A Response to Diaa Hadid's, the Associated Press Reporter, Article in The Washington Post / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Diaa Hadid published an article in The Washington Post on November 2, 2010 titled: "Jewish- Arab Relations in Israel Hit Boiling Point."

Diaa described in th article the Israeli – Arab point of view and interviewed Beeri – Sulizeanu, co- director of the Abraham Fund, a Jewish- Arab organization who seeks to promote coexistence.

In other words, Diaa did not bother to ask Israeli- Jewish leaders who do not agree with Liberman's views, or Netanyahu's government policy, thus creating the impression that most Israeli- Jews support Liberman's and Prime Minister Netanyahu's policy towards Israeli- Arabs.

The fact is that about 50% of Israeli- Jews did not vote for Liberman or Netanyahu's right wing coalition parties.

Furthermore, the Israeli Media did not welcome the new legislation, nor all other anti- Arab statements mentioned in the article.

As a result, the uninformed reader gets the impression that Israeli society is a racist society. The reader gets a one- sided description of the situation in Israel.

Furthermore, the reporter ignored a very important fact about the situation: the publication of several documents by Arab- Israeli organizations a few years ago:
The Haifa Document

The Arab Higher Monitoring Committee is an organization comprised of Arab MKs, local council heads and representatives of different movements of the Israeli- Arab society.

The AHMC published a few years ago a document on their "FUTURE VISION" of Israel. 2 more Israeli- Arab organizations, Addalah and Musawa published similar documents.

These documents were received as a terrible shock by most Israelis because their main idea was to put an end to the Jewish state and establish along the Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza a so- called "Consensual Democracy."

The documents included a serious of ideas upon which this "FUTURE VISION" of Israel was based:
A. the Arab- Israeli society does not recognize the right of the Jewish people for self- determination, or their claim for historical connection to Palestine. The Jews are European colonists.
B. the Palestinians have a right for self- determination and they are the "indigenous people" of Palestine.

The documents' conclusions, were:
A. there is no justification to the existence of a Jewish state. All the features and symbols of the Jewish state should be canceled and removed.
B. the Palestinian refugees should be settled in former Israel and Israel will become a bi-national state.
C. Israeli- Jews will be allowed to stay on condition they disengage themselves from the Jewish people.

The true meaning of the "FUTURE VISION" is to replace the Jewish state with another Palestinian state, second to the one on the Western Bank and Gaza, since Israeli- Jews will become a minority, without any national identity.

Israel recognized in the Oslo agreement the right of Palestinians for self- determination. The Palestinians recognized Israel, but not as a Jewish state, and the PA refuses even today to accept Israel as a Jewish state.

The reporter is also invited to examine the public statements of Arab- Israeli MKs, and other leaders. Their main agenda is anti- Israel as a Jewish state and not equal rights.

As to equal rights:
Israel is involved in an ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. This situation greatly complicates the situation of Arab- Palestinians in Israel from both sides: the Jewish and the Arab.
The Israeli- Arab leadership ignores this delicate situation, on one hand, and openly support the Hamas, who declares its goal to eliminate the Jewish state.

Yet, in spite of the lack of equal rights the situation of Israeli- Arabs is much better than the situation of the Christians in the PA and Gaza, and Muslims even in Europe. See:
The Journalist Ben Dror Yemini compers the condition of Israeli – Arabs to that of Muslims in Europe and Arab states.

In Short, the article ignores important facts, and the views of 50% of Israeli- Jews. The result is a distorted one- sided description of the situation in Israel. Another contribution to the Palestinian- Arab efforts to demonize and de- legitimize the Jewish state.


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