The Truth on the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

The League of Nations recognized after First World War the right of the Jewish people to return to their homeland, the Land of Israel and build their national home.

The Arab - Palestinian propaganda tells the world that Europeans voted to establish the Jewish states because of a guilt conscience after the holocaoust. This is a lie. Israel was recognized as the ancient homeland of the Jews back in 1917 by the Balfur Declaration and the League of Nation accepted this declaration and based on its own resolution to give a mandate to Britain to prepare the ground for a national home to the Jews. Britain betrayed the trust.

The Arabs and Palestinians are not interested in a peace agreement with Israel, which demand a compromise and giving up the demand to settle the refugees in Israel, thus turning the Jews into a minority and putting an end to the Jewish state.
6 times the Palestinians could get a state besides Israel – they rejected the proposals:
1936/7 - the Peel Commission proposal: 2 states
1947 - the UN resolution: 2 states: a Jewish state and an Arab state. Instead they attacked Israel:6,000 Jews were killed.
1948 – 1967 - why Palestinians did not demand a state from Jordan and Egypt who occupied the Western Bank and Gaza Strip from 1948 to 1967? Instead they sent terrorists to kill Israeli civilians under sponsorship of Egypt. This resulted in the 1956 Israeli – Egyptian war.
1967 - Another Arab – Palestinian attempt to eliminate Israel by force failed. Israel conquered the Western Bank, Gaza Strip and Sinai from Jordan and Egypt.
Israel proposed "land for peace." The Arab- Palestinian bloc answered with the 3 Hartum conference No's resolution. Thus, the occupation was forced upon Israel.
There were no settlements in 1967.

Since then Arabs and the Palestinians rejected 3 more opportunities to compromise, recognize Israel's right to exist, and get a state:

2000 – the Clinton – Barak proposal was rejected by Arafet at the Camp David Summit. He started an Intifada.
2008/9 – the Ulmert Proposal defined by Abu Mazen as better than the 2000 proposal, but he did not say YES.
2010/2011- Abu Mazen demanded and got 9 months freeze of settlement building. He did nothing during 9 months. Why give him 3 more?

22,000 Israelis were killed by Arabs and Palestinians.

The Palestinians wish to get a state from the UN, thus avoiding a peace agreement with Israel and end of conflict.

P.S: Abu Mazen is an holocaust denyer

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