The Palestinian Attack on Israeli Borders: Part of the Plan to Eliminate the Jewish State / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Part One
June 6 2011
The decision of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the Western Bank to demonstrate along Israel's borders and the attempts to break through the border fences into Israel is a new stage in the efforts to put an end to the Jewish state.

The stages:

Stage One, 1947- 1949: the Arabs of the British Mandate refused to accept the 1947 UN resolution to divide the country into 2 states, thus putting an end to the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews. A day after the November 1947 resolution the Arabs started a war against the Jews around the country. They were helped by volunteers from Arab states. They attacked Jewish cities and villages and the Jewish transportation throughout the country. Thousands of Jews were killed or massacred. On the day the Jews declared the establishment of their state according the 1947 UN resolution, 7 armies of Arab states invaded Israel.
Israel survived, but it cost 6,000 dead and hundreds of wounded, many of them, holocaust survivors.
As result of the war 2 refugees problems were created:
a Palestinian refugee problem (about 600,000) and a Jewish refugee problem (about 700,000).
The Palestinian refugees ran to Arab states, but have remained refugees after more than 60 years because the Arabs and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), uses the refugee problem as a Trojan horse to eliminate the Jewish state. They demand that the refugees be settled in Israel, thus turning the Jews into a minority and putting an end to the Jewish state.
The Jewish refugees were forced o leave the Arab states where they lived for many centuries. They came without their property which they were forced to leave behind. The new Jewish state accepted the refugees and integrated them into Israeli society. They did not remain refugees.

Stage Two, 1950 – 1967: The Arabs and Palestinian- Arabs tried to destroy Israel by acts of terror against civilians and in 1967 Israel was invaded by Egypt, Syria and Jordan in another attempt to eliminate the Jewish state.
Israel survived again and conquered the Western Bank and Gaza Strip from Egypt and Jordan, the Golan from Syria and Sinai from Egypt.
The Palestinians were under Egyptian – Jordanian rule from 1948 to 1967, but never demanded a state. Israel proposed to end the conflict upon the principle of "land for peace." Its proposal was rejected.

Stage Tree, 1967 – 1993: The PLO continued its actions of terror but Egypt and Jordan decided to make peace. Egypt got Sinai back and the border between Jordan and the Western Bank was agreed upon.
The Palestinians on the Western Bank and Gaza Strip came, unwillingly, on both sides, under Israeli rule.
After a while, the PLO agreed to negotiate and the Oslo agreement was signed.
Israel became optimistic believing the conflict is going to end by negotiations between Israel and the newly established Palestinian Authority, which promised to stop terror.

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