UN Double Standards:UN Summer Camp in Gaza Attacked Again and Human Crimes / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

The Hamas government of Gaza is not interested in UN summer camps for the children of Gaza. The UN is welcomed to provide the citizens of Gaza with the social, economic and health services the Hamas government Should provide its citizens with. But, the UN is not encouraged to influence the children of Gaza in any western way by showing them how children all over the world are spending their summer.

The Hamas government has its own summer camps. However, in those camps children are not spending time on sports and other activities other children all over the world are engaged with.

The Hamas camps' goals are "educational." They teach the children about the Palestinian issue, and the occupation. On Hamas summer camps the children are engaged in military training and indocrtinized to hate Jews and Israelis and are inspired to become shaides, and fight to destroy Israel. Their goal is to establish an Islamic republic on the ruins of Israel.

And the UN: what is the UN response to the vandalizing of its summer camp twice? Did the UN secretary publish a protest against the Hamas, and accused it for vandalizing its summer camps?

Furthermore, the citizens of Gaza live under a very cruel dictatorship:
Women are second degree citizens and have no rights
Christians are persecuted: their churches and library of rare books are vandalized and burned down, and their people are assaulted.
The members of the opposition are thrown to their death from roofs, or they are shoot in their knees to turn them into invalids.

Did the UN secretary demand an international investigation on what is going on undisturbed in Gaza under a Hamas government? Are all these facts not a proof of Humanitarian Crimes?

Instead of boycotting the Hamas regime, holding an international campaign against such a government, and investigate its crimes against humanity, the UN, the Western media, the Western governments are coming to its rescue to save it from collapse, by accusing Israel for denying Gaza food. Is denying chocolate is a reason to accuse Israel of starving the people of Gaza? Does Gilad Shalit prisoned in Gaza gets chocolate?

Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, is under an international campaign held by Arab states and the PA and Hamas to demonize Israel by false accusations and bringing to its de-legitimation.
(http://www.rslissak.com/content/privileged-slander-why-media-laps-anti-i...) )

The Arabs and the Palestinians could have solved the refugee problem by establishing a Palestinian state many years ago. They could agree to the 1936 Peel Committee proposal to divide the country they call Palastin, into 2 states, or to the 1947 UN resolution to establish 2 states. If they agreed, there would be no refugee problem.

Egypt and Jordan controlled the Western Bank and the Gaza Strip from 1948 to 1967. They could establish a Palestinian state and resettle the refugees – but they refused to do so. Why? Because, they were more interested in the elimination of the Jewish state than in solving the Palestinian problem.

In 1967, Israeli Prime Mister Levi Eshcol, proposed "land for peace," the Western Bank and Gaza Strip for peace and was refused.

The PA could have a state in 2000, at Camp David, but Arafat rejected the Clinton- Barak proposal because it did not include the elimination of Israel by settling the Palestinian refugees in Israel and turning the Jews into a minority. He rejected the proposal to settle the refugees in the Palestinian state by an international financial project.

The Al Haiat newspaper in Arabic wrote yesterday, July 4, that the PA agrees to annex 3 groups of settlements to Israel for compensation in Israeli territory. This same proposal was rejected by Arafat in 2000. THIS MEANS THAT THE ISRAELI- PALESTINIAN CONFLICT COULD BE SOLVED 10 YEARS AGO, IF THE SETTLEMENT ISSUE IS THE MAJOR CONDITION FOR DIRECT NEGOCIATIONS TODAY.


IT'S TIME TO STOP THE DEMONIZATION AND DE- LEGITIMATION OF ISRAEL. YOU NEED 2 TO MAKE PEACE AND THE PALESTINIANS REJECTED THE PROPOSAL 6 TIMES: 1936, 1947, 1948 – 1967, 1967, 2000, 2009, (http://rslissak.com/content/who-resposible-continuous-israeli-palestinia...)

The reason we have in Israel a right wing government today is the continuous refusal of the Palestinians to solve the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. This continuous refusal resulted in the collapse of the Zionist Left who supported a 2 state solution from 1936.

Now, if there is a solution to the settlement issue its time to ask the PA to give up the demand to eliminate the Jewish state by the "right of return," and create a real opportunity to make peace.

If the PA declares it gives up this demand a new coalition of Likud- Kadima – Labor will sign a peace treaty with the PA.

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