The Security Council Should send an International War ships navy to patrol Gaza Coast / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

The blockade Israel organized against the Hamas in Gaza does not include food and medicine supplies, which are delivered on a constant basis. Its purpose is to prevent military weapons from Iran to enter Gaza.

The Hamas openly declared war against Israel with the intention to eliminate its existence. The Hamas is too weak to destroy Israel, but he is capable of sending rockets against its citizens. More than 6,000 rockets were sent against Israeli citizens that caused the Gaza Operation last year.

The problem is that the Hamas is connected to Iran, which openly declared its intention "to wipe off Israel from the world map." Iran wishes to become the dominant power in the Middle East, and Israel is an obstacle on the way to reach that goal.

Sending war weapons through the tunnels limits the amount and type of Weapons that can be sent. If Iran will be free to send war weapons to Gaza by sea, it will be able to turn Gaza into its military missiles base and Israel will be surrounded by Iran from the north and the south.

Iran cannot prevent Israel from blockading Gaza by war, so they demand putting an end to the blockade on humanitarian grounds.

The Hamas rule in Gaza is indifferent to the welfare of its citizens. It’s a dictatorship who eliminates its opposition by killing its members or turn them into invalids by shooting their knees. The Hamas could put an end to the blockade by accepting the Quartet terms ( the USA, the European Union, Russia and the U.N )which included giving up the goal to eliminate Israel. Instead, the Hamas accuses Israel for denying food and medicine supplies and calls upon the world to help removing the blockade for humanitarian reasons.

Israel has the right to defend itself from those who wish to destroy her, according to International law. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The only way to put an end to Hamas rule is keeping the blockade. It is not only an Israeli interest but also a PA's interest, and in the interest of peace.

Would Spain allow the ETA, the Basque national movement, bring war weapons into Spain by sea?
Would any European state allow terrorists bring war weapons into their countries by sea?
Unlike the 5 ships, the "Marmara" included a group of terrorists who were interested making a provocation, and killing Israeli soldiers.

Instead of blaming Israel, the Security Council should send an international war ships navy to patrol Gaza's coast to prevent from war weapons to enter Gaza, and cooperate with Israel – not against it.

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