The Real Issue Between Israel and the Palestinian is A National Conflict - Not Human Rights / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Human Rights Organizations work very hard to convince us that the Issue between Israel and the Palestinians is a human right issue. This is a false effort to demonize and de- legitimize the Jewish state and support the Palestinian dream to replace Israel with a Palestinian state from the Mediterranean sea to the Jordan river.

In short, the Human Rights organizations have a political agenda and the issue of human right is a cover, a mask to conceal the real goal.

The issue in Sudan is a human right issue- not in Israel. Unlike the people of south Sudan, the Palestinians are not Israeli Citizens. They were Jordanian citizens before the Palestinian Authority was formed as part of the Oslo agreement between Israel and the PLO, the Palestinian National movement. Now they are citizens of the PA.

The PA under Arafat used terror in order to force Israel to accept its terms for the solution of the Palestinian goal, which was to settle the Palestinian refugees in Israel, thus turning the Jews into a minority and putting an end to the Jewish state. Arafat rejected the Clinton – Barak proposal at Camp David, 2000, which included a fair solution of all the issues, including the settlements, and started a wave of terror called "Intifada," The reason he rejected the proposal was it did not include settling the refugees in Israel but in the Palestinian state. He was supported in his decision to reject the proposal by Abu Mazen.

Abu Mazen, who became chairman of the PA after Arafat's death proclaimed he was against terror and accepts the 2 state solution. Yet, when Israel under Ulmert gave him during 2008/9 talks a proposal that he himself admitted in a interview to the "Washington Post," was better than the Clinton- Barak proposal, Abu Mazen did not say yes, because the proposal did not include settling all the refugees in Israel.

The PA leaders revealed their real goal by several interviews they recently gave:
Nabil Shaath said they will never recognize Israel as a national Jewish state and Abu Mazen repeated this statement.
Saib Arikaath gave an interview to the "Washington Post" in which he said they will never give up the demand to settle the refugees in Israel.

And now they say they are going to get a state from the UN – not through talks with Israel, which means to get a state without giving up the "right of return," without putting an end to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

Instead of talking to Israel the PA raised the issue of human rights and got the support of human rights organizations who came to believe in the Palestinian – Arabic propaganda that this was the real issue.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's government is a right wing government He is not the best partner for peace making. But Barak in 2000 and Ulmert in 2008/9 were much better partners if the PA really wanted to end the conflict. But, as long as Palestinians do not give up the dream to eliminate the Jewish state by settling the refugees in Israel – there is no chance for peace.

Until now Palestinians rejected 6 fair proposals to have a state and make peace:

1936/7 – the Peel Commission suggested to solve the problem by a 2 state solution. The Jews agreed, the Arabs (they did not call themselves Palestinians then) rejected the proposal.

1947 – the UN resolution to divide the country into a Jewish and an Arab state was accepted by the Jews and rejected by the Arabs, who started a guerilla against the Jews still under the British Mandate rule, and attacked the Jewish state on the day it was declared, on May 15, 1948, with the invasion of 7 Arab armies, with a formal declaration "to throw all Jews into the sea"

Unfortunately for the Arabs, Israel survived the war and the refugees' problem was created. It was created as a result of several reasons:
First, the Palestinian leader Haj Amin Al – Hussaini called the Arabs to leave the country for a short time until "the Jews are thrown into the sea." Some Palestinians accepted his advice and left.
Another part ran away because they were afraid of revenge when the Jews began their offensive. Many of them fought against the Jews, and were guilty of killing Jews.
Another part was expelled by the Israeli army because of security consideration. They were enemies.

Who is responsible for the creation of the refugee problem?
Not Israel.
The Palestinian leadership and the Arab Leauge are responsible because they rejected the UN 1947 resolution and attacked Israel.

Between 1948 and 1967 the Western Bank and Gaza Strip were under Arabic rule – Why the Palestinians did not demand a state at that time? Instead they sent terrorists to attack Israeli citizens, with the intention to eliminate the Jewish state by terrorizing its citizens

1967 – Arab states attacked Israel again in order to put an end to it existence. Unfortunately for them – they failed. Israel conquered the Western Bank and Gaza Strip and Sinai. After the 6 days war Israel proposed "land for peace," but the proposal was rejected. The answer was the 3 NOS

In short, Arabs and Palestinians rejected 4 opportunities to have a state and peace. There were no settlements on the Western Bank Or Gaza Strip until 1967.
All the Jews who lived there before 1948 had to run away for their lives.

The other 2 opportunities were, as mentioned before, in 2000 and 2008/9.

And now:
Instead of making peace and getting a state, the PA is holding an international campaign against "the Israeli Occupation" and 3 issues:
The Israeli occupation.
The fence Israel built between the PA and Israel, to prevent terrorists from entering Israel and killing its citizens.
The road blocks Israel built to prevent terrorists from coming to Israel to kill citizens.

Occupation - The truth is that the "occupation" could end in 2000 and in 2008/9 if the Pa wished it to end.

The road blocks – Israel is accused for building these road blocks and Israeli soldiers are accused for the hardship they cause to Palestinian citizens. No one complains against the hardships it causes to Israeli citizens who are forced to go through security inspection in every public institution and air port. The way to remove the road blocks is to stop terror. AND ONE SHOULD NOT FORGET that Israeli citizens are targeted with rockets from Gaza daily.

The fence- Israel declared more than once that the fence is open to negotiations during peace talks. In the meantime, the Israeli supreme court is dealing with complaints against the location of the fence.

The settlements – in 1967 there were no settlements. Israel started building them after the 3 Nos refusal. The issue could be solved in 2000 and in 2008/9 and the Palestinians could have a state without settlements. But, they preferred to give up these2 opportunities.

In short, the reason the occupation has not ended and the other issues are not resolved is the refusal of the PA to talk and come into agreement with Israel.

The PA plan is to demonize and de legitimize Israel until they cat put an end to its existence. The PA seems to have no pity on their own citizens in their zeal to eliminate the only Jewish state in the world compared with above 20 Arab states.

To sum up the root of the issue: the Arabs want a Middle East free of Jewish and Christian minorities (read what happens to Christians in Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon).The Arab- Muslim world is not a liberal world were Jews, Christians and Arabs can live on equal terms.

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