The Truth on what happened on the Marmara comes out by an Al- Jezeerra Photographer / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Al – Jezeerra photographer is not an Israeli, but a Lebanese Arab. He is not pro- Israel, but he is an honest person. His testimony was published by Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper known for his criticism of Israel's policy.

He admitted that a group of Turks assaulted the Israeli soldiers and severely bitten them with metal sticks and broke their bones until they fainted. Then, 3 of them were kidnapped and the kidnappers, Turkish terrorists, tried to prevent other Israeli soldiers to release them. The Israeli soldiers had no choice but to shoot them in order to release their friend. But, contrary to Turkish claims, he said, those 20 Turks who kidnapped the soldiers were shot in their legs – not their heads.

Slowly but surely, the truth comes out. The IHH, the organizers of the so- called "humanitarian mission" is connected with a Hams organization in Germany. They included a group of Muslim terrorists whose intention from the beginning was to attack the Israeli soldiers. They prepared sticks, knives and other means.

The soldiers did not come to wound or kill anybody. They came to take the ship to the port of Ashdod, in order to inspect the cargo of the ship before sending it to Gaza. But, the Muslim terrorist' intention was to wound, kidnap and kill Israeli soldiers. They were not on an "humanitarian Mission"' but on a "Terrorist Mission".

The IHH did not send the ships on an humanitarian mission. It is a militant Muslim organization, disguised as an humanitarian organization, whose goal is to demonize and de- legitimize Israel. The IHH planned a terrorist attack, taking advantage of some innocent European humanitarians who honestly believed they were going to save the hungry Palestinians of Gaza from Israel's cruelty.

Most of the people on the so- called "Humanitarian Mission" were Muslims from countries who disregard human rights but accuse Israel for human rights crimes. They are not innocent humanitarians. Those innocent Europeans humanitarians, who joined the mission, are misled by a well organized Arabic- Palestinian propaganda and incitement against Israel. A French photographer visited Gaza in 2009 and his photographs of the markets of Gaza show plenty of all kinds of food.

Israel is the victim of Hamas' aggression. Israel destroyed all its settlements on Gaza Strip and took out all its army, in hope that the Palestinians will live peacefully and mind their own business. Unfortunately, the situation only became worse. The Hamas who took over by force the control of Gaza from the PA, not from Israel, started shooting thousands of rockets on Israeli citizen (6,000), until Israel had no choice but to invade Gaza in order to stop the rockets on December 2009.

Israel cannot win international public opinion to its side, when more than 20 Arab countries (rich in oil money) added by 3 dozens of Muslim countries are united in an effort to demonize and de- legitimize one small Jewish state smaller than New Jersy. The campaign against Israel is based on rewriting the history of Palestine (originally, the land of Israel) and denying the right of self- determination from the Jewish people, claming there is not such an entity as a Jewish nation, that the Jews are united by religion, only.

How can you explain the fact that about 40% of the Israelis are not practicing religion at all and consider themselves NATIONAL JEWS, about 40% are keeping Jewish traditions, but they are not strictly religious, and only 20% are religious. Furthermore, there are thousands of Jews in the USA, who are not practicing the Jewish religion and still declare themselves as Jews. And above all, how can you explain the fact that the Jewish Conservatives and Reformist organizations are members of the Jewish Agency and the Zionist organization.

The Arabic – Palestinian campaign is based on misinformation on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, accusing Israel of apartheid policy, crimes against humanity and war crimes in order to eliminate the Jewish state.

The problem is that the western media and a group of leftist intellectuals ( this group worshiped Stalin's Russia in the past) adopted the Arabic – Palestinian- Muslim agenda, ignoring the misinformation, the rewriting of history and the fact that the real goal of the campaign against Israel is to eliminate the Jewish state. The Arab- Muslim civilization is known for its opposition to the existence of ethnic- religious minorities. The campaign against Israel is a racist- Anti-Semitic campaign.

In short, the Hamas can put an end without delay to the siege, by accepting the conditions set by the QUARTET, to stop attacking Israeli citizens and join the talks between Israel and the PA. This includes recognition of the right of the Jewish state to exist.
For articles explaining the real facts on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, search this web site.

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