The Palestinian Leader el Husseini Planed with Hitler "The Final Solution" of the Jews of Palestine / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

The Palestinian Leader el Husseini Planed with Hitler "The Final Solution" of the Jews of Palestine, 1942 – 1944/ DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak
The Palestinians keep comperinig Israel and Nazi Germany.In fact, Arabs and Muslims not only supported the Nazi ideology, many of them volunteered to serve in the Nazi army.

The Palestinian leader Haj Amin el Husseini was responsible for organizing "The Arabic Revolt" against the British Mandate in Palestine between 1936 and 1939. The goal of the revolt was to put an end to the British rule and the plan for a "Jewish National Home" in Palestine as decided by the League of Nations (the predecessor to the U.N).

After the failure of the revolt, which included murder of innocent Jews, el Husseini ran away. He met Hitler on November 28, 1941 and they came to an agreement that the "national Home for Jews" should be eliminated, and the "Final Solution" should include the Jews of Palestine. El Husseini promised Hitler full cooperation from the Arab population of Palestine. El Husseini received from Nazi Germany 50,000 riichesmarks plus 25,000 in foreign currency, monthly.The momey came from Jewish property confiscated by the Nazis.

The "Final Solution" of the Jews of Palestine

The plan was to conquer Palestine after General Rommel's victory at El Alamein against the British army under General Bernard Montgomery, and the transfer all the Jews to a Consentration Camp near Jenin. Walter Rauf was nominated for the job. Rauf flew to Tobruk in Libya and met General Rommel. It was decided that Rauf and his S.S Einsatzkommando, which included 7 officers and 17 non- commissioned officers and men, will prepare for their assignment and join General Rommel's army after the victory.

The "Final Solution" of the Jews of Palestine did not materialize not because the Palestinian leader did not wish it to happen. It was the British victory at El Almein that prevented this from happening.

Source: Klaus Michel Mallmann & Mrtin Cuppers,"Elimination of the Jewish National Home in Palestine: The Einsatzkommando of the Panzer Army Africa," 1942

Operation Atlas

The cooperation between el Husseini and Hitler also included "Operation Atlas". The plan was el Husseine's idea. It included, among other projects, to send a unit of 2 Germans and 3 Palestinian Arabs to organize a revolt against the British rule in order to put an end to "The Jewish National Home," and to poison the water system of Tel Aviv in order to kill as much Jews as possible.

On October 6, 1944 the 5 parachuters landed near Jericho. Their equipment included 10 boxes of arsenic poision designed to kill 25,000 people per box. Thus, 250,000 Jews would be eliminated by poisoning the water system of the city of Tel Aviv.

Some Bedouins found one of the equipment bags, which included gold coins and the Bedouins of the area started looking for more. These actions were brought to the attention of the British police, and a search discovered the parachuts in a cave. Operation Atlas failed: on October 16, 1944, the British Police captured the 2 Germans and 3 Arabs hiding in a cave in the Judean desert. Only one Arab escaped. All the others were killed.

Bosnian Muslims joined the S.S operation in Eastern Europe

Another section of the agreement between el Husseini and Hitler included Muslim volunteers to the S.S, to participate in the "Final Solution" of East European Jews. El Husseini recruited those volunteers among Bosnian Muslims in Yugoslavia. They participated in murdering Jews.

El Husseini Was Declared War Criminal after Second World War

The Palestinan leader fled from Germany to France and was caught and put to jail. He escaped charges because Britain and France didn't want to alienate the Arab leaders. France enabled him to escape to Egypt. From Egypt he directed the war against the 1947 U.N resolution to establish a Jewish state. He declared his intention was "to throw all Jews into the sea".

El Husseini's dream to eliminate the Jews of Palestine failed for the third time, inspite of his efforts. He was also involved in organizing the terrorist actions against Israeli citizens in 1956. Latter he moved to Lebanon and died in1974.

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