Open Letter to Roger Waters / Ben Dror Yemini

Washed up rocker Roger Waters from Pink Floyd has been obsessed with Israel’s separation fence, perhaps thinking that his album “The Wall” was somehow prophetic.

Anyway, Waters has come out in favor of BDS, using the usual pretentious and absurd arguments we are all too familiar with.

Support for the boycott campaign against Israel in effect is support for the prolonging of the occupation and suffering of the Palestinians. An open letter to the rock star who is calling for a boycott of Israel.

To Roger Waters, Greetings.

Look Mr. Waters, the Jewish People is already used to blood libels. From using the blood of children for baking Passover matzah, to directing world Communism, to directing world capitalism, to controlling the media, and in the last generation, committing genocide, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity. A generation passes on and a generation arrives, and the number of blood libels forever exist.

Israel, Mr. Waters, is not exempt from any criticism. We’re the world champions of self-criticism. There isn’t another nation in which, in every field – not just the Israel-Palestinian conflict – there is so much biting, roiling criticism – often false and vicious. But even to this we’ve grown accustomed. Usually we’re proud of our democracy, even when it’s biting. But sometimes, Mr. Waters, we’re fed up. We’ve simply had it. Not from the criticism; it’s essential for every community, every society, every nation, like air to breathe.

We’re fed up with the lies. For most of us – if you can read a little beyond the slogans – were fed up with the occupation. So if that’s your thing you would find lots of partners in Israel – most Israelis. But that’s not the story – not for BDS, of which you’ve become a great supporter, and not for the Hamas in Gaza, which only a year ago you announced your support for those who went there to cheer them – another campaign of useful idiots.

Let’s start with the occupation. Only in the last decade Israel announced its willingness to end it, again, again and again. Completely. This began with the Camp David talks. The Palestinians backed away from a serious discussion. Then Clinton offered his proposal, which would have granted the Palestinians a state on 95% of the territory. They decided to say”no”. Right after that, at the Taba talks all the giants of the the Israeli Left showed up. They went another big step towards the Palestinians, but even that didn’t help. Two years ago another generous offer was made by Prime Minister Olmert. He didn’t even get a reply from Abu Mazen.

Back to the BDS. Listen to the leaders of the campaign. Read their manifesto. They don’t want two states for two peoples. Not the end of the occupation, but the end of Israel. You can hear it in their own voices. Yes, there are Israels among us who support this campaign. That’s how we are. Runaway democracy. Everything goes. So instead of marvelling at our unparalleled democracy, you take advantage of the fact that Israeli democracy allows demonstrations like this, and you go and join the gang that is fighting against the very existence of the national home of the Jewish People. That’s the position of Ahmadinejad, Al Qaida and Hamas. Is that your position? Have you gone crazy?

Are you in the peace camp, Mr. Waters? Here’s a simple test for you. Very simple. Ask your friends in the BDS one question: “Do you support an agreement of two states for two peoples?”

We’ve got news for you: They oppose it. They don’t want a Palestinian state alongside Israel, they want a Palestinian state in place of Israel. That’s what’s written in the manifesto of BDS. Read it, it’s in English. They write in it, “Right of Return”, which, loosely translated means “Destruction of Israel”. To remove any doubt, they have the right of return–to a Palestinian state alongside Israel, not in place of Israel.

You and your ilk, Mr. Waters, are simply prolonging the suffering of the Palestinians. You are encouraging the peace refuseniks among them. You are encouraging their illusions.You are creating a new chapter of the Palestinian disaster. Who knows, if it were not for this support – by so many useful idiots – the Palestinians would have emerged from their position of refusal. But when they see you, and you join up with them, they continue to refuse peace.

So this is an opportunity for you, Mr. Waters, to prove that you’re a humanitarian and human rights activist. It’s not complicated. Tell the Israelis and Palestinians and BDS people one thing: the end of the conflict will come only if the two sides recognize the two-state solution. The side that refuses is the side that must be pressured, even boycotted. Only when you say this simple thing to both sides will you truly be in the peace camp. If you continue to support BDS, you are supporting refusal and the continuation of occupation and suffering.

A reply from you Mr. Waters, will be greatly appreciated.

Personal permission from Yemini

Answer to the comment on Hevron:I belong to Center- Left

I do not belong to the right wing in Israel, and still, I think you have a one-sided view of the situation.
A. I am against the settlements, but the issue should be disscused as part of the talks and not as a pre- condition. Why, because by pre- condition the Palestinians get without giving anything. This is not the way to arrive to a compromise and an agreement.
B. The soldiers are doimg the best they can to protect Palestinians. You have a mistaken information. It is not so simple. Soldiers cannot be everywhere all the time.
C. I don't like the Jewish people of Hevron. I don't like the Hamas rockets on civilians. Yesterday they sent 49 rockets.Do you blame the Hamas? Eeach side has his extremists. I did not see you blame the Hamas.
D. What did you see on the Western Bank? Have you seen Ramallah or Jenin?The situation of the farmers is not worse than in Arab countries. Israel is not responsible for the social situation in the Western Bank.
E. you have no idea about hatred?its because you can't read Arabic. The incitement against Jews - not only Israelis is very strong in the PALESTINIAN school system and the media. Please, look up the web site of the PMW and you will get an idea about the hatred.
F. Do you know that we proposed already 6 times to Palestinians a state along Israel and they rejected the proposal:
1936/7 - the British Mandate Peel Commission proposed a solution of 2 states. we agreed - they rejected.
1947 - UN resolution of 2 states. We areed. They rejected and started a war against us in order "to throw us into the sea."
1948 - 1967 - the Western Bank and Gaza were under Arabic rule. Why they did not form a state?Instead they sent terrorists to kill our civilians.
1967 - Arab states declared war against Israel in order to eliminate the Jewish state. We won. Israel conquered the Western Bank and Gaza and proposed "land for peace."The Palestinians rejected the proposal.
Only than- the settlenents were started.and to your knowledge:all the settlements consist less than 3% of the Western bank, and Israel destroyed all the settlements in Gaza.
2000 - at Camp David. Arafat rejected the Climton- Barak proposal that included solution of all issues, the settlements included.Instead. He started an Intifada in which many Israeli civilians were murdered on buses, in restaurants and everywhere.
2008/9 - Ulmert proposed an agreement that Abu Mazen himself told a Washington Post reporter, was even better than 200 - yet he did not answer the proposal.


IN SHORT, as long as such in incitement is going on and the PA demand that the refugees will be settled in Israel and not in the future Palestinian stste- there will be no peace.
The Palestinian refugees are a Troian Horse to turn the Jews in Israel into a minority and eliminate the the Jewish state.


I am still waiting for a response by the commenter on Hevron

I answered the person who commented against Israel, mentioning the Havron Jews.

I am waiting to hear from him.

Hebron settlers a shining example

So Yemini, Israel is determined to reach a peace agreement and it's just those pesky little Palestinians blocking the way? Well then sir, can you please explain to me why there are now around 500,000 illegal Israeli settlers residing in the West Bank (Palestinian land) and why the Netanyahu government is aiming to increase this number. Can you please explain to me why Israeli soliders do virtually nothing to stop extremist settlers thugs from harrassing and assaulting Palestinians and vandalising or stealing their property? Can you please explain to me the shameful disgrace that is Hebron, where around 600 illegal Israeli settlers are protected by around 2,000 Israeli soldiers. Have you personally seen some of the Hebron settlers in action Yemini? I have, and I can tell you unreservedly that many of them are terrorist thugs who commit heinous acts against Palestinians with impunity.

Fortunately we now live in the age of the internet - something that has made it ever-more difficult for the Israeli authorities to cover up their ongoing crimes against Palestininans. What I have discovered during my journeys to the region is that many Israelis simply don't know what is going on across in the West Bank or in Gaza (I must say I haven't visited Gaza personally and I don't know that I could stomach it given what I've already seen in the West Bank). Israelis are indoctrinated into thinking that Palestinians have some random hatred for all Jews and that the Israeli authorities are a shining example of transparency and fairness. If only they knew. If only they spent some time around places like Hebron and saw what is really going on for themselves.

No Yemini, it is not the Palestinians who are blocking the peace process. It is the Israeli authorities who are hell-bent on cleansing the region of Palestinians and think they'll get away with it because of all the U.S. backing. You can say whatever you like - I know, any many others all around the world now know, that if the shoe was on the other foot, Israelis would be outraged.

The Best Answer to non- Israelis who don't know the truth

YMINI gave the best answer to non- Israelis, who don't know the real facts on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and choose to blame Israel for the continuation of the occupation.

These people believe the Arabic - Palestinian propaganda expressed in the media, using Ignorance,antisemitism and Oil Money contributions.

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