in worn banknotes were replaced. In February 2010, Israel and the Palestinian Authority reached an agreement on the transfer of social security payments and pensions to beneficiaries in Gaza who have worked in Israel. The money is to be transferred to Palestinian banks in the West Bank, and the Palestinian Authority can then deliver the money to beneficiaries in Gaza.

Humanitarian aid: 141,390 tons of humanitarian aid were transferred by the international community through Israel, including 115,043 tons of food and 2,990 tons of medicines and medical equipment.
Entry of international organizations: 21,200 foreign staff members and over 400 diplomatic delegations entered Gaza in 2009.(1)

C. The blockade's intention is to deny Iran from sending war weapons to Hamas

Israel evacuated the Gaza Strip on August 2006. All the settlements were destroyed and all the settlers left, and so did the Israeli army. The Hamas who took over Gaza could started developing the economy, creating jobs, building houses and improving the conditions of the population.

Instead, the Hamas did its best to prevent its own citizens from working in Israel by targeting the Erez border station from where workers entered Israel until Israel decided to close the border station. Israel even built an industrial center at the border station to supply jobs to Palestinian workers. The industrial area was constantly targeted. The same happened with the other border station from where all supplies to Gaza entered and Israel was forced to close the border many times because of the shooting.

Furthermore, Hamas spent all its contributions to get rockets and missiles and shoot at Israeli citizens. 6,000 rockets and missiles were targeted before Israel started the Gaza Operation. Could you live and raise children under constant shooting?

The Hamas also joined Iran which openly declared its intention "to wipe off Israel from the world map." The blockade was set up to prevent war weapons from Iran and other sources to enter Gaza and kill Israelis.

In short, you ignore the fact that the Hamas, not Israel is responsible for the blockade and the whole situation.

Instead of making peace with Israel the Hamas wishes to become a military and missiles base for Iran against Israel.

Islamic Organizations connected to the Hamas tell the world that the people of Gaza are starving because of the blockade, because Israel denies food and medical supplies. This is a lie. The Hamas wishes to break the blockade in order to be able to get war weapons against Israel.

In short, you are helping the Hamas to become a Iranian military base against Israeli civilians and as part of the plan to destroy Israel

To Conclude: The source of the problem is the Hamas – Not Israel.

(1)Jonhathan D.Halevi, The Myth of the Siege of Gaza


Most of the Irish I come across on the blogs I visit are quite enthralled by Islamic jihadists, even to the point of accepting everything they write or disseminate in the MidEast media as truth and credible. They're even prone to hating Jews and Israel just because the jihadists hate Jews and Israel. They like being friendly with the anti-Jewish world of Islam. Never mind that Israel's history is much similar to Irelands: both countries were invaded way back when by a foreign invader. Only, the contemporary Ireland and its noetic, pro-jihadist activists (who speak as a majority there) choose to obfuscate this similarity when it comes time to choose between telling the truth and defending the Jews or siding with this present world's primary source of anti-Jewish hatred and propaganda:Islam and the jihadists who want to blame the Jews for all the suffering and violence Hamas and the PA have created in Gaza.

The Republic of Ireland is finished. It will become a province of Islam. They are following England's lead.

Michael Devolin

right on

you are right

Dear Michael,can you help telling Irish the truth?

You have my permission to use the articles on my web site and tell the Irish people the truth.
Can you tell me if you have any connections with the Irish media and/ or newspapers?
Thank you very much for being a friend. We don't have many these days.
The Arab- Palestinian- Muslim group(more than 50 states )against one poor Jewish state smaller than New Jersy.

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