Unilateral Plan of Salam Fayyad / Dan Dacre

Unilateral plan of Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to a Palestinian state is a more threatening to Israel than what we've heard so far from the Israeli media. Actually, the program's intention to declare Fayyad Palestinian state within 24 months did not win much attention from the Israeli media, if at all. Can be explained by the Israeli media that traditionally gives less importance to what is being said than what is happening on the ground. But in this case our eyes can see with my own plan of Palestinian endorsed Obama administration, foreigners already $ 200 million Palestinian treasury under the control of Fayyad, to help him realize his vision. Fayyad also said that money was an American declaration of faith in his policies.

The reason that the program itself is dangerous because it has good parts, too, can turn the attention from threatening. For example, the first time in the history of Palestinian history Fayyad announced his intention to build a "bottom up", which is consistent with Israel's demand of "bottom up" abandonment of the classical position of the Palestinian "liberation of Palestine" armed struggle. He intends to build institutions, infrastructure, attract foreign investors to establish a train neighboring countries.

So what's the problem? Fayyad intends to build and develop big projects in the region C, all under full Israeli control according to agreements signed with the Palestinians. However, Fayyad did not mean to focus only in the region A, which is under full Palestinian control. Region's strategic importance to Israel is C and unshakeable. Fayyad wants to build an airport just in the Jordan Valley, which is an integral part of the Israeli need for defensible borders for a future agreement with the Palestinians. June 2009 speech at Bar-Ilan University has placed Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly the condition that either Israel requires security for a demilitarized Palestinian state.

Fayyad has additional plans to the C. For example, plan to continue to develop the project in "Tarkumiya" Mount Hebron with money coming from Turkey and the area of water programs. The big problem is not Fayyad wants to build a "bottom up" - it's good to him and good for Israel, but after he built the infrastructure and institutions in the area C, he will be broad support on the facts he stated in the field. This support will become international support to Palestinian statehood de - facto in all these areas, causing tremendous pressure on Israel to withdraw from the C 49 Green Line borders. Israel probably will oppose Ttzteir as a province and the last of colonialism as spoiler "of the great desire of Palestinian democracy and statehood.

On Israel to publicly support the program simultaneously warning: on the one hand to support Fayyad's intention to build institutions and infrastructure in the area A and area C, on the other firm to public opposition to Fayyad's intention to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state and to remind the world a unilateral plan completely contradicts all Rights Israeli peace process since the Six Day War, including in recent years, the Oslo, the Roadmap and Annapolis, all of which are based on mutual negotiations and mutual agreement between the parties, as a result of Security Council resolution 242 of 22 November 1967.

Blog above reflects only the opinion of the writer and do not constitute an official position of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.


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