The Situation of Human Rights Abuse in the world

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Free Pussy Riot: My Wife is Putin's Most Famous Political Prisoner
PYOTR VERZILOV - His wife is one of the world's most famous political prisoners, jailed for criticizing Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. Nadya Tolokno, member of the Pussy Riot feminist rock band, is behind bars for performing a “punk prayer" protest against authoritarianism in a Moscow cathedral. Her husband and collaborator Pyotr Verzilov is a Russian artist, widely known for his provocative political performances.

In the Name of Honour: Pakistan’s Shame
MUKHTAR MAI - Gang raped as a “punishment” ordered by a Pakistani tribal council, she went on to found a school for girls and has become an inspiring campaigner for women’s rights. While Pakistan is a new member of the UN Human Rights Council, 5 of her 6 attackers remain unpunished.

“I Escaped from a North Korean Prison Camp"
DONGHUIK SHIN - Remarkable eyewitness testimony from the only person to have ever escaped North Korea from a Total Control Zone internment camp.
Author of famous memoir, appeared recently on "60 Minutes" with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Why are Tibetans Self-Immolating?
DICKI CHHOYANG, Tibetan Foreign Minister in exile. After 60 years of Chinese occupation, political repression, economic marginalization, cultural assimilation and environmental destruction, Tibetans from all walks of life—monks, nuns, students, nomads, farmers, and intellectuals—are lighting themselves on fire in despair. What must be done to stop the crisis?

Cuba: Who Killed Oswaldo Paya?
REGIS IGLESIAS - Cuban poet, arrested with 74 other dissidents during the notorious 2003 Black Spring crackdown, Amnesty International prisoner of conscience. Exiled to Spain in 2010, he is spokesman for the Christian Liberation Movement.

Iran: Forced to Marry Her Jailer
MARINA NEMAT - Award-winning author of “Prisoner of Tehran.” Arrested at 16 for criticizing state propaganda, she was jailed for two years in Iran’s notorious Evin prison, and tortured. Minutes from being executed by a firing squad, she was forced to marry her jailer—and convert from Christianity to Islam—to save her life.

Sudan: Emergency in the Nuba Mountains
Dr. Mukesh Kapila, CBE - Aegis Trust Special Representative on Crimes Against Humanity, former UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan

Syria: And the World Was Silent
Randa Kassis - Anthropologist, journalist, president of the Coalition of Secular and Democratic Syrians

Persecuted for Being an Atheist
Kacem El Ghazzali - Moroccan blogger and human rights activist living under death treat