The Palestinian Attack on Israeli Borders: Part Two / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Part two

Stage Four, 1993 – 2010: The Great Deception is revealed

The PA did not really want to end the conflict and make peace with Israel.
First, the PA never kept its promise to stop terror.
Second, the PA never changed its covenant, calling to eliminate the Jewish state, as agreed at Oslo.
Third, the PA under Arafat rejected a fair peace agreement proposed by President Clinton and Prime Minister Barak at the Camp David summit (2000) and started an Intifada, a campaign of terror against Israeli civilians..
Gradually, Israelis began to suspect that Arafat's signature on the Oslo agreement was not sincere.
After Arafat's death Abu Mazen declared terror was not getting results and promised to stop terror. Yet, the Hamas terror organization refused to accept Abu Mazen's decision and continued its acts of terror against Israel.
Prime Minister Sharon decided to evacuate the Gaza Strip in 2006, to let the Palestinians take over in hope that terror from Gaza will stop. But, the Hamas took over the Gaza Strip in 2007 and started sending rockets against Israeli citizens.
Prime Minister Ulmert made another attempt to put an end to the conflict. He proposed a peace agreement to Abu Mazen in 2008. Abu Mazen admitted before a "Washington Post" reporter that Ulmert's proposal was better than the 2000 proposal but he did not say "yes."

Instead of making peace, Abu Mazen and the Arab – Muslim states began a campaign to demonize and delegitimize Israel in the international media, in UN organizations, in the academia and in the campuses around the Western states.
Israel was accused being an apartheid society, an occupation power committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the West Bank and Gaza. And building settlements against international law.

The Arab – Palestinian propaganda was paid by oil money. Israel, the only Jewish state in the world, could not compete with oil money or the automatic majority of 52 Arabs and Muslim states in the UN General Assembly and UN organizations.

Unfortunately, the money, the lies and misinformation convinced the media and human rights organization to support the campaign against Israel.
The campaign succeeded.

After more than 6,000 rockets were shot on Israeli citizens, Israel decided to take action against the Hamas and started on December 2008 the "Lead Operation".

The Muslim and Arabic representatives on the UN Human Rights Council blamed Israel for war crimes and nominated an investigation commission, whose 3 members accused Israel for war crimes even before they were nominated. Israel refused to cooperate with such a biased commission and its report was anti- Israel.

Israelis came to the conclusion that Abu Mazen disagreed with Arafat on tactics – not on strategy. In other words, both refused to make peace with Israel because no Palestinian would agree to give up the demand to settle the refugees in Israel. The goal remained to eliminate the Jewish state.

Stage Five: the real plan is revealed

The PA and Palestinians declared openly they will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, because the plan to put an end to the Jewish state by settling the refugees in Israel is still on.
The PA refused to talk with Israel's new Prime Minister Netanyahu. For the first time they put a pre- condition to talks: the freeze of settlement building. Israel agreed to 10 months freeze, but nothing happened during the freeze. The PA demanded another 3 months of freeze. Israel refused, and than the initial Palestinian plan was revealed. The PA declared it was going to get a state from the UN, thus avoiding peace talks with Israel, and the need to compromise in order to make peace. A state recognized by the UN will enable to continue the conflict, without giving Israel any security promises.

Now, the second part of the plan was revealed:
thousands of Palestinian refugees will demonstrate along Israel's borders and will try to break into Israel. This will continue until the UN will force Israel to accept the refugees.

The Refugees are the Trojan Horse to Turn the Jews into a Minority and Put An End to the Jewish state whose right to exist was recognized by the Balfur Declaration in 1917, the League of Nations in 1920 and the UN in 1947.

Appendix: about the accusations:
Aparthied society – the Palestinians were not Israeli citizens. An apartheid society is a society that denies civil rights along color lines to its citizens. There are no such laws against Arab Israeli citizens.
Occupation – There was never a Palestinian state on the Western Bank or Gaza Strip or even in the Israeli territory. Jordan and Egypt, who ruled the Western Bank and Gaza Strip between 1948 and 1967, never claimed the territory. Since the Palestinians never claimed these territories in 1947, they remained part of the mandate territory. Israel is not an occupation power because the Balfur Declaration and the League of Nation recognized both sides of the Jordan river part of the Jewish homeland.
The Israeli – Palestinian conflict is not between an occupation power and the owners of the territories in question, but between two nations fighting on the same piece of land.
War Crimes – Israel never committed war crimes. The
Hamas used to shoot rockets on Israeli citizens from schools, mosques and hospitals, against international laws. The Hamas used also private houses and its own people as human shields. The Hamas used these means during the "Lead Operation." Moreover, most of the Palestinians killed during the operation were Hamas fighters. Only a minority were civilians, those used as human shields by the Hamas.
A British colonel testified that the Israeli Army killed much less civilians than the Americans and the British armies in Iraq and Afganistan.
Even Judge Goldstone, head of the UN investigation commission, changed his mind on the so called "Israel's war crimes."
Human Rights crimes - Many of these accusations were proved false by the investigations of an expert, Jonathan D.Halevi. You can read his articles on this web site.
The settlements – there were no settlements before 1967. Yet, the Palestinians refused to make peace and get a state besides a Jewish state in 1936/7, 1947, between 1948 and 1967, in 1967.
The settlements are not the real issue in the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. A fair solution to the settlements was proposed in 2000 and in 2008 and was rejected.

In short, the real issue is the dream of the Palestinians to eliminate the Jewish state. The Palestinians deny the Jews are a nation and deny the Jewish people the right of self- determination even in part of their original homeland.

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