The Secret is Out:The "Right of Return" Not Negotiable / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

The New York Times published a new White House Plan to solve the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. The Plan includes: A Palestinian state without the right of return, Jerusalem as the capital of 2 states, and securing Israel' future safety.

The Palestinian leaders respond was: The right of return not negotiable. Nabil Shaath, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, declared:
"We oppose any US peace plan which wants us to waive one of the most basic rights and that is the right of return for refugees."

At last, the secret is out. The PA does not want to make peace with Israel, because peace means to give up the demand to settle the refugees in Israel.
If the refugees will be settled in Israel, the Palestinians will become the majority, and the Jews will become a minority. Thus, Palestinians will be able to eliminate the Jewish state by a democratic vote. The demand for the right of return to Israel is a Trojan horse to put an end to the Jewish state.

The PA wishes to get a state from the UN, thus avoiding talks with Israel, and the need to compromise, and to give up the dream to eliminate the Jewish state, by the right of return.

The decision to demand a state from the UN, explains why the PA rejected 2 peace proposals:
The Clinton – Barak proposal at Camp David, 2000.
The Ulmert proposal in 200/9.
Both were fair proposals for both sides:
A Palestinian state on 97% of the Western Bank and 100% of Gaza.
Compensation in Israeli territory for 3% of settlements territory.
The settling of the refugees in the future Palestinian state, not in Israel.
Jerusalem as the capital of 2 states.

Who is responsible for the refugee problem?

The Palestinians and the Arabs blame Israel for the creation of the refugee problem.

How the Palestinian refugees' problem was created?

Israel was eastablished under international law. The "League of Nations" declared after First World War the Palestine as "the national home of the Jews." Britain received a mandate to rule Palestine and help the Jews to prepare the ground for a Jewish state. Britain did the opposite.

Also, the Arabs of Palestine rejected the decision and held pogroms against the Jews in 1919- 1920, 1929, 1936.
As a result, the Peel Commission proposed in 1936/7 to divide the country into 2 states: a Jewish and an Arabic state. The Jews agreed, but the Arabs rejected the proposal and started a revolt against Britain and more massacred of Jews between 1936 and 1939.

After the Second World War, in which the Palestinian – Arabs supported the Nazis, the United Nations declared on November 1947 that Palestine will be divided into 2 states: a Jewish and an Arab- Palestinian state. The Jews agreed, the Arabs rejected the resolution.

On the same month the Palestinians attacked Jewish cities and villages and the Jewish transportaion between the different parts of the country and gangs from Arab countries joined them attacking Jews. Hundreds of Jews were killed or massacred.

On May 15, 1948, The Jews established Israel, and all Arab countries attacked Israel declaring, they were going "to throw all the Jews into the sea."

The war ended in 1949. The Jews won but Israel had 6,000 dead and thousands of invalids from the war. During the war many Palestinians ran away: Some ran away because they were involved in the killing of Jews, but many others left upon recommendation of their leader, the Mufti, Haj' Amin Ai Husaini, who adviced them to leave the country until "the Jews will be thrown into the sea.." Some were expelled by the Israeli army because they were involved in the fighting. Israel was afraid of their hostility.

This is how the refugees' problem was created.

But the Arab states and Palestinians refuse to take responsibility for their actions and blame Israel for "Ethnic Cleansing."

After the war of 1948/9, Israel received more than 2,000,000 Jewish refugees from the holocaust in Europe and Jewish refugees from Arab states. They got help and started new life.
Israel with 600,000 citizens absorbed about 2,000,000 refugees.

But, the Arab states refuse until today to absorb the Palestinian refugees and leave them in camps in poor conditions. The Arabs and the Palestinians keep blaming Israel for the refugee problem, and insist on settling the refugees only in Israel.

In short, the PA is not interested in a 2 state solution. They regard a state on the Western Bank as stage number one. Without a peace agreement with Israel, the conflict will continue, until the second stage will be achieved: A great Palestine from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River on the ruins of Israel.

If you don't believe: take a look at the map of great Palestine in every class in the Palestinian school system. There is no mention of Israel on the map.

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