The Situation in Gaza Strip is Better Than in Most Countries in the World / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Michael Rubin published an article in the 26.6.2011 Commetary magazin, under the title:
Save Gaza? No, Save Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria and Brazil.

Michael Rubin brings the facts on Gaza vs. information on other countries from the CIA'S WORLD FACTBOOK:

Life Expectancy – 74 years in Gaza "well above the world average of 67."

Infant Mortality – Gaza is "well below the world average of 41.6 deaths per 1,000 live births," lower than in Ymen, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria and more.

Inflation – the inflation in Gaza is less than in most countries, including Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and more.

Unempoyment – there is an employment problem in Gaza. But, "Hamas has been in charge for five years."
I can add: Hamas stopped the employment of Gazans in Israel by sending rockets and suiciders to the Erez border station with Israel, from which Gaza workers could enter Israel for work. The Hamas forced Israel to close the border. But, still, unemployment in Gaza is lower than in many countries, including Bosnia, Kosovo, Kenya, Nepa, and morel.

Cell phones – there are more cell phones in Gaza Than in Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait and many other countries.

Enclosed pictures of life in Gaza.

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