Is there a Limit to Hypocrisy?Turkey murdered about 20,000 Kurds Since 1984/ DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Turkey under the Islamic Party became, lately, Iran's ally and Israel's worst enemy. Turkey's Prime Minister keeps accusing Israel of massacred of innocent Palestinians, and now, after refusing to settle the issue of the so- called "humanitarian mission" to Gaza, he accuses Israel for killing "peaceful humanitarians" in their way to serve the interests of Iran , Hamas' ally to break the siege on Gaza, so that Iran be free to send weapons to terrorists.

Turkey is the last government on earth who as any justification to teach morals to others:

The Kurds consist 20% of the total Turkish population. Turkey does not recognize the right of its minoriies to preserve their language and culture, and is trying to force them into assimilation. The Kurds are also discriminated economically and as a result they are underdeveloped.The Kurds have never accepted the situation. They rebelled in 1925 against the Turkish rule and the revolt was cruelly suppressed. The rebelled again in 1938/9 and this time it was squashed with the use of poisonous gas, which caused the death of thousands of Kurds.
The Turkish government has also thwarted any attempt by the Kurds to organize politically. Members of the Kurdish political party were harassed, some of them were imprisoned and the party was banned.

In the 1970s the Kurds founded the PKK party - the Kurdish workers party- under the leadership of Abdullah Atchulan. In the 1984 the Kurds rebelled for the third time against the Turkish rule and began a large-scale terror activity. The Turkish government crushed the revolt. From 1984 on the Turkish army was involved in a serious of cruel attacks against the Kurdish villages. Its air force bombed about 3,000 villages and killed more than 20, 000 (1).This rebellion came to an end after the capture of the leader Atchulan in 1999. Atchulan was brought to court and sentenced to death. His sentence was commuted to a life-sentence under western pressure. Turkey gave up because her Interest in joining the European union.

Furthermore, during First World War the Turkish army massacred about 1,800,000 Armenians.

And yet, Turkey's Prime Minister has the insolence to critize Israel for fighting against Hamas' Terror acts and accuses Israel for killing Palestinians. Beside the fact that the accusations are ungrounded, it seems that there is no limit to hypocrisy. Turkey is the last government to have the moral right to accuse anyone.


Read the Human Rights Watch report on the history of the Kurds in Turkey:
The Kurds of Turkey: Killing, Disappearances and Torture .

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