Responding to Palestinian Rewriting of History



Chapter One - The Colonization and Helenization and Land Confiscation under Hellenistic Occupation ( 332 - 142 BCE )

Chapter Two - Elimination of the Jewish National - Cultural Entity and Jewiush Majority under Roman Occupation(63 BCE - 324 CE)

Chapter Three - The Failure of Forced Conversion of Jews under Byzantine Occupation 324 - 640 CE)

Chapter Four - Population and Arab Settlement unde Arabic - Muslim Occupation (640 - 1099 )

Chapter Five - Cultural Arabization without Islamization
of Jews under Arab - Muslim Occupation (640 - 1099 )

Chapter Six - Population Composition under Crusaders' Occupation (1099 - 1260)

Chapter Seven - Population Composition under Mamluk Occupation (1260 - 1516 )

Chapter Eight - The Creation of Jewish Diaspora


A new idea, recently, from Israeli-Arab leaders calls to turn the Jewish state into a bi- national state alongside a Palestinian state on the Western Bank and Gaza Strip.

The rationale for this demand by the Arabic- Palestinian minority in Israel is that "Israel must recognize the Arab- Palestinian minority as an indigenous minority."

The term "indigenous minority" hints that Israeli Arabs are the oldest population in Israel like the native American Indians were on the American continent.

Another argument advanced by the Israeli- Arab leaders concerns its
unwillingness to recognize Israel's Jewish character. This means that the Jews of Israel have individual and collective rights, but not the right to define themselves as a nation with an historical connection to this country.

The significance of this vision is that these leaders recognize the right to self- determination of the Palestinian people and their right for a national state that they call Palestine, while they deny the Jewish people's right to self- determination or the right to have a national Jewish state called Israel.

Historically, no national Arab entity ever has established a national state in this country. The land of Israel was conquered in 640 A.D and occupied by Muslim -Arabs until 1071.A large percent of the Palestinians are descendants of Arabs and Muslims who immigrated to the land of Israel a few generations ago illegally from Arab and Muslim countries.

The purpose of the following chapters is to contradict the Arabic- Palestinian efforts to rewrite the history of the land of Israel and describe the Jews as European colonialists like the whites of South Africa.

The right of the Jewish people to return to Israel, their ancient homeland, was recognized by the League of Nation resolution after First World War , and the right of Jews to a Jewish state was recognized in 1947, by a United Nations' resolution.

The U.N resolution of 1947 also recognized the right of the Arabs of the land of Israel for a national state. ( The Arabs of the land of Israel defined themselves as Palestinians only around the middle of the 20th century) Unfortunately, the Arabs rejected the resolution.

The author of these chapters supports a two state solution to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, because this will fulfill the aspirations of both Jews and Palestinians for a national state. But, the author rejects the efforts to eliminate the Jewish state and replace it with a bi- national state. The real intention behind the so- called bi- national state is to cancel the Israeli Law of Return for Jews and replace it with a Law of Return for the Palestinian refugees, thus turning the Jews into a minority, and forming one big Palestinian state from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan river, putting an end to the Jewish state.

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Thank you for your blogs. I am a recently retired professor from the University of California who lives half of the year in California and half of the year in Ashdod. Last year, I gave several large presentations in northern California on the fact that Jews have lived in the land of Israel for more than 3300 consecutive years.

In doing research for that presentation--which focused on extra-biblical archaeological evidence--I was particularly unsuccessful in finding examples of Jewish communities (or families) in Israel who have lived in Israel since the time of the First (or Second) Temple. Today I saw an article (apparently a basic reprint of an earlier article about the woman in Peki'in--Margalit Zinati-- who claims ancestry from the time of the Second Temple.

I plan to travel up to Beit Jann for a couple of days next month and will go there as well.

You are obviously the expert in this field. Can you tell me of other such communities? And point me toward some scholarly articles on the subject?

Your help would be much appreciated.


[email protected]

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Many great leaders in history would embellish facts with fiction for posterity. History became a tool to self aggrandizing and power consolidation. In the past, this and other educational disciplines were accessible only to a small section of the populous and the truth was revered. Nowadays we experience in many ways the attrition of values and character in all those disciplines, not just history. To augment the current Arab/Israeli conflict we also have people like S. Zand(When and How was the Jewish nation invented) and David shamah(The Lost Palestinian Jews) or Tsvi Misinai("Most Israeli Arabs are descendants of the Hebrews) who base their noise on scant-romantics and who do their best to present Israel with a lose-lose situation regarding: One state for All its inhabitants - Two states for two people - and the Jewish Identity of Israel.

I agree with you 100%

All those theories are not based on research and evidence. They are just political views traslated into Historical, so called, facts.
This is the politization of history, using history as a means in the political conflict between Israel, the Arabs- the Palestinians.

To Jerry, on rewriting hustory

Yes, You are right.We Israelis are the major victim of rewriting history.Our problem, however, is a matter of life or death.We are fighting for our survival against an Arab- Muslim racist, anti-Jewish propaganda.The people in the West believe to the Arabic- Muslim propaganda and human rights organizations, including the UN, supports this propaganda.

Rewriting of history

Israelis history is not the only victim of rewriting. It seems that almost all of history is under attack by special interest groups who want to promote their own agenda. This rewriting goes beyond the simple boundaries of witnessing and reporting an event from different vantage points or perspectives, but takes undocumentable "facts" as a jumping point to draw illogical "conclusions". All of this is not scholarship, but rather political warfare. In the end, the study of history will become an unending search for the truth. The only thing left will be the destruction of all past historical documents so that historical rewriting can proceed unabated.

May G-d help us!


Rewriting of history is an aspect of post modernism

Rewriting of history is, in my opinion, an aspect of post-modernism. Modern research methodologies in social studies have come so far from positivism and the scientific standards of scientific research, that, combined with the guilt rife in the Western academic world over the West's treatment of other cultures, that adherence to factual truths is not always required of the new generation of social researchers. The result is this blending of fact and fiction, the bending of facts to suit the writer's theory, and the presentation of opinion as fact.
It is up to the Academia to restore standards of accuracy and objectivity to the writing of history.

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Perhaps if they spent more time writing the future the murders would stop and the filth would diminish. If people stopped eating all the shit history equates to in the near dead present, the present would appreciate the equal experience of history as a quality they owned to the meaning of their own significant rights of existence and existence would be qualified to claim facts actually meant something worth buying into. Since nothing in the corrupt system of thieves interest me, I reserve the right to destroy it and everything connected to its sad little meaning. Meaning segregation, alienation and discrimination speak volumes without even lifting a pen and don't just exist in your sorry little screw box.

Human history of histories writing many languages of history to define something in a hole that might as well be filled with shit for all I care, because, that's generally what it equates to in the puked up equality of a bad hang over.

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