A Senior Palestinian Officer:"Israel Ignors the Strengthening of the Hamas on the Western Bank / DR.Rivka Shpek Lissak

A senior Palestinian officer told Al Jazeera reporter, January 12(report by Nir Yahab, Wallah) that Iran has been helping the Hamas to rebuild its power on the Western Bank by sending a lot of money.

The Palestinan officer told the reporter that Hamas could easily take over the Western Bank if the Israeli army will leaves the Western Bank.

The Palestinian officer told the reporter that in the last 4 years Israeli army succeeded in crushing the power of the Hamas by arresting or killing its members and leaders. But, recently Israel has been ignoring the strengthening of the Hamas.

He said he was worried because Israel has been relying on the Palestinian police forces, to crush the Hama. But, according to his knowledge of the Palestinian security forces, they are unable to crush the Hamas, and as a result Hamas is gaining much power.

The Palestinian officer admitted the PA is unable to prevent Hamas from taking over the Western Bank as happened in Gaza, after the Israeli army left.

Abu Mazen and the Fatah will not survive, if the Israeli army leaves the Western Bank.

The PA leaders declared they were going to get a state from the UN, thus avoiding talks and a peace agreement with Israel. If the UN will force Israel to leave the Western Bank, without a peace agreement, the Palestinian army will not be able to prevent Hamas from taking over the new state.

Thus, Israel will be surrounded by Iran and its allies: Hizballah and Syria in the north, and Hamas in the west and east.

This situation will endanger not only Israel, but also Jordan and Egypt and all other Middle East Arab states.
An Iranian base on the Western Bank will also be against the interests of the US.

In Short, a Palestinan state means a Hamas state. Are Abu Mazen and the Fathah willing to take this risk?

Are the European Union and the US going to accept an Iranian base on the Western Bank?

When the West is going to wake up and see the realities in the Middle East?

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